The War on bleh

Unv. of Utah

“Like cocaine, Ritalin is a powerful stimulant that increases alertness and productivity. Ritalin and cocaine also look and act the same. Both have a similar chemical structure, and both increase dopamine levels in the brain. They do this by blocking a dopamine transporter protein responsible for the reuptake of dopamine at the synapse.”

“Ritalin is not addicting when taken as prescribed by doctors. Why this difference between Ritalin and cocaine? Ritalin is a pill that you swallow, so the drug takes longer to reach the brain. Cocaine is taken in high doses by injection or snorting. It floods the brain quickly with dopamine, which makes it dangerous and addicting.

Unfortunately, Ritalin is quickly becoming a drug of choice for teens. It’s relatively cheap and accessible. And because it’s a prescription drug, it’s perceived to be safe. But if Ritalin is abused (taken in high doses) or taken improperly (by injection or snorting), it can be just as addicting as cocaine. This is because drug delivery methods can influence the addictive potential of a drug. ”


Drugs are drugs.

The War on Drugs has been a success.  It has done what was intended: growing the size and scope of the government, militarize local law enforcement and injecting into local law enforcement tendrils of federal influence via funding.

“Drugs” is simply the vehicle.  A convenient enemy who has a tangible form but no real constitution.

For the state a handy skeleton key was crafted:

Need to get in someones home? – They have drugs inside
Shot down the wrong plane? – It was carrying drugs
Botched decision making leading to a false arrest? – The person had drugs
Want to intimidate the locals and give a show of force? – Random backpack search for drugs
And on and on…

What I find most interesting is that, at least here in America, nearly everyone uses drugs of some form.  Yet most choose to believe in two separate worlds; the drugs that come from an educated man in a white lab coat are good and drugs from the dropout dude who hangs at the mall are bad.  In truth drugs are neither good or bad, they are simply drugs.  Like guns and knives they carry no taint of judgment they are merely material.  Actions, decisions, intentions are good or bad, positive or negative, creative or destructive.  Really this all comes down to behavior, to decisions people make and the arrogance of humanity to believe that words on paper ought to dictate the choices of all.

And just to point out the complete absurdity of it all in a grander sense.  We continue to believe we can pick the best and wisest of our people when given, usually, 2 choices every couple years.  And these wise folk shall make the laws that govern us and our behavior.  Time and again we are shamed when the one we chose turns to shenanigans instead of service.  We joke with our coworkers about the corruption of government and take another bite of the shit-sandwich as we head to the polls; believing that this time will be different.

The crew in Washington have all the trappings of the worst “drug dealers”.  Lying, cheating, stealing and starting wars with rival gangs, there is no telling what horrible secrets have been buried and the number of people that have been buried with them.

In the end I am reminded about the latest anti-drug commercial:

“When you give up the ability to decide for yourself.  You give up what makes you, you.”

The shear hypocrisy is astounding.  It should read:

“When you give up the ability to decide for yourself.  You give up what makes you, you.  Only give this ability up to the state or a state appointed agent.”

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