AKPF Reviews CoK Hit Video on Robin Hooders

robin-hood-wanted-little-johnDays after the city of Keene published an embarrassingly poor quality, overchopped video linked from the front page of their website, the producers of AKPF #1 have responded by illustrating the number of doctorations contained in the thirteen minute shameful sham. Check out this sneek peek at content to be featured in the fourthcoming AKPF #1 episode 08. Episode 07 will air this coming Monday, July 1. Catch up on the exciting variety series from the beginning at youtube.com/AquaKeene.

From 1:29 through 14:49, the complete and uncut production by anonymous CoK forces is played, with the only additions being music during silent title interludes and the counters at the bottom of the screen documenting the quantity of dastardly edits.

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