YouTube Bans “White Rose Society” Video; Watch it on Odysee / LBRY!

Recently, I outlined how we are decentralizing as many things as we can with the goal of removing any reliance on Big Tech. One of the things we’ve been doing in recent years is syncing all our Youtube videos over to LBRY, the blockchain-based, decentralized, uncensorable media protocol.

In 2019 LBRY first protected us from the YouTube censors when they took down “Hippie VS NAZI”, a debate between Rich Paul and Christopher Cantwell.

Now, YouTube has struck again and banned a video some amazing editor made about the return of the White Rose Society. I was honored to discover someone from the new White Rose Society had taken some audio from my radio show, “Free Talk Live“, where we were discussing the new White Rose and their amazing counter-propaganda activism. I uploaded it to the FreeKeene YouTube and it was nearly immediately removed for violating their “medical misinformation policy”, which says, “YouTube doesn’t allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local health authorities’ or World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on social distancing and self isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance.”

Here is the video YouTube didn’t want you to see, thanks to the uncensorable LBRY protocol, which recently launched its own video sharing platform Odysee:

If you’d like to join the White Rose, you’ll need the Telegram app. Then click this link: Check the pinned post for instructions and the latest sticker pack.

Got a YouTube channel and want to protect its content from censorship? Check out LBRY’s YouTube Partner Program here.

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  1. Awesome!

  2. Passenger seat head rest covered in a sheep mask. A covid mask on the face of the sheep mask covering the head rest.

    Smiles, angry looks, bewildered looks, sheepish looks, thumbs up, middle fingers. Reactions run the gamut.

    (pa)Trolling the highways and shopping center parking lots, just doing my job.

  3. If you make videos that are against youtube’s policies and rules, it will get taken down.

    The white rose is just another ridiculous propaganda group. There are multiple groups like this throughout America and the world, doing the same things.

    It’s sad that the white rose took its name from something that was very important in WWII. The people in nazi controlled areas risked their lives. Their cause was important.

    The white rose in America are a bunch of uneducated pansy activists who cannot come up with their own identity so they perverse a group of people who were heroes in WWII. That is so sad.

    Typical activism. You blame the government for telling you what you can or cannot do. But people in a group called the “White Rose”do the same things.

    Simple redundancy.

  4. Jumpjng Jacks – “If you make videos that are against youtube’s policies and rules, it will get taken down.” Nope. Not even close, Jacks. And there’re plenty of journalists who have demonstrated this to be false. Here’s a few that should get you all caught up with the rest of us.

    You know, munchkin, there’s a lesson to be learned from all this – you really shouldn’t be pretending you’re an expert on subjects you know absolutely nothing about. Any idea why you’re always doing that, by the way? Just asking for a friend.

  5. Jacks should learn the difference between propaganda and counter-propaganda. I know, there’s that word “learn” again, but hear me out.

    Jacks here is here spreading propaganda, and Silvia and I are the counter. Beautiful isn’t it?

  6. Simbiotic relation of sorts, eh Silvia?

  7. I’m not sensing anything symbiotic here, Intrigare, but it’s true enough that if I see poop in the bowl, I tend to want to flush it. And Jacks here is definitely a poop. A really big one, too. You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones you need to break up with a coat hanger first before you try to flush ’em. 😉

  8. so they banned something I never heard of… im bumming

  9. If you make a youtube video, you can have it looked at before you post it and youtube will decide if the video follows thier current guidelines.

    I can’t figure out for the life of me why you freekeeners have to glom on to every loser activist group that causes the most controversy at that time. The freekeeners must surf the net all day long to find these groups. The activist groups you people find are obviously desperate to allow you freekeeners to surf on in to their limelight.

    Freekeeners are not good at propaganda.

  10. Blimey. You never know when or where that brain thing of yours is gonna strike, huh Jacks? Anyway, it turns out YouTube’s merry band of content nazis have a history of ignoring those guidelines whenever they feel like it. Just because. Isn’t that nice of them, munchkin? Case in point.

  11. Youtube has millions of uploads all the time. If you violate their rules, your video will be taken down. How hard is that to figure out genius?

  12. Yes, foolish minions! Don’t HODL your LBRY credits, spend them boosting content! Then you can brag about how you donated $10k to Free Talk Live using LBRY credits!!! I see LBRY credits at $10^12 USD soon.

  13. Mmm hmm. That’s nice, Jacks.

    Hey, I noticed you left out the best part of that Forbes article. You know, the part where Steven Crowder’s channel was demonetized even though he never violated any of YouTube’s policies? Pretty sketchy, huh? I think so. But then again, I’m not suffering from that brain thing you have. You really need to get that looked at, munchkin. I think it’s spreading.

    Anyway, guess what? According to Forbes, it turns out that if you endorse the wrong kinds of politics on your channel, YouTube’s management can opt to exercise their unwritten do-whatever-they-want clause in their contract and use whatever means at their disposal to destroy content creators at will. Isn’t that just awesome, big guy?

    You know, a lawyer could interpret such actions as constituting fraud. You have any lawyers in the family, Jacks? Ha ha. I’m kidding. Of course you don’t. If you did, you’d have let us all know by now, am I right?

  14. “Hey, I noticed you left out the best part of that Forbes article. You know, the part where Steven Crowder’s channel was demonetized even though he never violated any of YouTube’s policies”?

    It’s youtube. They can do what they want. If Youtube believes the content of the video violates their guidelines and policies, then so be it. There is nothing you can do about it.

    When you put something on youtube, you are responsible or the content of the video. If I had a website and I posted the guidelines and policies, I would do the same thing youtube did just like everyone else.

    Today in Cheshire county, there are 2675 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Please make sure you keep your masks clean and keep your face clean and you should have no problems

  15. Geez. That’s super compelling, Jacks. No really. I mean that. I got a particular kick out of the admission that violating business contracts and committing fraud are perfectly ok in your book as long as the people engaging in political wrongthink are the only ones getting hurt. Willickers. I’ll bet it’s just awesome to do business with the likes of you, huh?

    Anyway, did you hear the good news last night, munchkin? Bitcoin might be looking at a 30% jump in value this week. That means if you bought some last weekend you could be rolling around in some sweet, sweet moolah before Friday. Just think of all the masks you could buy, big guy!

  16. ” That’s super compelling, Jacks.” – I’m glad you liked it. There were no business contracts or committing fraud on youtubes part. They had the same choices as anyone else on youtube, They can appeal or accept. You freekeeners have always jumped on the victim vehicle to self destruction.

  17. Mmm yeah Jacks does have trouble following the conversation doesn’t he? S maybe this summary can help:

    1. Jacks said we need to follow YouTube’s policies if we don’t want our videos banned.

    2. It was pointed out that YouTube has a history of removing videos even if they are compliant with their policies.

    3. Jacks answer was that YouTube can do whatever it wants.

    So yeah Jacks thinking is a bit disorganized and should definitely get that brain situation checked out.

  18. Today the US National debt has reached over $27,960,787,000,000 USD. That figure has increased approximately $10 billion this week.

    Diversify into alternatives such bitcoin and precious metals because we are all in this together.

  19. “Disorganized.” Ha ha. That’s an understatement, Intrigare. By the way, that summary was top notch. Thanks for the assist.

    Oh, and Jacks? YouTube does have contracts. They’re called “Creator Policies.” You see, all the way back in 2006, YouTube made an agreement with content creators to handle the business end of media production through management of all the advertiser deals that’re needed to pay for production costs and whatnot. In return, YouTube got to keep 45% of the ad revenue. Sweet deal, huh munchkin?

    Anyway, once YouTube got big and Google bought them, YouTube began changing the rules, telling certain creators that if they said certain things (political things) that YouTube’s management didn’t agree with, they would “demonetize” them or even ban them from the platform.

    You see the problem here, big guy? Creators were lured to YouTube to produce content for them under one agreement (furnishing a large audience for YouTube and making them lots of money in the process) only to be kicked to the curb as soon as YouTube had enough “fuck you” money to do things without them.

    This could be construed as fraud, big guy, and it turns out Facebook’s being sued for doing exactly what YouTube’s been doing. Mind-boggling, am I right?

  20. Good background info about google/youtube. Yeah even google searches are filtered/propaganda now. I remember when google was considered the best. What’s a better search engine these days?

  21. Good question, Intrigare. You know, I still haven’t found any single web crawler that I think does the job better than Google – at least not in terms of thoroughness, at least. I guess Google’s competitors just haven’t had enough time to close in on the 10+ year head start Google had in perfecting their shit.

    I use the alternatives when it’s obvious Google is surreptitiously filtering out legitimate search results. But I’ve found that if you try to use any one of them exclusively, you just end up sacrificing thoroughness for accuracy. Not a good compromise if you want the best answers as fast as possible.

  22. Great answer. Thanks

  23. Let it go. Youtube will have the final say as to what gets put on youtube and what doesn’t. freekeeners are so paranoid thinking everyone is out to get them.

    You use google for your searches. Google is tied in with youtube,

    Today in Cheshire county there are 2686 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Keep using those masks.

  24. We are letting it go, Jumping Jacks. Hence Odysee / LBRY. Read Ian’s article for more info.

    Today the US National debt has reached over $27,962,549,000,000 USD. That figure has increased approximately $2 Billion since yesterday.

    Diversify into alternatives such bitcoin and precious metals because we are all in this together.

  25. You got that, Intrigare? Don’t you go rocking the boat. We need YouTube to remain free of paranoia. Otherwise they won’t be able to warn us about the Free Keeners and the Covid cases and the Bitcoin criminals that’re coming to get everyone. 😉

  26. And here I thought I was the “you” part of “youtube.”… Oh well. They can keep all of their nightmarish Orwellian surveillance thought crime society to themselves anyway. Live free or die baby!

  27. Youtube is a private business. Their rules, Go to another website like reddit or something. I’m sure reddit will more than likely ban the video as well.

  28. Jacks I must say at first this brain thing of yours was cute, but now its getting downright awkward. Do get that checked out. If you can’t keep up, isn’t there a teletubbies rerun or something to keep you occupied until then? You keep disrupting the grown-up discussion here.

  29. Yup. Totally awkward. You know Intrigare, The New York Times published a short article about cognitive dissonance a few years back. Jacks really should read it, don’t you think? Now it definitely won’t cure him of that brain thing he has but it could teach him to be a little bit less of a dickhole. Fingers crossed, anyway.

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