Black Sheep Rising – Episode 37

How will hidden messages in the bible make us better human beings and why do our ancient alien masters even care?  Bible code enthusiast, Joseph Mirzoeff, lays it all down for us.  Also, NH police find the time in their busy schedule to help man propose, republicans -vs- duck killers, and Politico rates NH #1 state in the union.  Show notes at:

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 35

This week:  the Shire Choir gets shut down in Concord, the Keene School District responds to new petitioned warrant articles to appear on ballot in March and douchebags who listen to their music out loud in public and where to send them.  Boner joins.  Show notes, archives and audio at:

Videos: KPD unveils the BEARCAT

On Saturday December 8, 2012 the Keene Police held an Emergency Vehicle Open House, where they showed off various vehicles from the Police Department as well as the Fire Department and Department of Public Works. Below are two of the many videos from the event.


Keene Receives Uncle Sam’s Attack Truck

It was a cold and rainy morning as the Bearcat attack truck was put on display to the public for the first time in Keene, New Hampshire. Between nine and eleven ante meridiem, the Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck was on display with the motor running and the rear doors open, revealing the personnel carrying compartment which seats eight. With the driver and passenger seat, the truck fits ten commandos comfortably, and came standard with no less than ten gun ports. While the KPD didn’t receive the additional gas injector arm, LRAD, or a .50 caliber to mount atop their rotating turret, the powerful fixed FLIR camera gives the department new vision as hunters. The infrared lens can see warm bodies in the darkness, as the image is created by detecting thermal signatures instead of light, akin to the alien antagonist in the sci-fi thriller Predator.


Waco-style penetrating gas weapon

Among those who braved the weather, there was much speculation as to how the Bearcat would be first put to use. While those who tried selling the prospect of the Bearcat to the people claimed it could be used as a rescue vehicle, tour guides acknowledged that it was a standard Ford pickup truck on an enhanced frame with armor. It is not capable of traversing flood waters any more than its unarmored counterpart, beyond the additional elevation provided by the large wheels.

The attack truck is equipped with environmental detectors on the exterior of the vehicle. The sensors are capable of recognizing certain chemical, biological, and radiation dangers. However, the interior itself is in no way insulated from any of these potential threats, as it does not have its own pressurized cabin. The boondoggle also features three spotlights, and all the flashes and noises one would expect from a police vehicle. (more…)

Shire Choir Meets the BEARCAT

On Saturday December 8 at 9am, the Keene Police Department held an “Emergency Vehicle Open House” where they showed off their toys. Not only did the KPD display the Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck, they also displayed a fire truck, snow plows, a police cruiser and other vehicles from the Fire Department and Department of Public Works.

It wasn’t all business, enter the Shire Choir to lighten the mood and brighten a dreary day: