UBER Grandma Trial Date Moved Again, Facing $7,500 in Fines for Driving

UBER Grandma Driver Stephanie Franz

Civilly Disobedient UBER Driver Stephanie Franz, courtesy CBS Boston

It’s been almost a year since Stephanie Franz aka “UBER Grandma” was the first UBER driver cited for driving people safely to their destination in Portsmouth, NH. The city has been targeting brave UBER drivers with tickets for operating without government permission slips. In the Summer of 2015 the city gang declared UBER drivers who did not jump through the city’s hoops in addition to UBER’s background check and sign up process, would be targeted for ticketing.

The heroic grandmother has been ticketed multiple times in the last year and has racked up at least $7,500 in fines.  She’s also been targeted by local taxi drivers for harassment and vandalism of her car.

UBER has provided Stephanie with an attorney and she’s ready to face down the city gang in court. However, there have been multiple reschedulings of the date, so hopefully this is the final one: Please join UBER Grandma at Portsmouth District Court at 8am on December 13th (here’s a facebook event) and support her courageous stand for your freedom to drive people places without having to ask government permission!

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  1. She out right broke the law. If anyone else broke this law they would be facing the same thing. She got what she asked for.  I doubt she is still driving for uber

  2. What’s all this ‘brave’ crap?  She broke the law and Uber is paying for her lawyer and any fines she might have to pay. What the hell is brave about that?  Pay the damn fines for breaking the law and move on for God’s sake.  Why do people feel they’re above the law as long as it’s Uber related. Sickening!!!

  3. It seems like her “crime” is  thinking she has the right to interact with other people on a voluntary and consensual basis.  I admire her courage for behaving as if she owns herself. 

    Who are these people that call themselves “the State of New Hampshire” anyway ?  They seem to be part of  a violent cult who thinks they have a right to intervene in a peaceful persons private business.  Thugs.

  4. BB SIZZLE I hear tell that you’ve donated some of your time to “Keene Hates Heroin,” haven’t you Matthew? So tell me, just how many law-breaking heroin addicts have you tried to persuade into turning themselves in to the authorities? I trust it was all of them, right Matthew dear? I mean, you wouldn’t want to look like a hypocrite to those who obey the law no matter what now would you?

  5. BB SIZZLE Since you like being told what to do so much: Go Fuck Yourself.

    That’s an order.

  6. Jumping Jacks

    So, if the law says a slave must be returned to his master, you’d do it?

  7. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Another inappropriate statement that has nothing to do with this article. How pathetic

  8. Thank you for your sentiment. That was real mature, Intergals. Try not get a hearth attack, or a brain aneurysm over a simple meme.
    Sincerely Mr. Anti-Activist

  9. BB SIZZLE Integrals Or worse – a rap on the head with Matthew’s socket wrench, right Matthew?
    Oh, and by the way Matthew, it looks like your speech-to-text device is having trouble deciphering what’s coming out of your mouth again. It’s “heart” attack, not “hearth” attack, kitten. You didn’t have a few “drinkie drinkies” before deciding to post this message, now did you dear?

  10. BB SIZZLE Listen to you talk about maturity… I was using the only language you seem to understand.  Facts, logic, vigorous debate with actual arguments… these things are obviously lost on you.  Believe me I’ll never have a “hearth” attack or a brain aneurysm (hey your babble to text spelled correctly) over you.
    It was a lawful order by the way.

  11. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS No Jacks, what’s pathetic is the fact that you haven’t realized that your repeated protests concerning the appropriateness of WEEDA’s question has lead others to the inevitable conclusion that you would obey such a law and you would return the slave. What’s even more pathetic is that you’re unable to explain such a glaring contradiction when questioned about this.

  12. does she mind being called “grandma”…  she looks like she could be in her forties.

  13. It was a rhetorical statement. Get over yourself, Intergals.

  14. BB SIZZLE You weren’t twirling your socket wrench when you posted that message, now were you Matthew dear? Oh, and kitten, my question isn’t rhetorical. I’d really like to know.

  15. BB SIZZLE Why Matthew dear, you don’t view copyrighted material on YouTube, now do you? You’re giving me the distinct impression that your exuberant platitudes towards unmitigated obedience to the law is not really a doctrine that you actually share! Now kitten, shouldn’t you be practicing the ideas that you preach? Maybe you should take this post down, sweetie. You don’t want to look like a hypocrite in front of all your friends in Stop Free Keene, now do you?

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