Hundreds of Protestors Gather at NH State House in Spite of Governor’s “Orders”

Amazing Turnout at Assembly Event in Concord Despite Bad Weather

Amazing Turnout at Assembly Event in Concord Despite Bad Weather

The last several weeks have been hard to handle as a freedom lover. Seeing Americans obediently do whatever the government goons tell them isn’t really a surprise, but still sad and depressing to witness. Though I am an optimist, even I’ve been pretty disillusioned as a result of the widespread obedience that is leading to massive economic and personal destruction as businesses close and jobs are lost.

A couple of weeks ago, NH gubernatorial candidate “Nobody” announced an event at the state house that attracted over a dozen attendees to violate the New Hampshire governor’s “order” not to gather in groups of ten or more. Today, in an event created by Health Freedom NH a much larger group of approximately 400 freedom-loving people descended on the state house in cold, rainy weather to protest the ongoing tyranny here in the supposedly “Live Free or Die” state. Police didn’t even bother to drive by.

Hundreds were together on the pavement by Main St, ignoring the anti-human “social distancing” orders as dozens of cars were circling the nearby roads honking in support, many adorned with signs and flags. It was refreshing to see so many people acting free and ignoring the “orders” of “HIS EXCELLENCY” – which is actually how the “orders” refer to Chris Sununu, the republican governor of New Hampshire.

Many creative signs were present, though the Trump supporters seem confused. Do they think Trump somehow supports freedom? While some of his words initially on Twitter regarding Coronavirus were critical, he quickly fell in line and has been promoting the rise of the medical authoritarian state. At least they aren’t happy with Sununu.

My favorite sign was the guy in a V-mask whose sign read “THE REAL VIRUS IS FEAR”. I also liked “ALL BUSINESSES ARE ESSENTIAL”.

The support for freedom was refreshing. I’m glad to be here in New Hampshire where people still care about freedom. Maybe there is hope after all.

Missed today’s event? There’s another protest event slated for the State House in Concord on Monday, April 20th at 4:20pm, which will also feature open cannabis use as the annual “420” rally has for over a decade. Maybe the one after that should happen out front of Sununu’s house…

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  1. What do of a Saturday

    Ah I know help spread COVID-19 contributing to the worse global pandemic in a century

  2. There is hope, Ian. If you watch the MSM at all, its on constant damage control now. Each day there are more and more people going out in violation of the lockdown orders. More and more traffic on the highways.

    Even as the “experts” are still unsure when the peak will be or even if there will be a peak, the lockdown will be ended by default as people increasingly disregard what they’re being told.

    “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

  3. zx81.

    What the hell are you doing back on my computer screen you goddamn potatoface? Man. You libtard cornjobs are turning my computer screen into pure runny batshit these days.

    Anyway faggot, when yours truly was your age I was fighting the commie horde knee-deep in gooks. Now go back to your $30 couch you got from Salvation Army and cram ranch dressing in your face or whatever the fuck it is you do. I need to fill up my cement mixer so I can fix my fucking tool shed.


  4. What Cliff said. AND !!!!, AN-cient history lesson, when Cliff was killing gooks WAY back in 1972, Plagiarjoe Bidenist’s wife ran a stop sign (distracted driving) and was crushed in the intersection by the truck driven by innocent Curtis Dunn, a man who did all he could to avoid hitting her. He dumped his 18 wheeler in that effort but to no avail. The wife and daughter were killed and the two sons injured. Plagiarjoe immediately accused Curtis Dunn of being a drink-driver and responsible. How Curtis managed to force that woman to run a stop sign was never “explained”. Now, the media KNEW the facts but it never (NEVER) called out the new Senator on it and he kept repeating this calumny up to 2007 (Curtis passed in 1999). He destroyed Curtis’s life. Has Bidenist ever paid? Has MSM ever paid a price for this crime? You know the answer. BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and building 7 didn’t fall (in its own footprint and at free-fall speed) from office fires.

  5. John Redman.

    Hey pus-wagon. Remember that scene from “The Twilight Zone” when that fatass William Shatner was screaming that there was a monster on the wing of the airplane? Your tinfoil hat conspiracy bullshit is like that scene only a lot less believable.

    Anyway, shouldn’t you be cleaning the bathroom in the 7-Eleven right now? I’ve been eating tons of Taco Bell today and I mean to stop in later to drop the browns off at the super bowl.


  6. cool

  7. Did Nobody speak at this event?

  8. Sometimes the path to freedom gets stalled along the way. Too bad some of those well intentioned Trumpsters may not realize the Donald wanted “take guns first, due process second”.

    “Don’t tread on me, go tread on them over there” is not a sound philosophy.

    Needed more peace flags, but not the phony peace flags “co-exist” democrats have on the back of their car beside the faded Obama or Bernie stickers.

    Looks like Sununu may lose some votes and might have to complete his metamorphosis to being a Lynch / Hassan statist centrist. Wonder how many of those flag wavers will still vote for Sununu because “he’s better than X ” (whichever Commie the Democrats toss out there) ?

    Still glad people showed up, even if they were waving flags of oppression.

    TASTES GREAT ##%^&* !!! LESS FILLING *&%%$$# !!! Shrug.

  9. I seriously doubt there were 400 people there. If people in vehicles were honking at you does not necessarily support you.

    Let’s see what the damage report will be in a couple of weeks. That is, if any of them report it to you, they got covid-19.

    Just think how many of those people at this gathering will quite possibly infect others in their families, friends, and relatives.

  10. @jumping jacks

    If all of those people at that event had gone to the State run “essential liquor stores” or the large corporation grocery stores (crony capitalism !!) still “allowed” to be open, none of them would have risked exposure ?

    If people in vehicles were honking in disagreement, why were they out of their home prisons and out sightseeing ? Are the sheep growing sharper teeth on a subconscious level ?

    What many people are objecting to is the “useful emergency” aspect of how this virus will / is being used.

    Nonexistent WMD’s provided the excuse to rape and pillage the middle east not long ago. That’s not even finished yet either. Given the long history of lies and buckets of horse shit persistently flowing from government, it is entirely reasonable to question unconstitutional responses and tyrants motives.

    Now bend over like a good peon, while Bill Gates sticks this chip up your ass, with or without your consent.

  11. Shame shit, diffident day – “If all of those people at that event had gone to the State run “essential liquor stores” or the large corporation grocery stores (crony capitalism !!) still “allowed” to be open, none of them would have risked exposure”

    This gathering is much different then going to the store to buy liquor at a store. How many people can be in the store at one time? Do they ask patrons to remain 6′ away from each other.

    “If people in vehicles were honking in disagreement, why were they out of their home prisons and out sightseeing ? Are the sheep growing sharper teeth on a subconscious level” ?

    Maybe they are going to buy groceries etc……. There isn’t a “no travel order”

    Comparing anything to WMD and the “excuses” the war has caused is inappropriate. That has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic. Your statements about the “nonexistent WMD” falls into the paranoia trying to cause drama scenario.

    The rest of your comments fall on deaf ear because they are just to stupid to respond to.

  12. Imho it is kind of binding to always be juxtaposed to the gooberment.. Could just do things without others in mind

  13. Then if you’re caught could then say something bc

  14. Wonderful to see so many people starting to see this hoax pandemic bull for what it is. It’s all a trick to steal what’s left of our freedoms. Not in New Hampshire. Tyranny isn’t going to get a hold for too long in New Hampshire. After all, we aren’t mAssachewshits. Thankfully. Bravo heroes! I will be coming to the next one too!

  15. @Jumping jacks,

    Aren’t you concerned about the “brave” liquors store clerks who come into close contact with all the people at the checkout line ? Even if only 6 people are allowed in the store at a time, during the course of an hour on a busy boozy day, the clerk could be in contact with dozens of people and throughout an 8 hour shift, maybe as many people as attended the freedom gathering.

    Out buying groceries? That’s a possibility that some were doing that. It’s also a possibility that some were impatient sheep, out joy riding and “cheating” on their shepherds. Gasp!

    It’s also very likely that many of the honks were from people celebrating the idea that some people were finally standing up.

    Comparing the rights suspension to WMD’s is entirely appropriate. You swung and whiffed completely on that one slugger.
    Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it, said Lysander. Ever hear of Operation Northwoods ?

    You mentioned the rest of my comments were “too stupid” etc. Are you saying Bill Gates ISN’T trying to implement vaccinations that will become part of a privilege to travel? Are you saying a mandatory vaccination plan would NEVER be tried to be implemented? The days when they hid their malfeasance like when they injected black men with syphilis at a state funded college are long gone. They’re pulling shit right out in the open now.
    Can you say “Patriot Act”, TSA and NSA ? I know you can.

    Can you show me where in the NH Constitution, “his excellency” has a right to prevent people from gathering to redress their grievances?

  16. Jacks doesn’t know about all that, SS. He only knows what he’s told on TV.

    One day there’s WMDs, the next there isn’t. One day we should not wear face masks, the next day its required by law. Private alcohol stores aren’t “essential,” but State liquor stores are…

    All this is just fine and normal for Jacks, but what he can’t accept is that car honks are being interpreted as approval/support for the demonstrators…

    Nice being awake isn’t it?

  17. Intrigare – If they shut down the local liquor stores, then what? How do you think people will react?

  18. Jumping Jacks, That’s an easy one. Free people will create a freeish market and disobey.

    Happened last century when Grandpa disobeyed alcohol prohibition. Has happened for the last 80 odd years and continues to happen with the ridiculous pot laws. Freedom is hard to kill, despite all of the governmental control efforts.

    The reason I say people will create a freeish market is, prohibition skews what would be the natural price if government threats weren’t involved causing the natural supply to be skewed upwards.

    The State monopoly on the use of force has allowed them to fill the castle coffers to the tune of nearly a billion dollars in annual sales from their booze outlet. Prices would go down, if they didn’t hold their forcible monopoly.

    Can you say State initiation of force, harming consumers ? I know you can.

  19. Apologies, read the next to last paragraph in previous post as…no edit mode.

    The reason I say people will create a freeish market is, prohibition skews what would be the natural price. If government threats weren’t involved the natural supply would trend upward.

  20. Bob C – Would you be willing to pay bootleg prices for alcohol you have no idea who made it, or what’s in it? Look what has happened in Alaska. The Indian reservations have banned alcohol. People still bootleg and people are paying up to $400.00 for a liter of vodka. Would you be willing to pay that? How about anyone you know?

  21. Cause that’s what happened with marijuana, right Jacks? When it was banned, the price rose so high that it was unaffordable and everyone stopped buying it, right Jacks? Except it didn’t…

    If the black market prices are that high for vodka in parts of Alaska, its because those places are in remote locations that can only be reached by plane or boat.

    I like this upgraded version of Jacks though, making some attempt to have a thoughtful conversation instead of just throwing out canned robotic inflammatory responses. Keep it up Jacks!

  22. “If they shut down the local liquor stores, then what? How do you think people will react?”

    Probably by making their own liquor Jacks. That’s what the Colonists did when “His Excellency” rose the price of Rum too high. Then after the revolutionary war, the Founders placed limits on the powers of government.

    And what do you know, here we are a few generations later fighting the same battles. Why do you ask, Jacks?

  23. Jumping jacks, Thank you for your polite questions.

    Yes I would be willing to pay a voluntarily arrived at mutually agreed to price if somebody had a product they were offering to me that I wanted.

    It’s really the only honest way to do business. when the involved parties reach agreement without any duress, especially from unneeded third parties, who sell protection you didn’t ask for. In addition they ALWAYS threaten to harm you for not buying their protection.

    As far as “worrying what’s in it”, that’s a good question. A business that wants to retain customers in a free market, where there’s honest competition has an aligned interest with their customer to deliver a good product at a fair price, or the customer goes elsewhere. Best to seek those people out and give them your money.

    In contrast, the State a forcible monopoly has no “allowed” competitors, thus no incentive to deliver customer satisfaction. Which we witness every day. To wit, the Nazi attitude of the DMV clerks etc. One curious aspect of the bureaucratic clerk and Nazi’s is they both use the same lame excuse, “just following orders” and most came up thru a school system designed to instill obedience. Worked in both cases, for the most part.

    “The Indian Reservations” haven’t banned alcohol, because there’s no such thing as an inanimate piece of land doing that. I think you meant whoever the grand poobah, “excellency” or head chiefs are on reservations banned alcohol. Which is really kind of ludicrous. It’s not up to “authorities” to tell other people what they can and cannot put into their bodies. To insist that it is okay is, not far from rationalizing a form of slavery lite. No thank you.

  24. Jumping Jacks: In reply to your idiot comment:” Would you be willing to pay bootleg prices for alcohol you have no idea who made it, or what’s in it? Look what has happened in Alaska. The Indian reservations ”

    Yes- to the same extent I do now because I have no idea who made it. There is a company behind it. But that doesn’t tell me who was involved in making it. The reality is there is a certain level of trust. Bootlegged or not bootlegged it’s not hard to lose that trust. But it also takes trust in society to some degree to figure out who to trust in the first place. The reality is most people aren’t that bad. It’s only when it comes to using violence on others via the state that they seem to feel its somehow justified.

  25. Wow. Nothing but crazy people in the comments section.

  26. K C you are in the comments section. Dipshit

  27. kk – “My idiot comment” Name calling right away? How sad. My guess is there will be more people coming out of this pandemic with alcohol and or drug dependencies. There are some medical periodicals that hypothesize an increase of these types of diseases. It will be interesting to see how people come out of this pandemic.

  28. Name calling right away? Perish the thought, right Jacks? Lol

    Hey do your periodicals say anything about the wisdom of ending lockdowns when the virus is still present, thus defeating the purpose of having any lockdowns to begin with?

  29. Hoping he posts about the 420 rally.

  30. Hey Ian, why is my last post saying, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”? I looked at my post. There isn’t anything in it that is offensive or derogatory. It was to answer Bob C’s questions.

    I’ve seen some comments on this site that are down right obscene, confrontational, and just out right disrespectful.

  31. Jacks,
    Bob C didn’t ask questions. I did. Are you avoiding me for some reason Jacks? Its not about that stalker thing is it? I was really beginning to think that we were starting to bond.

  32. Intrigare – Again, you are butting in where you don’t belong. I was answering Bob C’s questions. Just mind your own business

  33. Jacks – Again, Bob C didn’t ask you questions. I did though.

    But there is no need for all that “you don’t belong” “mind your own business” is there? We’re all friends here.

    Hey Jacks, I have a theory why your post is awaiting moderation. Perhaps you triggered a built-in post limit? You are the top poster on Free Keene right? If I had to guess, I’d say you’d contributed upwards of 10,000 posts over the years. Is that close Jacks?

    That many posts equates to a lot of demoralizing of the liberty movement, eh Jacks? Your handlers must be proud. I’ll bet they’ve rewarded you quite well for that one. Say Jacks, what would be your top choice for a tropical island to retire on?

  34. Intrigare – No, you are the top poster on this forum. If you have to constantly change your ID on this forum, then you are desperate for attention. That is the most pathetic thing someone could do.

  35. Why thank you Jacks. Still, you’re just being humble. You are my inspiration.

  36. Intrigare is Drac Vermell.

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