Keene “Sanctuary City” Resolution Hearing – Full Video

On Thursday evening, a very large crowd turned out to speak to the city council’s FOP committee on a proposed resolution to make Keene a “sanctuary city”. I’m happy to say that not a single police state xenophobe spoke during the hearing. Every speaker was pro-immigrant. Here’s video of the entire hearing:

Earlier this year, Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera made headlines by announcing his policy to not assist the federal government with immigration enforcement activities targeting peaceful migrants. That made Cheshire county into NH’s only “sanctuary county”.

Now, the City of Keene is considering a resolution proposed by Keene Immigration and Refugee Partnership that would encourage Keene police only to assist federal agents in apprehending allegedly violent suspects or have an outstanding warrant.

The resolution is well-intended and everyone in the packed council chambers supported it, but it doesn’t go far enough. First, it allows for Keene police to assist the federal immigration enforcement if they merely have a warrant, which aren’t hard for police to get with rubber-stamp courts. Second, the city’s new manager, Elizabeth Dragon, is claiming the city government can’t tell police what to do, per some state statute. That’s not exactly the whole truth, since the council is able to pass certain ordinances that the police are directed to enforce. While they may not legally be able to tell a police chief what not to enforce, they certainly have the ability to have the city manager fire anti-immigrant police, don’t they? Perhaps there are union protections in place to make that difficult, I don’t know.

MALIC Center Imam Will Coley Speaks to the Committee

MALIC Center Imam Will Coley Speaks to the Committee

According to the Keene Sentinel, new Keene police chief Steven Russo has not specifically commented on the resolution’s proposals, though the group behind the proposal, KIRP, has said they’ve had a positive meeting with him.

At Thursday evening’s FOP meeting, after 100% support from the speakers there and many rounds of applause for those who spoke, the councilors on the committee voted 5-0 to give more time to the issue, specifically asking city staff to meet with KIRP and finalize the language of the proposed resolution.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this developing story. For more media coverage of the meeting, check out the Sentinel’s story by reporter Paul Cuno-Booth.

Also, don’t miss Will Coley’s moving speech – here’s a direct link that will jump you straight to that part of the over hour long video.

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  1. This is totally sickening. You used to be about freedom and there’s been a sudden major change of focus to diVOISity. Besides the crime of trying to de-whiten Keene — that’s really what it is — you’re rude as hell about it, you’re insulting people for disagreeing with the scheme. “police state xenophobe”, you say? You haven’t noticed that the police state grows twice as fast when white-genocide Democrats are in power?

    Hillary fans, are you? She’s the definitive border destroyer. Bill bragged he was killing whiteness while in office and speculated it could lead to disaster. Well, it has!

    It’s the anti-borders LIBERALS who are calling for lawlessness, you fools. You’re not progressive or libertarian, you have gone LIBERAL, and IT IS ATROCIOUS. If you want to turn New England black and brown, start by permanently taking these rapefugees into your own homes, otherwise you’re hypocrites because it’s going to cost the entire community big.

  2. When it comes to immigration and “sanctuary cities” there are usually multiple problems that arise. There have been a number of “sanctuary cities” that later developed problems when the immigration population gets to big. There is a massive drain on the cities resources especially social programs. Property taxes go up. It’s a very bad idea to become a ” sanctuary city” I would suggest people look at what’s happening to other cities.

  3. i think Will did really well…very to the point ;concise…..Hearing the opposing pov would have made it much more interesting

  4. Keene is becoming the Cambridge Massachusetts of New Hampshire.

  5. You know Jacks, I wonder why it’s never occurred to you that this sanctuary city nonsense wouldn’t be a thing at all if it wasn’t for all of those social programs you love so much.


    Uh…so stop having social programs, you pansies. Taxation is theft.

  7. “stop having social programs” aka safety net… This is where the libertarian idea fails.. Ian says “people are basically good so it will work out” that theory has been tested, and it failed very badly which is why there IS a safety net and social programs. If me recognizing these facts make me a commie socialist etc etc … lol.. .. that good people will take care of each other as Ian always argues,… that misses the point .. that switches it to morality which puts people in the position of “yes i would help people ,because i’m good person” but it has to be kept is facts not in morality. It should be kept in math, not morality. and dickens and “bring out the dead” and the 19th century etc is the reason why like Franklin Roosevelt did social programs… But yea they need to be modified..everything always needs to be modified with changing times.
    Government isnt business. Government is like the opposite of business

  8. People only want immigrants until they get them

  9. Holy God almighty….. what happened to the Free Keene Constitutional Libertarians ??? This sounds more like a NeoMarxist Liberal rag…. xenophobia is a term employed by Cultural Marxists ! Illegal Immigration is a problem…. Perhaps it wouldn’t be if this was not the United Socialist States of America….. but this is just a sad fact…. wow

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