Keene Property Owner Remains Undeterred Despite Ongoing Harassment from “Authorities”

Keene Cop Block invited Ian Freeman, a six -year inhabitant of Keene, NH, to share a bit about the ongoing harassment he’s faced from so-claimed “authorities” for his efforts to simply live free from their supposed “legitimate” coercion.

In this video Freeman, host of the nationally syndicated Free Talk Live and blogger at and, among much else, touches on the latest iteration of threat levied at him before speaking candidly about his motivations and the real impact had as the peaceful community emerges.

Instead of cowering, Freeman, knowing full-well that he’s not harmed anyone, has opted for transparency. His actions have undoubtedly embolden others – both in and outside of the ‘shire – to see the gun in the room, and speak out as well.

Freddie Parsells “Keene’s Petty Tyrant” 603.352.5400

Gary LaFreniere Keene Fire Department employee 603.357.9861


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  1. Maybe fred is mad because fk etc is against his mayoral run . And could possibly be the thing that wrecks his chances.. so hes got it in for fk etc.. Because he WANTS to be mayor. thats my hunch anyway

  2. I think you may be on to something,.

    In the latest fiasco trial, Fast Freddie appeared to be sporting a $160 haircut.

    Freddie’s “Trent Lott” haircut may have deeper significance.

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