State Rep Amanda Bouldin Snitches on Fellow Libertarians, Kyle Tasker

State Rep Amanda Bouldin, UBER Customer

State Representative Amanda Bouldin, Founder of Shire Sharing and “Liberty” Snitch

Free State Project early mover and now State Representative Amanda Bouldin has done a lot of good in her activist career. She created Shire Sharing, which for years, has fed hundreds of families in New Hampshire over the Thanksgiving holiday. She also created the Narcan bill that has helped save lives of opiate addicts across New Hampshire.

However, like many politicians, it turns out she’s a coward… and worse, a snitch.

You never know who is going to break under the pressure of the state. It could be your lover, your brother, or your “friend”. However, one might expect more from a libertarian, who should know better. One would be wrong.

In this case, the NH Attorney General’s office released an audio recording of Bouldin being interviewed by their agents. She consented to the interview after being given a “proffer letter’, which presumably offered her immunity for some minor possession charge if she’d testify against State Representative Kyle Tasker, the state house cannabis dealer arrested for victimless crimes earlier this year.

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

In the over hour-long interview (click for redacted PDF transcript) she throws Kyle, whom she describes as her “friend” under the bus and reveals much of what she knows about his cannabis-dealing business. She also gossips about various state reps, claiming Libertarian candidate for Governor Max Abramson is the most hated in the state house.

She rolls on fellow liberty state rep Pam Tucker, claiming that Kyle named her as one of the state reps he’d sold cannabis to, in addition to an unnamed elderly rep in the state house parking garage.

After talking about how she was his “friend” and wanted to help him she says this about Kyle:

“He seemed like he was trying to be more legitimate than it deserved to be. Is what I remember thinking about it. That he. Um. He seems to derive some. Um. For sense of self-worth from doing it. You know what I mean? Like, he felt important. And. He also felt, um, invincible. Like, um, when he was using his vape in the State House, they said – you can’t do that in here; you’re going to get in trouble. And, he showed me, like, on-line, um, like, on his IPad, or something, ah, the law. It apparently says that the State House is, like, this bubble of immunity. I don’t know. So. I was, like, okay. It’s not? So, Seth thinks that Kyle is really stupid. “

During the lengthy and revealing interview, the full audio of which is available on the NH1 site, she goes on in a moment of lucidity to tell the interrogators:

Dylan Gingues and Kyle Tasker

Dylan Gingues and state rep Kyle Tasker with a big jar of primo cannabis outside the State House.

Now, I have a question. Does this mean that I’m going to have to go to be a witness? Because, I, I really don’t want to be part of the public record on this. And, I don’t want. I know that it’s important to be helpful, and that I’m compelled by law to be helpful. I just don’t want to be part of this. And, it feels. [Sighs.] It really sucks that people just talk to you

She’s not done. Later, the AG investigators ask her about the no-longer-a-secret activist club the Quill in Manchester. She not only talks about the club where she’s spent plenty of time, but further insults the members:

AV: What about, did he ever talk to you about a place called the Quill in Manchester?
AB: Um. I think he said he’d been there.
AV: Do you know what it is?
AB: Um, hmm.
AV: Anything about it?
AB: It’s a, just a gross place.
AV: What’s gross about it? Like, what is it?
AB: I don’t know. People’s personal, um, habits are gross.
AV: Is it a business, like, is it a business? Or, a flea market type place?
AB: I don’t know what its, um, official, like, legal entity is. I don’t know.
AV: Is it a Free State group where you, it’s like a membership?
AB: Um, Yeah. I guess. People have memberships that allow them to go there. Yeah…And, it’s supposed to be really family friendly. And, a lot of people bring their kids. The kids just run around and play. And, they have a lot of seating. And, people just talk. And, then, people go home. And, I go to that if I have, like, a reason to be there. Like. I don’t know. It was a. I mean, that’s not the only times I ever go there, for sure, ever. That’s just the only thing that ever makes me want to go there, sometimes lately. Like, in, within the past couple years. And, I still hardly even attend that. “

Cop Block Logo

Bouldin Should Have Spent More Time Here

After volunteering to send screenshots of her phone text conversations with Kyle to the investigators, she says out loud what she should have done from the very beginning:

So, I’ll just shut up. I’m not making words right.

There’s a lesson to take away from this. Just because someone’s a libertarian doesn’t mean they won’t snitch you out to save their own skin. I’ve seen brothers ratting on brothers, and lovers telling on lovers.

Bouldin should have known better. She was surrounded by Cop Blockers in Manchester, but apparently never picked up any of their habits of, you know, not talking to the police.

Obviously, she was threatened, but that’s no excuse. Free Keene blogger Rich Paul was facing the rest of his life in prison for selling cannabis, but when asked by the FBI to wear a wire into the Keene Activist Center, he refused. He faced down the charges, ultimately being found guilty and sentenced to a year in the Keene Spiritual Retreat.

Stop Snitchin'

If there’s no victim, don’t talk to police.

What was Bouldin so afraid of? She mentions in the interview multiple times, that she doesn’t want to get “in trouble”. The AG’s office at worst had circumstantial evidence that she’d bought cannabis at least once from Kyle. Okay, that’s a simple possession charge. People face that every day across the district courts of New Hampshire.

At worst, she’d face no jail time on a first offense, but she was so scared by the state gang that she “blabbered” to them, presumably on the advice of her attorney, Seth Hipple, who was there the whole time.

Many will make excuses for her, (and already are) as they can imagine that they too would crumble in similar, not-so-threatening circumstances. Bouldin deserves credit for the good things she’s done, and this blog has given it to her over the years. However, she’s not to be trusted and will sacrifice the freedom of her “friends” to save her own skin.

What would you do if you were in her position? Would you roll on your friends?

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  1. Do you have any reason to believe that Seth advised this?

  2. He was there with her.

  3. Because clients always refrain from saying things you told them not to say? Am I missing something?

  4. Did Rich Paul have a kid depending on him?  She did.   Children make you very vulnerable to these kinds of things.

  5. He likely advised her to accept their proffer.

  6. Why is it that anyone who associates with Free Keene seems to find themselves in legal and moral hot water. No wonder why the FSP disassociated themselves from Free Keene.

  7. What a piece of statist trash. It’s bad enough she close to falsify herself as a Democrat to get elected.

  8. As usual   Ian  is on the breaking news that broke like 6 months ago…

  9. i guess better late than never; its interesting timing though….. while her shire sharing is going on

  10. her charge 
    would have been tiny if not   dropped or widdled down to barley anything….she had no cause to sing like a canary

  11. Milwaukee in what way was she associated with freekeene

  12. DavidCrawford4 She threw her life away either way. Better to keep your trap shut than blather like she did. My god.

  13. Zhaliberty She must not care about her kid too much if she fessed up to smoking a substance that’s still illegal in NH.

  14. shanj Zhaliberty So I guess it’s better for her to play it safe so her children can live under communism, socialism and fascism. That’s a lame excuse.

  15. I don’t know her. I’ll admit ( in my experience ) that she “rolled.” That said. It is in my opinion that she missed a fantastic opportunity. By standing her ground and shutting her mouth.
    Had she opted to resist and was willing to face the consequences of defiance. She wouldve initiated a firestorm of of awareness against the axis of freedom.
    This instead will now become another topical hysteric between an already subdivided movement, when it could’ve worked as a platform to re-establish some much needed unity.
    I won’t disclaim the fear that her position likely presented. I cannot expect martyrdom or costly sacrifice from everyone. Do I think that taking such risks are unavoidable and necessary? I do. But we must understand that not everyone will take them.
    This issue will come down to a question, “what would or will you do when you find youself in the same position?”

  16. Had to check:no there wasnt a shire sharing post for this years shire sharing. Only this punch in her face for the holiday season

  17. Terry Thompson It’s a simple choice. You’re either with good or evil. There is no in-between.

  18. “Faces 60 years for victimless crimes”= drugs packaged with intent to distribute, solicitation of sex to a minor. Does anyone see a problem here?

  19. DavidJurist shanj Zhaliberty Huh?

  20. Count me among those that  say  Ian is fucking wrong for doing this post.

  21. DavidJurist shanj Zhaliberty No. it’s better that her child live with her and not  be taken to live with another family.  GEEZ.  Let the liberty purists smother us all in their ridiculousness as usual.

  22. shanj Zhaliberty didn’t she fess up to get a deal of some sort?  I’m not sure her motives, I’m saying the known fact that she has a child is a strong motivator for deals and such.

  23. shanj DavidCrawford4 saying she  threw her  life away is sort of melodramatc

  24. listening:did seth tell her shed be going away for life if she  didnt  squeal like a pig? wtf…seth shoulda tutored her better…

  25. I agree David Jurist. We are the on bottom line on matters like this.
    As for myself, I believe and hope that i would accept the consequences of silence and be POW to my inquisitors. Let it be known, it’s not from glorious heroics. It’s because I have fashion my life upon my desire for self freedom and the freefom.of others. In simpler terms; My life is an easier sacrifice. I’m fortunate to live a life that is purposed for freedom. Ive no influence to salvage for any other cause. No kids or property is at stake. My only condition is to face less freedom for freedoms sake. It’s a no brainer. If I cant secure my own freedom for a chance that others may achieve theirs, then it’s a win for freedom. Reason provides the answer.
    If I had a kid. I’d no longer could have a clear decision, to be honest. I would already be a third player in the game, with my kid taking the place of first.

  26. Hey Amanda Bouldin, I will never trust you again, and when I think of you, I will forever shake my head in shame. I have not even a friendly smile left for you. You know better, and yet you chose to become a rat. The thing about choices is, after you make them, they turn around and make you.

  27. He did. She confirmed it in Quill Social.

  28. Ok, I think she might have me blocked.

  29. Your friend Ademo Freeman founder of Copblock has recently been ousted from Copblock for being a snitch. What is the difference? You Derrick J seem to keep great bedfellows, and criminals as friends?

  30. You mean “Your,” and Ademo was not ousted from CopBlock. I host CopBlock Radio. I would know.
    Even if there is evidence that Ademo snitched (I haven’t seen any), the difference here is that Amanda knows better. Ademo wasn’t always a philosophical anarchist. When you do a bad thing but don’t know better, it’s different from doing a bad thing knowingly.

  31. aanda said she inst liked  at the statehouse;i wonder how this will effect that

  32. Does this refresh your memory, mister I can’t carry to conceal?

  33. could amanda have stuck her nose up these state agents buttholes  any deeper…  she just stoped short of giving names of people that   were just made up..she was such a giving ratt…”i  wish i could give you more names” wtf…

  34. Zhaliberty shanj she hada fine comming to her;maybe!  she acted like she was goin to jail for life…

  35. Milwaukee YUP .. He just recently pulled a power trip on his former CopBlock host becuase Copblock is a CONTROLLED entity (NO LONGER DECENTRALIZED) . Ademo  took advantage of the tremendous amount of work Pete Eyre did with building a Nationwide network and Ademo gets his Panties together and starts charging people to submit content then strictly controls blockers with a DELUSIONAL false since of importance.
    Now Copblock has Open records checks ads and sounds COPPISH to me .
    Now the snitch proof Dam ..

  36. shanj DavidCrawford4  Yet Ademo Freeman and Nolan Mann on record of offering info that actually caused damages and cagings go unchecked .

  37. Milwaukee 67 percent of Americans are charged criminally in a 15 year period .. Hot water or just stupid Laws for revenue?

  38. Zhaliberty  No he has no children .
    But Ademo and Nolan Mann do not either but snitched that effected outcomes of cases , her information probably will not cause any different decision either way .

  39. DavidCrawford4 Zhaliberty shanj  I have a feeling they are looking into the quill and multiple others on a RECO Federal Hit .

  40. Dick move bro.

  41. She’s a single mom, she has a place in her community, she has work to do, and she has a life to live.  Also, Kyle Tasker was an obnoxious little creep who’s not worth going to jail over. It’s easy for you to say what she should have done: you aren’t responsible for the things she’s responsible for.
    Her testimony wasn’t all that damaging anyway, insofar as it did humanize Tasker.  Her version of the story made him seem like a rather pitiable loser rather than an archvillain.  And she almost certainly didn’t tell the cops anything they didn’t already know.

  42. TimothyHorrigan Im no fan of Amanda but I do agree with you .
    shes a Power hungry control freak that does things to be seen for popularity .
    As far as the snitch issue Ademo has snitched with info related to people being kidnapped and caged.
    Nolan Mann Snitched to NH AGs Office Agent Tracey Shephard on a local activist that changed the outcome of that case I mean OFFERED info he was not asked .
    How can you still welcome them but throw her away .
    I will ask again which will establish love and peace ??

  43. Oh the writing here looks like the works of non one other than the biggest cop caller of themselves JP Freeman A.K.A Matt Phillps. Ademo Freeman called you out after the mental records of your life where made public, not to mention the imposter like moves that you made by dressing up as an OSHA inspector, and a military officer, Mr Ex Navy Seal. How about this, why don’t you spend your time catching up on the 6 or 7 offspring that you have sprung from your loins, that you have walked out on. I think your 22 year old boy would especially like to tell you what a deadbeat of a father you have been.

  44. BTW, what is a “false since” JP? Just Curious?

  45. No doubt. Snitching is a dick move.

  46. TimothyHorrigan I would like to ask where mr. Seth was…..  I may be completely off base here but I think attorney Hipple could have interjected 10 – 20 times with the proper use of “asked and answered” Could you please respond to that concern Seth? It seemed to me te AG’s office kept fishing around in Amanda’s given answers, and a proper interference would have eliminated at least 1/2 that deposition.  No?   Please explain, any attorneys out there, why Seth did not have more help for Amanda.


    Able Freeman

  47. TimothyHorrigan I am reading this “deposition” 3/4 of it in any car, and it occurs to me to be almost all speculation on Amanda’s part. I think she was sent in to the wolves and Seth just sat there and let her sweat!!!!!!!!!
    Please tell me that what I am saying is other than truth! convince me!

  48. You call her a snitch for helping to get a pervert out of politics? New flash, he did it to himself. He solicited a minor for sex, he was busted for drunk driving. How do you think you are going to defend a guy like that?  Ademo rolled on his friends. You activists roll on each other. You make up these stories by making false accusations.

  49. DerrickJFreeman Much like people do to you

  50. DerrickJFreeman Ademo was outed as a snitch. Whether you saw something or not.

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