NH Freedom to Assemble Rally Video – Join Us Again May 2nd, Noon-2pm @ the State House!

Last weekend there was an epic rally at the New Hampshire state house in Concord that attracted hundreds of people in violation of “HIS EXCELLENCY” Chris Sununu’s “orders”. A good time was had by all and there were plenty of “social distancing” violations to go around. If you missed it, good news – a followup freedom-to-assemble rally is slated for this Saturday May 2nd from Noon to 2pm, also in Concord at the state house. Bring your friends who aren’t scared of a little risk, some signs, and whatever else you feel inspired to bring and join us for more mass civil disobedience!

Thanks to Vincent Moore, there’s now a highlights video available from last weekend’s massive rally. Please share the video and the new event details with your freedom-loving friends.

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  1. “There is only one non-essential business in New Hampshire, and that is the government.”

  2. Government is our only enemy

  3. You people are what’s wrong with this country. Putting yourself and others in danger because it’s inconvenient for you. Until someone close to you dies of Covid-19, and then maybe you’ll change your pompous tune.

  4. Hey Grimm Reaper, it’s good you’re concerned about somebody close to you dying.

    Hopefully, if that loved one survived a foreign war of aggression where they killed lots of bad guys, they won’t come home and go to a liquor store, (STILL OPEN!), get inebriated and plow into a line of useful idiots standing obediently like a line of bowling pins all six feet apart outside a grocery store with their kids who are out of the useless schools and won’t be able to learn important things like when to use a run on sentence and when not to, eh?

    Cuz if that happened, then maybe you’d change your incredibly illogical tune.

  5. That’s right, keep pushing the envelope. This has already been done to death. You are a follower Ian. We will have to see what’s happening down the road with your gatherings. Would you post if anyone caught the covidvirus at your gatherings?

  6. How pathetic and twisted! Live free or die is GREAT……but not not when Your Living Free is killing others. … Sad how uneducated people monopolize these rallies….Look at the people talking wow how stereo type true.

  7. To Grimm Reaper,Jumping Jacks, and Educated. Take a look at the numbers cause they don’t lie! As of today there are 1864 cases of Covid 19 in NH. Of that there are 60 deaths. With the combined number of case and deaths it comes out to a 3% death rate, and a 97% recovery rate! Why are we not focusing on the 97% recovery rate???? Lets look further. There are 1.36 million people in NH. When you incorporate that number with the cases and deaths, you come out with a .00137% cases to population rate. Thats 1% of 1%. The death rate is even lower at .000044%. These numbers don’t warrant closing the state down! Its time to reopen EVERYTHING NOW! Let life go back to normal, and in a year from now they will be saying Covid what?

  8. Gary buddy, people are still dying though, it doesn’t matter how high or low the death rate is but the fact that there is a death rate shows that people are dying from this and the only way to stop it is by staying at home and letting this thing blow by, its that simple!! If everyone stayed at home from when this started maybe it wouldn’t be in NH right now and we could’ve had 0 deaths. If we are to open everything back up right now there is a 100% chance that people will die from it and we shouldn’t have to lose one more person from this. You all should stop being greedy and care about the people in this state that will not be able to survive this, lets just all stay inside and it will be over in no time

  9. Now wait a minute, Ricky. When lockdowns were first pitched, we were told they were necessary to keep America’s hospitals from being overrun with sick people. No hospitals were overloaded, so now the goal’s suddenly changed to no deaths? Well that’s pretty dishonest, don’t you think Ricky? I can see why people are protesting. I know I don’t like being lied to.

  10. @Ricky, buddy, if all the people stay home, who will buy the State Liquor from the “essential” stores that are still open?

    Without that nearly billion dollars in revenue the State takes in, they might not be able to pay the spineless unthinkingly obedient thugs to enforce the illegal stay at home order you are drooling for. How will they pay for their uniformly grotesque haircuts and silly sunglasses they like to perch on top of their simian noggins then?

    Hey! Anyway, should you be salivating like that ? Mandatory salivation receptacles!

    If we can save just one person? That’s a great idea!

    Let’s get rid of cars, knives, drain the lakes, things that could poke your eye out, make choking on steak illegal, execute cigarette smokers and institute a mandatory health and fitness program and woe be to you if you are hiding twinkies and miss a mandatory citizens calisthenics session. If we do that, we’ll all be in this together ! Hooray!

    Oh, almost forgot, mandatory flatulence capture receptacles. I’m dead serious too!

    “Honey does this fart catcher make my ass look fat” ?

  11. Gary – They do focus on the recovery rate from covid-19. The real question is, do you want to risk your health and well being and maybe death because you chose to ignore the stay at home orders? Remember, some one has to make up the stats and you getting sick or dying will add you to those stats.

    You are not infallible. This pandemic is not over yet. it could claim your life or your family, friends, or loved ones. This isn’t a rights issue. This is a public health issue.

  12. “Make up the stats,” Jumping Jacks? Normally I’d attribute that as a Freudian slip, but the afflictions ravaging your unconscious mind go way deeper than that, don’t they Jumping Jacks?

    Anyway, this is a rights issue. A lot of us aren’t cashing monthly SSI checks like you do, so our primary concerns revolve more around fear of dying from starvation and exposure due to homelessness because the government won’t let us go to work, rather than fear of an influenza-like illness that’s only risky to a small segment of the population.

  13. I lost my willy in Philly – “Our primary concerns revolve more around fear of dying from starvation and exposure due to homelessness because the government won’t let us go to work”

    While I sympathize with you and others who are facing money problems during this pandemic, if you get covidvirus money isn’t going to matter. It’s not a rights issue. It’s a public health care issue. The covid virus is not an “influenza virus” and it never has been. The virus is spreading fast through areas that were thought to not be effected.

  14. Jumping Jacks – “While I sympathize with you and others who are facing money problems during this pandemic, if you get covidvirus money isn’t going to matter.”

    Your sympathy doesn’t put food on my family’s table. So save the latte liberal routine for the guys you creep on at the dance clubs.

    As for the relief money we’ll be getting? Worthless. All Trump did was dilute the USD with trillions of newly printed sheets of fireplace lining. The inflation this will cause is going to matter.

    “It’s not a rights issue.”

    Restricting or banning my right to earn a living is a rights issue.

    “The covid virus is not an “influenza virus” and it never has been.”

    Pay attention, numbskull. It’s an “influenza-like illness.” Cough, stuffed-up nose, fever, and even death are symptoms identical to influenza.

    “The virus is spreading fast through areas that were thought to not be effected.”

    No it’s not. It’s affecting dense urban areas almost exclusively. Rural areas remain virtually untouched. That’s why governors in midwestern states like ND, SD, NB, UT, IA, and AK imposed no restrictions at all, while GA, OK, and AK are already in the process of lifting most of their own restrictions. Do you know anything about anything, Jumping Jacks?

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