Keene, Manch Activists Head to NYC For Ross Ulbricht Trial

Ross William Ulbricht

Sketch of Ross Ulbricht in Court

Ross Ulbricht is the man accused of running the Silk Road underground market. He’s facing life in prison and his jury trial begins tomorrow morning. If Ulbricht did run the Silk Road, he’s a hero for making the black market a safer place. If he didn’t, then he’s a man wrongfully accused. Either way, he should be found not guilty by the jury.

Liberty activists from Keene including Derrick J Freeman, James Cleaveland, and Jay Freeville and activists from Manchester Andre Rosa and William Kostric are heading down to Manhattan today! They’ll be meeting up with liberty activists from as far away as Austin, Texas and will be doing everything they can to help Free Ross and bring attention to his case. Stay tuned here at Free Keene for more.

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  1. I’m looking forward to news of all of you being arrested in Manhattan.

  2. I’m looking forward to inbred losers like you being consigned to the ash heap of history.

  3. Are they driving?

    Better double check to make sure car has valid inspection sticker.

  4. I want to see Derrick J try and open carry in Manhattan, that would be real liberty activism.

  5. …. and James Cleaveland can go Robin Hooding in Manhattan where parking tickets are $65 (compared to a measly $5 in Keene)

    P.S. Just be sure you don’t feed the meters past the maximum time, there’s a $65 ticket for that too.

  6. Inbred? You must mean Jeb: a product of two siblings who married his sister.

    I think RBA is correct: they won’t put up with all the freetard nonsense in Manhattan like they do up here in Podunk Village.

    The only losers here are all of you freetards; fighting for causes that the majority does not want or care about.

  7. Can you delegate to others a right that you don’t have, fucktard?

  8. I’m sorry … I don’t speak freetard. Can you translate your nonsensical whining into something that approaches a coherent thought?

  9. Seeing Derrick J. Douchebag kissing pavement while getting handcuffed by NY’s finest would actually be quite enjoyable to watch.

  10. I think statism has damaged your brain. Why don’t you go pray to the flag for understanding? Coherent thought and the statist religion are mutually exclusive.

  11. why would that be “real activism” justin

  12. justin,how old are you? you sound like a bratty 13 year old

  13. i look forward to you saying something intelligent

  14. Right. Isn’t the whole point of the FSP to move, to concentrate your efforts with other activists and then to leave and get arrested in New York?

  15. David there is this thing called the 2nd amendment (maybe you’ve heard of it) which describes the inalienable right to keep and bear arms which (unlike in Keene) in not allowed in New York City. One of the reasons loudmouth Cantwell moved to Keene is because he didn’t like the idea that he had to defend himself with bear mace because he is not allowed to carry a gun.

  16. David I probably sound like a bratty 13 year old to you because you have the mind of a bratty 13 year old.

  17. I’m not talking about the Free State Project. “Robin hooding” is not a FSP project.

    Concentrating the efforts of Free Keene being douchebags and harassing people to do away with $5 parking tickets is what led to the embarrassing piece featuring Free Keene’s Robin Hooders that was seen worldwide on the Colbert Report.

  18. Psst your government education is showing…might want to tuck it back in.

  19. We would all really like to thank you for taking time away from playing video games and jerking off to images of little boys in your parents’ basement to post messages here. I know how important those two activities are to you.

    BTW: Do your parents know what you do down there all day?

  20. … So states yet another freetard loser. How do you know where he/she was educated? Like I’ve stated before: my dog has a better education than you do, shitbag.

  21. I look forward to finding out you’re getting help for your many problems.

  22. You’re giving him way too much credit. He’s more somewhere in the 7-10 yo range.

  23. And like I’ve always stated: by the time that fat fuck actually figured out how to pull the gun from the holster … the incident would be over and have ended not in his favor.

  24. Thank you for admitting that you’re too feeble minded to understand a straightforward question.

  25. I guess I shouldn’t say educated i should say schooled. Schooling is very different than learning. So did you you go to the same school with your dog sammy…I have a feeling the dog was the valedictorian at your little government institution.

  26. My question always was why the harassment? Couldn’t you just put in coins and just let people work?


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