Ridley Confronts State Reps and Bureaucrats About Shire Choir’s Ban From State Liquor Stores

Several years ago, liberty activists sang “Chronic Carols” in state liquor stores and were subsequently banned for life from all of the stores. Now, Dave Ridley of RidleyReport.com is confronting bureaucrats and politicians about the allegedly illegal ban of some of the Shire Choir participants:

Ridley previously confronted people on the issue in 2012. Videos of that here.

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  1. It would appear Ian is trying to remain on the good side of Ridley. With everything going on in freekeene and copblock and Ridley being a “reporter” I’m sure a lot of this is paid for in “hush” money and control.

  2. You people and your songs, you are pathetic.

  3. What they should do is ban you all from the state of NH, you disturbed fuck.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the NH Liquor stores are opened as a sort of Franchise, like the NFL. In much the same way, it is the No Fun League.

  5. Ridley get a life

  6. Where are you Ian Bernard, you’ve been quiet as of late.
    Waiting in your little shithole of a church for a verdict from the FBI?

  7. hes up you butt;just where you want him fucking you

  8. Wow, you are still harping on old news obviously no one saw or even remembers. Why aren’t you doing a story on Adam Rupeka and his girlfriend who ran after raping a 15 year old girl and then killed themselves. They were part of copblock. Come on Ridley, don’t do stories that are for the highest bidder. Be a “journalist”?

  9. What’s a “you butt” Fred? Just wondering?

  10. What happened Mr. Bernard did you delete all the comments here?

  11. Aww, poor Bernard: deleted all the comments because he didn’t like them. The hypocrisy here is stunning.

  12. Actually we are moving back to livefyre comments and the import hasn’t worked correctly – don’t worry, your trash talk is coming back!

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