VIDEO: Thanksgiving Day Protest at New Hampshire Attorney General’s House

NH Attorney General Gordon MacDonald

Soulless Bureaucrat Gordon MacDonald

Liberty-loving protestors descended on the home of NH Attorney General Gordon MacDonald – 128 Dickey Hill Rd in Deering, NH – on Thanksgiving Day to express their outrage that the state gang is threatening peaceful business owners. Local businesses across New Hampshire are being issued fines as high as $2,000 for violating the “emergency orders” of “HIS EXCELLENCY” governor Chris Sununu.

A hundred protestors went to Sununu’s house last weekend, but the protest at MacDonald’s house was organized in secret. As a result, police were not waiting on-site as they were at Sununu’s. However, it didn’t take long for the cops to be called by MacDonald’s attorney wife, Jennifer A Eber.

To the credit of Hillsboro police, they were respectful and on their best behavior. One of them even laughed at a joke that Nobody cracked and was generally quite friendly. Though he did try to get us to move our cars from the side of the road, he backed down when we pointed out we knew what an easement was.

Eber was not happy, demanding we be removed from “her property”. The attorney couple owns three large wooded lots across the street from their home, so Eber mistakenly believed that would protect them from such a protest. However, she didn’t realize the very same state gang that puts food on her table also has rules for “public ways” that allow us to engage in protests just like this. Apparently she doesn’t like it when people bring the destructive consequences of her husband’s actions home for her to experience.

As long as her husband keeps ruining peaceful people’s lives, and invading their businesses and homes with his bureaucracy, threats, and fines, she can expect we’ll continue to remind her about it. Here’s the video from yesterday’s protest:

It was cold and raining lightly in the beginning. We stayed for over an hour before the rain got quite heavy. Since the CDC has now told people they shouldn’t do caroling, we decided to bring back the Shire Choir and sang a few “Chronic Carols” before packing up and heading to a nearby activist Thanksgiving.

Special thanks to Andy from YouTube channel “Go Within to Get Out“, who was at his very first protest ever with us! He provided some of the footage used in this video.

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  1. Live Free or Die NH
    The Government works for us!!!
    Keep me in the loop

  2. Again Ian and his minions show their ignorance with their dog and pony shows. I have news for you. No one works for you. Your taxes aren’t yours. The government decides how that money is to be used not you. I am glad there are no guns allowed in these types of protests. Protestors could shoot up the governor’s property and his pets. Of course you seem to think you are above all that. News for you Ian, you are not above the rules or the law. You are all criminals. Freedoms are going to be taken away from you in the very near future. So you better watch your step or you’ll be making your marriage vows to your cellmate Turk.

  3. runningwolfkenpo: Since when have guns not been allowed at protests?

  4. me – Again, you choose to babble and lip dibble. It is always the same six dangerous criminals that has been at these “protests”. They should be taken off the streets. It would appear the governor’s wife isn’t buying into your crap. It wouldn’t be the first time.

  5. #NoMoreFaceDiapers #BreatheFreeOrDie

  6. “I am glad there are no guns allowed in these types of protests. Protestors could shoot up the governor’s property and his pets.”

    Wow you are a dumb motherfucker jacks. There were people open carrying at the protest. The guns weren’t there to intimidate any one though. No one brandished them. They just were, because some of us like to demonstrate to others that we have rights and that the government shouldn’t be permitted to take them away just because of a few psychopaths like you. This wasn’t a protest about gun rights either and it’s humorous that the only person who brought it up was you. Unlike a violent group libertarians are peaceful people. There was never any reason to believe that either the tamed NH cops nor the protesters here would utilize violence. Now Manchester is a different story. Manchester hasn’t been tamed yet, though apparently they might be getting better?? They did say they reduced the DUI checkpoints due to our protests.

  7. How could they laugh at a joke that nobody told!
    Was it a inside joke, that nobody knew aboot?

  8. kk – Again, your lip diddling and drooling are unintelligible. The amusing part is you are the freekeene troll and you don’t live in Keene. How did you get that job? Was your IQ test lower than a fetus? Did you drool the right amount? Did you bow down before Ian Bernard? Too funny


    Liquor stores are still open. How does the virus know not to climb over the state’s “property” (liquor bottles) ? – random reporter

    That’s one smart virus!! – NH Governor Gavin Sununewsom

  10. Obviously all four of you didn’t make a dent in anything. You harass a women at her own house. Ian, you don’t even recognize New Hampshire as your home state so how can you tell them to get out of of Keene? You are such a hypocrite.

    You people made complete asses out of yourselves.

    I se the infection rate of covid has really gone up for your county. A few weeks ago it was only 77 known cases. Now you are up to 511 known cases. Not to mention the higher populated areas are also rising at a incredible rate.

    I supposed karma will catch up to you sooner or later.

  11. Runningwolfkenpo is a typical leftist ignoramus…thanks for putting it on display!

  12. Hmmm. I wonder if there’s any truth that there was a study taken down by John Hopkins University showing no significant difference of total deaths between 2019 and 2020 ?

    Apparently covid is a miraculous virus and “cured” the heart attacks and other normal causes of diseases simply by showing up. Do you think with all that cause of death switchery covid may have worked for that voting machine company?

  13. I do not understand what all the fuss is about. I was born in NH and have lived here all but 7 years of my 68 We were told to wear masks and social distance. This not only protect ourselves but others as well. Whether this is “COVID-19 “ , the flu, or something else it is here and it is killing people regardless of race, sex, age, or pre-existing condition. This is a matter of protection for each other and we should all be respected of Governor Sununu’s mandates.

  14. “The amusing part is you are the freekeene troll and you don’t live in Keene.”

    Your pulling shit out of your ass cause I’ve never said that.

    “Obviously all four of you didn’t make a dent in anything.”

    It was more than 4. I count more than 10 people in the video.

    “You harass a women at her own house.”

    The “harassment” was far less egregious than she and her partner have inflicted on the rest of society. The right of protest absolutely extends to the place that the attorney general is supposed to be working on their own rules (home). Bringing the protest to his house only made sense if he isn’t working from his normal office.

    “Ian, you don’t even recognize New Hampshire as your home state so how can you tell them to get out of of Keene?”

    I’m pretty sure he considers it his home, his domicile, but that is different from what the state considers residency. It’s a bit of a mute point now given the unelected bureaucrats ignored the law and threatened to use violence against him if he didn’t turn in his foreign drivers license for a New Hampshire one. Counter point to this is if you just got rid of drivers licenses and slave cards you wouldn’t see people having to play these games for the sake of wiggling for a tiny bit more freedom.

    “A few weeks ago it was only 77 known cases. Now you are up to 511 known cases”

    You are referring to all time here and the number is slightly up since you looked. But OK, so about 2% of the population have been infected, and 3 have died. At most and this isn’t going to actually play out this way, but at most if that rate of death continued 134 people will die in Cheshire county assuming no other factors cut this number down as time progresses which we’ve already seen happen might I point out. In actuality it’s more likely that we will see no more than 6-10 people die in Cheshire county throughout the course of this virus from COVID-19.

    “I supposed karma will catch up to you sooner or later.”

    Maybe, but it’s probably not going to be Ian’s death. It’ll more than likely be a smokers cough or similar or maybe even less. Maybe a bit shortened life span.

    “Hmmm. I wonder if there’s any truth that there was a study taken down by John Hopkins University showing no significant difference of total deaths between 2019 and 2020 ? ”

    It could be that this is true for one reason or another while the virus is still killing people. If you shutdown the economy and there is less traffic on the road it’s likely that you will have few deaths from overcrowded streets. The question that has to be asked is whether or not the shut down is worth it and the unequivocal answer is no. The economic cost is going to have a far longer lasting negative impact on everybody relative to the small impact to health that we’ve seen thus far seen on the majority. There will be some deaths, but there are far more deaths every day caused from other diseases- even self inflicted ones. We could reduce the death toll on those- but it wouldn’t make sense because the cost to ones freedoms are too high. The same is true for this virus.

    “This not only protect ourselves but others as well.”

    That’s fine and dandy and I don’t have a problem wearing a mask, but that doesn’t mean it should be ordered, or forced, and the violence can’t be justified by a mere risk here. The mask is just a symbol for oppression and not the main problem. The bigger problem is the financial impact it is having to your life even if it’s hard to see right now.

    “This not only protect ourselves but others as well. Whether this is “COVID-19 “ , the flu, or something else it is here and it is killing people regardless of race, sex, age, or pre-existing condition”

    This sounds scarier than it really is. Lets think logically and rationally for a moment to see if this response is reasonable. If we ban cars we can save 38,000 people from death as well every year. You wouldn’t consider that reasonable though would you? The costs would be too high, right? It’s obvious it is with this example. Now 266,000 people have died over about a year in the United States from COVID-19. That is 7x as many people and it is a lot of people, but it’s nothing in the scheme of things when compared to how many die every year. That # is about 2,839,205. So that is less than a 10% increase in deaths over prior years. At least two other leading causes of death from disease exist that kill even MORE people every year than COVID-19 is killing. We don’t shut down the economy to save them. Why now? Why this? There is a lack of rationality in this debate from both sides. Wearing a mask? Not a big deal. I do it all the time. Does it work? eee Not so sure it matters either way at this point, but I don’t blame anybody who wants to wear one from wearing one. I blame people advocating for violence (government action) to achieve safety theatre.

  15. Darene Warren, I agree you do not see what all the fuss is about.

    If all people are born equal, in terms of their rights, (as the NH Constitution’s “bill of rights” first sentence implies) it would logically follow that either we all have the right to tell and enforce upon others what to do, or nobody has the right to tell and enforce upon other people what to do. The word “equal” insists it’s one or the other.

    I’ll go with I don’t have a right to tell you what to do and you don’t have a right to tell me what to do etc.

    Since I don’t have the right to make you wear a mask (and you don’t have the right to force me to) I couldn’t possibly delegate that nonexistent right to anybody else, even a “his excellency” the Governor could I ?
    If you disagree, please explain how a nonexistent right can be delegated. Where would the right come from, if no person has it?

    Is there like a super secret process that can create counterfeit “more equal than your equal rights” and the Governor has amassed hundreds of them by rolling around naked and sweaty in the basement of his home and that is the source of his amazing, “more equal” rights than you or I have?

    I mean, not there’s anything wrong with rolling around naked and sweaty in his own basement if that’s what he chooses to do, but I sure wouldn’t want him to insist that everybody else has to. Ewwww.

  16. Fucking hilarious to hear Ian Bernard bray that someone else is from out of state.

  17. kk – The Shepard of the anus is back at it. Again your comments are not appropriate or on topic. Since you are the freekeene troll, I would think you could do better then that. Yes, I live in Keene. I know you don’t. Arguing my businesses with you is pointless because you just don’t get it.

    GD – Show me anywhere where it says you can carry a gun during a protest. See? You cannot. Those are your words. I am very dissapointed in you. The rest are your ramblings.

  18. Darene Warren is like many soft Amerikanskys who makes signal of virtue but do nothing of their own to help, but instead call upons collective in vains platitude, cheering whiles politicians steal liberty from individual. Not even in KGB or Stasi is imagination of such total obedience and such willingness to pleases authority!

  19. The exchanges y’all had with the folks who showed-up seemed constructive and well-received. Glad to see.

  20. Running wolf you can carry at a protest….

    I swear I’ve read all your comments here and have concluded you were born from pre-cum

  21. Hey Bob C., I’m gonna get wasted and drive on the left side of the road. Nobody can tell ME what to do! Because FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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