City of Keene and The Golden Rule, by James Cleaveland

This post is my response to Steve Gilbert’s column, Free Keene and The Golden Rule, by Steve Gilbert



In a recent column, Steve Gilbert of the Keene Sentinel makes the argument that Free Keene’s Robin Hooders have violated the basic tenet of the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I agree that the golden rule is a pretty good standard to try to live one’s life by. I do not feel that any of MY actions as a Robin Hooder have violated this tenet.

Unfortunately, the city of Keene does not abide by this principle. The city of Keene engages daily in a form of bullying through its parking enforcers by using the city’s position of power to coerce people into paying for parking in public spaces whether they want to or not. The tickets are a form of extortion that I believe is unwarranted since they are issued to people who are simply parking their vehicles; an act which I do not think justifies the use of force. If a private business left a bill on someone’s vehicle which kept exponentially increasing if it wasn’t paid, sent threatening letters to one’s home regarding the bill, and eventually stole and held someone’s car to coerce them to pay the bill, most would view this behavior as unacceptable and not abiding by the golden rule.


VIDEO: Cop Admits to Being a Thug – The Challenges of Copblocking in a Big City

This is not an uncommon scene – police harassing people who may have been drinking. What is uncommon is Antonio Buehler and the rest of the Peaceful Streets Project who come on the scene and wield cameras and questions.

The whole video has some excellent exchanges, but the embedded video will skip you to a highlight where a cop actually admits he is a thug:

Ultimately, Buehler and friends are able to help the lady that owns the car escape the clutches of the uniformed gang, but not before the gang members jacks her car and arrests her friend.

Peaceful Streets’ activists are doing good work. (more…)

Christopher Hedges From a Fort Meade Courtroom

bradmanning_zimbioYesterday Truthdig and today Dandelion Salad published an article by Christopher Hedges, who was present at Ft Meade during the hearing in which Bradley Manning delivered his first public statement. Journalist Alexa O’Brien has transcribed Manning’s statement which is also published at Dandelion Salad. Below is Hedges’ entry We Are Bradley Manning:

I was in a military courtroom at Fort Meade in Maryland on Thursday as Pfc. Bradley Manning admitted giving classified government documents to WikiLeaks. The hundreds of thousands of leaked documents exposed U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as government misconduct. A statement that Manning made to the court was a powerful and moving treatise on the importance of placing conscience above personal safety, the necessity of sacrificing careers and liberty for the public good, and the moral imperative of carrying out acts of defiance. Manning will surely pay with many years—perhaps his entire life—in prison. But we too will pay. The war against Bradley Manning is a war against us all.

This trial is not simply the prosecution of a 25-year-old soldier who had the temerity to report to the outside world the indiscriminate slaughter, war crimes, torture and abuse that are carried out by our government and our occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a concerted effort by the security and surveillance state to extinguish what is left of a free press, one that has the constitutional right to expose crimes by those in power. The lonely individuals who take personal risks so that the public can know the truth—the Daniel Ellsbergs, the Ron Ridenhours, the Deep Throats and the Bradley Mannings—are from now on to be charged with “aiding the enemy.” All those within the system who publicly reveal facts that challenge the official narrative will be imprisoned, as was John Kiriakou, the former CIA analyst who for exposing the U.S. government’s use of torture began serving a 30-month prison term the day Manning read his statement. There is a word for states that create these kinds of information vacuums: totalitarian. (more…)

The FSP is well past the ignoring and laughing stages.

Foster'sFollowing recent attacks on real estate pro and all-around good guy Mark Warden, once again the pro-state media is on the attack against the Free State Project.

This time, Foster’s newspaper pens a paranoid editorial about the FSP approaching its goal of 20,000 participants, suggesting that there is some kind of secret plan to affect the 2016 election.

Hey Foster’s, the FSP’s timetable has nothing to do with your government elections. We want people to move here to get active as soon as possible. Elections are of course part of what’s happening here, but candidates are running as both Democrats and Republicans as well as in third parties like the Libertarians and the NH Liberty Party.

Were Foster’s to reveal to their reader that FSP participants are getting elected in both parties, that might really confuse all the people who can’t break out of the two party paradigm. Wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to think outside the box, right Foster’s?

GandhiGandhi is famous for saying,

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

We’ve long been past the ignoring stage and it’s becoming clear that the statist opposition is no longer laughing.

Just wait until thousands more liberty-loving activists are here – the fun is only just beginning! If you love freedom and want to learn more about the most exciting and successful liberty movement in the world, visit and don’t miss the 101 reasons to move to NH and also the 150+ reasons to move to Keene.