VIDEO: NH Rifleman Knows His Rights, Refuses to Talk to Concord Police

Back in mid-December I’d attended the final “stop the steal” rally in Concord to do some secssion outreach. The series of rallies by this time had basically died off, so Concord police decided to show up for the first time ever and targeted the lone man with a rifle. According to the muffled cop, someone – probably from Massachusetts – had called in a report of the man, who was entirely within his rights to bear arms in New Hampshire and the two masked agents of the state responded.

After asking if he could get down from the bench on which he was standing, the man refused their invitation to talk and after confirming he was not being arrested, turned around and wisely ignored the uniformed gang members. Meanwhile I began peppering the lead agent with questions and then Nobody started in as well. Within a minute, they take off. That’s what you call a Cop Block!

Here is the video:

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  1. I’m glad that interaction ended peacefully for everyone involved.

  2. The guy is nuts. He has a semiautomatic weapon while standing on a bench spreading his delusions.. What would he ever have the need for a weapon like that down town?

    Of course Ian again calls himself media (even though he isn’t), making demands of the officers while they are investigating a call.

    Ian, your unending lines of BS continues to entertain and delight.

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  4. Hey Jacks. Notice how the police peacefully walked away from the guy after talking to him? That’s what normal people do, munchkin.

    Anyway, I get it, big guy. I get it. You think every interaction between government workers and the rest of us has to be predicated upon some sort strong-arm tactic. So given your natural inclinations towards overreaction, what do you think they should have done? I’ll bet it involves hollering “Stop resisting!” and waving tasers at them, right?

  5. WOW. In this busy world. That is all you have to contribute to society is to stand on a corner just to piss people off. You have a sad life

  6. Yeah. Cuz the key to unraveling society’s ills is to grumble about them on social media like the rest of the libtards. Right. You’ve figured it all out, haven’tcha Don?

  7. This is GREAT!

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