NH Libertarian Senate Candidate Answers Questionnaires from Union & Families Groups

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

As a Libertarian candidate for NH Senate district 10, I’ve been posting my answers to the various questionnaires I’ve received from interest groups. Here are the latest two. One from the New Hampshire AFL-CIO and one from the Campaign for Family Friendly Economy.

Regarding the AFL-CIO’s survey, (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) a pro-union group, I am pro-union, but I’m against coercion. Unions have for too long looked to government to force their way on individuals who do not wish to participate. Neither unions nor businesses should be using government coercion to get their way. I support market-based mechanisms for workers to ensure better conditions, like unionizing and collective bargaining, boycott, protest, and word-of-mouth. I am opposed to the use of the state to target opponents, however, and union groups like the AFL-CIO have embraced state coercion, so while they have good intentions, their means are corrupt. Coercion has unintended consequences.

The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy questionnaire appears to want to use government coercion to force businesses to give certain benefits to workers. Individuals should be free to organize for better employment terms, but not use the aggressive coercion of the state, so I couldn’t agree with much of what they were asking. Using violent monopolies to get your way is morally bankrupt and will only make our society worse off. If you want change, find a way to get it by persuasion or peaceful market pressure. Don’t use the violence of “the state”.

Here’s my campaign website where you can learn more about my near-zero budget campaign.

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  1. These are the questions you ask all the time. Your track record is not good when it comes to politics. You say you are for unions? What about working at a place where everyone has to be a union member? Such as the teamsters, metal workers, electrical workers etc……. .There are a number of union shops but unions are going by the way wide.

  2. If these libertarian candidates really want to win, I highly recommend knocking doors in their regions like libertarian rep Caleb Dyer did in the last election. If my memory serves me correctly, he claims to have knocked a couple of thousand doors in his area so he could introduce himself to his future constituents and spread the liberty message. This is how he won. Hacking at the branches via political participation instead of striking at the root is better than doing nothing.

  3. Right to work laws are corporations pushing those laws, like your FSP paymasters the Kochs. Love that privatized for profit tyranny, dont you, freeloader.

  4. Ian is not a freeloader to my knowledge. He supports himself via his various businesses. There are others in the NH liberty movement who are freeloaders. They are hypocrites. He did clearly state that he’s against unions using the government to invade businesses.

  5. But is totally fine for corporations to push governments to repress and subjugate individuals via these Right To Work laws. Freedom! You right wing libertarians are jokes. Koch Suckers

  6. No, didn’t say that. Work towards abolishing government and you won’t have any of these problems.

  7. ISD darling, I don’t suppose you’d care to explain to the rest of us why you think unions are entitled to monopoly ownership of the labor markets?

  8. im doin two cents: Government jobs shouldn’t have unions. A business should be able to hire or fire who it wants to (imo that’s a no brainer). Thats pretty much a simple rule of thumb that takes care of RTW and Unions.

  9. Exactly, David.

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