Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine Becomes Cryptocurrency Vending Machine, Adds DASH!

DASH, Now Available at the Crypto Vending Machine in Keene, NH!

DASH, Now Available at the Crypto Vending Machine in Keene, NH!

Recent drama behind the scenes with Bitcoin has resulted in the world’s most popular and oldest cryptocurrency, that sadly can’t scale to increased demand, and as a result, has escalating, ridiculous fees.

Luckily, thanks to an NH-based upstart from the Seacoast called Anypay, now merchants can accept DASH at point-of-sale. In fact, here in Keene, New Hampshire, local mom-n-pop retailers Corner News, Hot Hogs BBQ, D’s Cafe, and Route 101 Local Goods all now accept DASH at the register via the Anypay app.

It’s a relief to be able to use cryptocurrency again retail in real life, with fees that are sane. Fees for sending are usually no more than 1-3 cents’ worth of DASH per transaction, and they’re expected to get even lower with DASH’s next upgrade. Compare that with Bitcoin’s recent, insane $10+ median fees recently. Over the last couple of days they’ve dipped, but are still over $6 worth of BTC just to send a transaction. It’s sad – Bitcoin is broken, yet amazingly continues an upward trend in value, just today setting a new record high of over $8,000 USD per BTC.

Right in the midst of the DASH retail explosion happening in both Portsmouth and Keene, Lamassu, the manufacturer of Keene’s first Bitcoin Vending Machine released a long-awaited system update that has expanded their software to allow for multiple cryptocurrencies to be vended. Since DASH is uniquely positioned as “digital cash” and has growing point-of-sale support in the Keene area, it is now the first additional cryptocurrency besides bitcoin to be offered as a vended product in this region.

Route 101 Local Goods is at 661 Marlboro Rd. in Keene, NH

Route 101 Local Goods is at 661 Marlboro Rd. in Keene, NH

That means DASH is now available in Cryptocurrency Vending Machines (CVMs) across southern New Hampshire! In June, Portsmouth became the first city to offer DASH in its vending machine(s). One month later, Manchester’s original Bitcoin Vending Machine at Murphy’s taproom had added DASH.

Route 101 Local Goods, the location of Keene’s CVM, is at 661 Marlboro Rd. and is open Mon-Sat 10a-6p, and Sunday 11a-5p. They accept multiple cryptocurrencies at the register and offer some really cool NH-sourced, hand-crafted products for sale. It’s a perfect place to do all your holiday shopping.

Thanks to Lamassu (originally based in Manchester, NH) for the system update to allow people to have a choice in the crypto-marketplace. If you’re a crypto-libertarian and you aren’t planning a move to NH, here are 101 Reasons why you should.

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  1. That’s great- I can’t wait to get some dash and try it out. The fees have become problematic and from what I understand dash had a real scaling solution when the time comes that its reached the level of acceptance as Bitcoin. People often see forking as an issue, but ultimately it means that if one group of people muck things up badly enough another fork will enable us to work around the problem. Like credit cards and traditional currencies it is possible to have multiple.

  2. I wonder if Ian buys his underaged girl pictures and videos with Bit-coin? That way he could a mass quite a large volume of child porn in his “folder of girls” that he has on his personal computer.

  3. Ian takes another approach to Dash and Bitcoins. are you with them or against them. I believe the price per transaction will rise just like any other monetary transaction.

  4. Jacks honey, you’re failing to recognize that the added competition in the cryptocurrency markets DASH is representing is much more likely to result in falling fees rather than rising ones. Perhaps you should stop pretending you’re informed on these matters and just stick with describing cryptocurrencies as being “volatile” and “easy to manipulate” like you usually do. You’ll still look like an idiot, but at least it’ll be less cringeworthy.

  5. Boy between Bit-coin being unstable, to the latest breech in security happening with Uber, it would seem that Ian has been making bad financial decisions.

  6. Today, one bitcoin is worth $8,300. A year ago, one was worth $750. Knowing that, Ernesto darling, I fail to understand how you’ve arrived to the conclusion that owning a few of them constitutes bad judgment. You do understand that having more money is better than having less, now don’t you sweetums?

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