Mass Civil Disobedience Expected Saturday, Noon at NH State House – Gubernatorial Candidate “Nobody” Slated to Speak

Right to Assemble Event this Saturday at Noon at the State HouseIt’s been a couple of weeks since the first freedom to assemble event at the New Hampshire state house garnered fifteen protestors. This week I received a flyer graphic that has been shared on social media by an organization called “Health Freedom NH” who has announced they will be holding an event to protest the prison-like lockdowns under which the good people of New Hampshire have been suffering for weeks.

According to the flyer and the event on Facebook, the gathering is taking place at the New Hampshire state house in Concord from noon to 2pm this Saturday the 18th of April.

“Nobody”, the lone 2020 republican challenger to incumbent NH governor Chris Sununu is slated to speak at Saturday’s event.

Bring your signs, bring your friends who aren’t scared, and stand up for freedom. It’s your right to take a risk, your right to assemble, and your right to run your business how you want. See you there!

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  1. Again, Ian you destroy all you have done. You are not above everyone else when it comes to safety. All you do is go outside government buildings with your minions and whine ect…. Now there are safety measures and you don’t want to comply. You are a hypocrite. I know someday the husband or boyfriends of these legislators are going to clean your clock big time for being disrespectful. I have to ask, in all your years of “activism” have you ever changed one thing?

  2. It your right to be ignorant and die but not at the risk to others fucktards

  3. snow in forecast

  4. @ Brian Koppenhaver, So will you be writing a letter to “his excellency” Governor Sununu to implore him to shut down the State liquor stores or do the scary germs know not to fuck with “State property” like a liquor store ?

    Cuz if the scary germs are trained to stay out of the liquor stores, maybe they’ll know they’re not supposed to prowl the State House lawn too?

    It’s your right to stay under your bed wearing a mask and a full body suit made of soon to be worth less (worthless? hmm) recycled U.S. dollars, but it’s not your right to demand other people remain imprisoned or restricted in some fashion or cease doing the things that are important to them or are alleged to be “rights” in the Constitution.

    You own YOUR property, stay there if you like. You don’t own the oxymoronic “public property” and certainly don’t own other people. Nobody does.

    Besides far more people have died from democide than will die as a result of contracting this virus.

    By all means gather very closely together, share a few hugs and handshakes while your at it.
    Do not ask people like my daughter who is a nurse to help save your sorry ass as she is put at risk saving people like you who think your rights are above others. But of course if you became ill you would expect her to help. She would, she took an oath to do so. She would take the chance as her baby daughter and husband are home. Why don’t you think of the their sacrifice more important then your inconvenience.

  6. @Terri hollis, That’s some angry sounding advice Terri. Maybe your self sacrificing daughter could swing by the liquor store and pick up some of that “essential” booze” and drop it off for me ?

    Hey, speaking of oaths, didn’t his excellency Governor Sununu take an oath not to violate some constitutions too? I mean isn’t closing a private bar and keeping a state run liquor store open a case of picking and choosing “emoluments” ?

    Keeping large corporation stores open while closing small businesses ? Isn’t that a case of applying “government protection” in a biased way ?

    Speaking of sorry asses, I hope you will ponder all of these questions deeply while you reconsider your thinly veiled wishes for some people to hug and handshake themselves into a virus. Is your mask choking off your oxygen and causing you to wish hateful things on others?

    See you in Church, no wait. Church has been sacrificed on the altar of Godverment. All hail oaths !

  7. I thought the pot one would be next..4/20/2020

  8. Wow Ian, you are ignorant to continue with this garbage. New Hampshire doesn’t have a stay at home lock down. It would seem you are really out to earn the putz prize of the year.

    People who choose not to get sick stay at home. While you throw caution to the wind. Just because you don’t show signs or symptoms of the flu at this time doesn’t mean your not going to get it or infect someone else.

    “Mass Civil Disobedience” You mean, the same twelve people that showed up last time? That is, if those people aren’t sick..

    At this time your county has 169 people infected with 19 dead. That may not seem like a lot, but it is considering those 169 people were around many other people.

    Why anyone would put their health in serious jeopardy, for someone (RNP) who only cares about his status and limelight is totally beyond me. Weed isn’t going to fight off the virus. If you get it and you get serious lung problems, you won’t be able to smoke it anymore. (I am not endorsing the use of illegal drugs)

    You and your minions could be proving the stay at home. If any of you get the covid-19, you will infect others increasing the population of infected people.

  9. @jumping jacks, hmmm you brought up a good point. Are the federally illegal State subsidized medical marijuana places in NH still open ?

    You know the same weed, that the USA has issued a patent to itself for “anti-oxidant properties” etc.
    under patent #6, 630,507 ?

    Find that published NH Controlled drug schedule yet ? Do you think corona virus might be on it ?

  10. Be my guest have a rally. U get sick or sicken others U pay all med costs if u don’t die first! Oh, don:t forget to give back the stimulus $$. Taking that money is an admission that u don’t for one minute believe in the shit u publish after all the $$ are forced on U against your free will.

  11. @ FREE KEENE, hey now you might be onto something!

    Let’s see if I get your drift…

    They sell alcohol at a State run forcible monopoly and some crazy oath swearing nurse stops by to pick up an old man a bottle of sauce…. and starts swigging out of it to relieve the tension on the way over to do her charitable task and runs somebody over, the State will be responsible right?

    Where and how would the State get the money to cover a lawsuit against it’s thoughtless murderous behavior? Why, from YOU!! Fuck, there goes your stimulus!

  12. Nobody is slated to speak!? Well I guess they won’t need a PA system

  13. Bob C
    My point is that you were already choosing to congregate possibly choosing to make one another sick.Your choice your right. What I Don’t feel you were grasping was that you really don’t have the right to be careless with other people’s health. My daughter would be the first one you would reach out to as you were gasping.
    I don’t disagree with all your about liquor stores and so on. The point for me is my right for good health.

  14. The only people being careless here are Chicken Littles like you, Terri. Since April 16 there have been 85 cases and 0 deaths in Merrimack County due to WuFlu. With odds like that, it’s safe to say no one will be passing on or catching anything. So spare us your holier-than-thou attitude, asshole.

  15. Baby yoda,
    I’m betting we are all pretty good people.we are doing what being American citizens allow of us to disagree. I merely stated that you were welcomed to gather , again which could in my opinion make each other sick. I stand by my right to feel that you are taking it upon yourselves to expose other people.,
    NH has many counties not just Merrimack from what I remember. 0 is a good thing I do hope it stays that way.
    FYI if your opinion of me is that I’m an asshole that is your right that I do not wish to try changing.
    Have a good day! ?

  16. does anybody think it’s bad to call it the Kung Flue?

  17. @Terri, I respect your right to make choices about your own body and your own property. I also appreciate your concern for your daughter. She should be in charge of her own choices too, but not in charge of others choices. Nobody should.

    If people want to congregate and redress their grievances, it would be a rights violation if Government tried to prevent it. “Lockdowns” are rights violations too. Some states have gone so far as mandatory mask wearing, etc. that’s fucking absurd.
    That is a power grab, which needs to be stopped. We are witnessing a convenient emergency which will be used to curtail the few remaining rights that haven’t been amply shat upon. Time to stop that shit.

    I rant about the liquor store not from a holier than thou teetotaler point of view. I just think it’s ironic that everyone is supposed to be scared shitless and liquor stores are still open, while many private businesses are forcibly shut down. That’s pretty clear evidence the State is speaking out of both sides of it’s mouth at once. As usual.

  18. Baby Yoda WITH Subtitles – You have a very distorted view regarding this epidemic. You already have your facts and figures wrong.

    In Merrimack County, there are 88 confirmed cases and 3 deaths. With poor intel like that you must see how incorrect facts and figures could lead to more confirmed cases and deaths.

  19. Bob C
    Wow this is more like it. Two people disagreeing in a respectful manner.
    Agree to disagree.
    People’s individual rights are a tricky balance to strike I think.

  20. Uh huh. Unfortunately Terri, extolling the superior moral character of you and your daughter (who’s doing a job that she’s PAID FOR, by the way) while making assumptions about the inferior moral character of everyone else, is a defining trait of an asshole. Good person or not, you didn’t have any nice words to say about those “selfish” “sorry asses” who will be standing up for our constitutional right to freely assemble, now did you?

  21. Baby yoda
    I did indeed say that I feel it to be a selfish act in general. I don’t think selfish should be looked at as all that offensive. I am certain I am not the only one that disagrees, as other posts show. In terms of moral character I was showing concern and pride of my daughter. As a protective parent I would call anyone an ass who put her in harms way. Is that really that hard to relate to? We are on opposing sides of an opinion. So be it

  22. @Terri , Pretty much, all rights are individual rights.

    If an individual has no right to do something, that nonexistent right can’t be delegated to other people, even if the other people call themselves “leaders” or “his excellency” or Skeletor Master of the Universe.

    Nor can a nonexistent right be combined with other persons nonexistent rights and somehow create a right to do something which none of the individuals in a group had a right to do in the first place. That is impossible, since a combination of zeroes (zero right) even a few trillion zeroes will still be zero. Therefore it’s impossible to aggregate nonexistent rights and create a positive sum.

    Basically powers and “rights” that governments claim to have which individual people don’t have are lies, backed by forcible violations or threats of violations against individual people.

    Even George Washington admitted that government is force. (grant themselves the power to use offensive force) That has only accelerated in the last few hundred years.

    You have a right to run your own life. Every individual does, You have no right to run others lives. No individual or group of individuals does.

    You have a right to defend your rights against those who try to abridge them. Laws, “orders” , Executive orders etc, which violate your individual rights should be ignored and scorned and ultimately disobeyed. We’re not slaves….yet.

    That’s the balance.

  23. Hmm mmm. You have a lot of pride and respect for yourself, your daughter, and your other heroes, don’t you Terri? The problem here is that real heroes are generally willing to commit sacrifices for others. Do you think that when this emergency is over, any of the heroic politicians and bureaucrats who violated people’s constitutional rights will be willing to resign and face legal consequences for their crimes?

  24. None of us are going to change each other’s minds. We are calling names to one another, myself included. I feel how I feel,you feel how you feel.I am sorry if I offended anyone while expressing my opposition.

  25. I don’t know what I find more revolting about you, Terri. Your fawning adoration for feeling-based arguments in the first place or the sheer spinelessness you’re demonstrating by sticking to them anyway when it’s clear you already know they’re inadequate.

  26. I’m going through the comments and seeing a real bully mentality. There were people who did not hold back. Good for you . Ganging up on Terri is what is spineless.Seems like some of you can’t handle someone with a different opinion maybe while you’re waiting out the stay at home order you can come to grip with your inability to understand some people are really shook up.

  27. Once she wished ill on the people she disagreed with, Fsl, any respect withheld by anyone afterwards was completely justified. Go white knight someone who actually deserves it, you p*ssyhat-wearing hard on.

  28. Geez Free speech lover, I’m glad you don’t seem to like bullying. I bet you must really be against how government schools are funded eh?

    Anyhow, what would you call a person who forced your business to close, while keeping his cronies businesses open and threatened to have people harm you for disobedience if you were simply exercising rights delineated in the magical CON STA TWO SHUN ? Would that person be a bully?

    What if the organization “his excellency” leads makes people give them money to travel in automobiles and then forces them to put two pieces of metal on their car that says “live free or die” while also “ordering” those same people he uh “serves” to stay inside? Would that be the kind of bullying you’re against ?

  29. Jumping Jacks ‘With poor intel like that you must see how incorrect facts and figures could lead to more confirmed cases and deaths.’

    Oh Jacks, tell us again how much you pay for the current edition of the Physicians Desk Reference? Important to be accurate with those facts and figures, eh Jacks?

  30. Terri, appreciate the apologies, but why ending with “agree to disagree” so quickly before attempting to address some of the arguments presented here? Who knows, maybe you could sway someone or at least let us understand your side.

  31. runningawaykenpo “Ian you destroy all you have done” … “have you ever changed one thing?”

    Oh my… Maybe Ian didn’t destroy all he’s done then… ??

    It cracks me up the way you bots trip up over yourselves and can’t even form a coherent attack on Ian. Tell your admin that you need an upgrade.

  32. So funny. I have a bridge to sell you Intrigare. Libertarians are such BS artists. What libertarians want is only fantasy and not grounded in reality. They are the red-headed stepchildren of society. States have activists like them always claiming they are going to fight the constitution and succeed from the union and so on. It will never happen in NH. Hobbies are fun.

  33. runningawaykenpo yes but what I’ve been wondering is what do you think of Ian? And of libertarians? Do share. I’ll be waiting

  34. Your going to exercise your rights to free speech. The Free Keene sight says peaceful. Yet when people on this sight express opposing views people are irate. Hypocrisy!! You invite their opinion then become vile. So yes I think if you want people to hear you ,let them be heard.

  35. Free speech lover, the problem with many “opposing views” isn’t whether people have a right to hold the views or to express them. Although it can be annoying when people hold and espouse two opposing views at once.

    You are free to believe Bill Gates in a surgical mask riding a glowing Easter bunny will descend from heaven and cure you with magic jelly beans, 3.0 . By all means slurp those beans down, if you like. You are not free to force your neighbor to eat those same magic jelly beans though if those individuals decline Bill Gates offer.

    You are not free to forcibly prevent your neighbor from rubbing KFC fryolator chicken grease (if KFC was “allowed” to be open) over their own nether regions to appease the angered Corona Virus gods if they think that will effectuate a cure.

    Most people recognize a rights violation when the rights violator is a murderer, a thief or some other kind of person that relies on the initiation of force or the threat of initiating force to get their way.

    Not enough people extend that recognition of when a rights violation is occurring to people they’ve been taught to unquestioningly obey. Titles, fancy hats, corner offices, badges and pieces of paper declaring the sky is falling, don’t grant rights the rest of us don’t have. It’s okay and rightful, to tell a pompous ass that their edicts or actions are treading on YOUR rights.

    Every person who thinks there is such a thing as “equal rights” and also worships authority that isn’t granted by a voluntary process, (individual explicit consent) completely absent of any duress is probably guilty of hypocrisy.

    Complaining that people aren’t nice, is a poor substitute for advancing your own argument or refuting an opposing argument…

    What is your argument or point of view regarding people standing up for their rights ?

  36. Where are you getting your agitprop material, Ian? No one in NH would call it “the capital building.”

  37. Bob C ‘What is your argument or point of view regarding people standing up for their rights ?’

    Well according to the Declaration of Independence, it is our right, our duty to do so, Sir! Unfortunately today people have this silly idea that its only a right if the government says so… When will we learn?

    How bad to things have to get? How many months do businesses have to be shut down before people start to wake up? How many times must the narrative be flipped flopped before people realize we’re being lied to? First we were told that this virus is different because its more dangerous than others… Now we’re being told that we can have the virus without even ever realizing it! Which is it?

    The only responsible thing to do is to continue on living our lives normally at least until they can even decide what the latest boogeyman threat is, or we can identify it for ourselves. And the nurses we trust for our care? Thank you! Thanks also to everyone who we interact and do business with, both in front and behind the scenes… Truck drivers, Uber drivers, grocery baggers… Thank you. Thank you to those who can’t work now because of the msm-generated hysteria and overzealous policymakers.

    Join us, we are the fighters for truth and freedom. There are more of us than you realize. Talk to random people in the street about this… You’ll find that most are already with us… suspicious or rejecting what we are being told by those in power.

  38. It happened, with a considerable turnout too…

  39. Hundreds of people turned out

  40. Looks like Susan the Bruce is back. And in rare form too finding fault with semantics in the midst of a heated political discussion. I suppose anything’s better than the quadrasexual libtard gascraps that’re usually flapping out of her doughy carcass.

    Anyway, Make America Great Again, you crag-faced wasteshit from beyond the grave.

  41. Susan, did you even read the article? I didn’t make the event or flier – it was a group called Health Freedom NH, or so I heard.

  42. Intrigare – I see Ian’s minions like you desperately grab at his coatstrings thinking they know the answers. You don’t. Your statements wreak of ignorance. You can’t tell me what my argument should say. That is ridiculous. I own four drug and rehab units. I hold an NP with certifications in addiction medicine, emergency medicine, and GP. A lot PhD’s, MD, specialty PhD’s, have done multiple studies regarding your questions. The rest of your rants and raves make no sense and come off immature. You don’t control who I am or what I say. So live with it.

  43. Is that you Jumping Jacksbot? What are you still doing here? Ian posted a new article… Update your hyperlinks and let the attack begin you obsolete glitching piece of code!

  44. Intrigare – prove I’m Jumping Jacks.

  45. runningwolfkenpo says – I have never said I own four rehab facilities, I am currently a PhD candidate,

  46. Ian, did you even read my comment? I didn’t say you made the flier. I asked where you were getting your propaganda materials. It’s amusing that a group called “Health Freedom NH” would use a term no one in NH would.

    These are phony grassroots events made to look spontaneous. When people who don’t actually have jobs are speaking about the plight of the unemployed, you know you’re getting served up a steaming plate of bullshit. These are Trump rallies.

  47. Susan Bruce.

    Yeah, yeah. Bake a pie. Eat a pie. Or make yourself useful and sell the pie. I don’t give a shit. Take a moment to reflect on that instead of just sitting around on your fat ass collecting welfare, rotting, and typing, you ratfaced commie.


  48. Jumping Jacks-“You have a very distorted view regarding this epidemic. You already have your facts and figures wrong.”

    Uh huh. Except I don’t, Jumping Jacks. As of 40 minutes ago, Wikipedia has Merrimack at 92 cases. And still 0 deaths.

    I’m guessing you got your info from the NYT? Thing is, wacklesack, that’s activist run media and I don’t believe most of what they say.

  49. Jumping Jacks – Prove your Jumping Jacks. Prove you never said you owned four rehab facilities. Prove you’re currently a PhD candidate.

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