AKPF #1: Refugess

This week’s installment of the AKPF #1 local access series, ‘Refugess‘ features fresh footage from the dolanwall_ntrump1capitol area of New Hampshire. Images, speeches, and verbal conflict illustrate this episode as we get an on the ground look experience from the December 05 2015 Stand With Refugees rally sponsored by numerous pro-peace and human rights organizations. All of the footage featured can be viewed in its raw form at the new Free Concord Raw YouTube channel. Additional videos from the event are also available at the AFSCNH YouTube channel.

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  1. This is a touchy subject among Americans. Opening the boarders to over 200,000 people who have come from a culture of violence and have no place to go in America, is asking for trouble. Our taxpayer money would be used to pay for everything.

  2. No, Americans believe in American ideals, like helping the downtrodden and rescuing those beset by evil. It’s only a “touchy subject” with treasonous scoundrels who hate everything for which American has always stood.

    Americans have always welcomed those who are fleeing persecution. Anti-Americans have always shunned them (preobably because they wish to institute persecution here, and don’t want those pesky reminders in front of everyone). Remember Anne Frank? Your ilk turned her family away, so she could die in a concentration camp. Along with hundreds of thousands of others, who only wanted to simply be able to live. This same debate took place before the Holocaust, and your ilk used exactly the same disgusting words and tactics to keep “them” out so that they could be murdered.

    But you probably didn’t know that, because you’re proud to be totally igonorant of history, aren’t you?

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