NH’s Fifth Bitcoin Vending Machine Launches in Concord!

Bitcoin Vending Machine Locations in South NH

Bitcoin Vending Machine Locations in Southern NH

Just a few weeks after Portsmouth activists installed a Bitcoin Vending Machine, a fifth NH-based BVM has launched, this one in Concord! Area 23, a bar at 254 N State St (Unit H in the Smokestack Center) is the location of NH’s newest BVM. Area 23 is a newer establishment, having opened its doors in 2015 and it’s been accepting bitcoin from customers as payment from day one.

Longtime Concord liberty activist Kirk McNeil is Area 23’s proprietor. Longtime readers of Free Keene may remember him for making headlines for legalizing nanobreweries in New Hampshire. Kirk said in an interview for Free Keene, “I’m happy to have a location where people can access and utilize alternative currencies and exchange methods.”

Entrepreneur and newer mover David Jurist purchased the Lamassu brand BVM, approached Kirk before anyone else and offered him the opportunity to host the unit at Area 23, given it was already a liberty-and-bitcoin friendly establishment. David told me, “it’s exciting that the capital city of New Hampshire finally has a Bitcoin Vending Machine”. I agree. It’s also timely as one of the state representatives on the “Commission to Study Cryptocurrency” has followed through on her promise to file a bill this year that will ensure bitcoin users do not need to register as “money transmitters”.

Area 23's Bitcoin Vending Machine

Area 23’s Bitcoin Vending Machine

The new Bitcoin Vending Machine in Concord is the fifth publicly operating unit in the state. New Hampshire continues to dominate all of New England for accessibility to bitcoin. While Boston recently added four machines, there’s nowhere else in all of MA, ME, VT, CT, RI, and Northern NY to buy bitcoin in person. Not only do we have more machines than anywhere else in New England, but ours are better dispersed geographically. There are BVMs in across Southern NH in Keene, Manchester, Portsmouth, and Concord plus one all the way up in the North Country in Twin Mountain.

While the two machines in Manchester and Keene are operated by the Shire Free Church, the other three are each owned and operated independently, meaning ownership of the machines is now more diverse. Though we’re all technically in competition, we have united under the “Shire Bitcoin” banner. The website Shire Bitcoin has launched for 2017, linking directly to information about which local businesses across NH accept bitcoin. The site operator says that it will soon be update to include where the various bitcoin meetups are happening statewide, and the locations of the Bitcoin Vending Machines. It’s a brand new site, but is already a resource for bitcoin use and community in the Shire. I’m excited to see it grow.

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  1. Thanks Ian!

  2. thats very cool..  🙂

  3. Good morning Jacks. If you’re ever in the Concord area you should check out Area 23. They have good food, a unique selection of craft beers and they accept Bitcoin for payment. Tell them David Jurist sent you.

  4. though im protesting that place aka not going there

  5. DavidCrawford4 Make certain the protest signs you’re carrying remain completely bereft of Walt Disney Company’s intellectual property, David. Otherwise our dear friend Milwaukee might be compelled to make some more phone calls.

  6. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Will you be putting a stop to this outrage by making a few anonymous phone calls to the authorities, Jacks?

  7. Jumping Jacks 
    You don’t know the law. There are circumstances under which operating these machines in certain ways may require the following of certain regulations and/or licenses and such. That is not the case the way they actually are being operated.

  8. libretea Jumping Jacks I am absolutely bursting with anticipation to find out just how Jacks will respond to this, libretea. Do you think he’ll start off complaining about how your rants and raves have nothing to do with the subject of discussion or will he accuse you of sponging off the system because he thinks we all subsist off of SSDI benefits? Or will it be both? Who knows? But I know I’ll be watching this thread closely to see what happens!

  9. libretea Jumping Jacks Have you educated yourself regarding this issue? From what I understand, you have to be licensed and bonded to place these machines in public places.

  10. Jumping Jacks libretea Thar she blows!

  11. You have to be licensed and bonded to put the bitcoin ATMs in the public.

  12. Jumping Jacks Is that so?

  13. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks Yes, that is so.

  14. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist For the record, it’s not an ATM. It’s a vending machine.

  15. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks For the record you are posting a bitcoin ATM without being licensed or bonded You are selling bitcoin. The cost to be licensed and bonded can be up to $10,000.

  16. Jumping Jacks If you know so much about this why don’t you point us to the law. The reality is you don’t know jack shit about what the law says in regard to this issue. You also don’t know whether or not they are bonded. Do you even know what bonded means? I’ll tell you. It’s another way of saying insured. They aren’t connected to an exchange and they don’t need to be licensed as a money transmitter in the way you are thinking.

  17. Jumping Jacks Did you read the article. The whole reason this business owner is allowing the installation of this machine is because he know they *attract* businesses to his establishment. You realize that the machines are relatively rare still and many people are willing to travel to utilize them from great differences in *other states*. Not only is there local demand- but there is demand from far away. The more that go up and the easier it is to get bitcoin the more popular that bincoins will become.

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