Flashback to 2012: KPD’s Jason Short says Robin Hooding Legal

Before Robin Hooding hit it big, there were years of various activists performing the good deeds. Here’s a flashback to 2012 in an heretofore unreleased (by chance) video of Jason Short of the Keene Police Department affirming that Robin Hooding is legal and also impressively shows his knowledge that he is supposed to take insults well as a police officer. Some cops are not too good at this, but Short is right, it is supposed to be legal to talk shit to a police officer, at least that’s my understanding as well regarding what courts have upheld. Not that anyone was doing any insulting of anyone else that day – I certainly don’t think that insults build bridges – I’d rather offer hugs.

What you don’t see in the video: Kate continues to the parking garage in hope of saving more motorists from the meter maid. In or near the garage, she reported that Uhas threatened her with arrest for “Disorderly Conduct”, intimidating her since she was all alone with him. 🙁

Banned from Keene State College for “Free” Speech + Officer Jason Short Sees the Light on Drug War Hypocrisy?

For years I have been doing outreach at Keene State College. This normally consists of handing out fliers on campus, especially during class changes. Only this year did I ever encounter any trouble from campus security, when they threatened me with a no trespass order if I were to continue handing out information. Upon visiting with one of the college directors in his office, I inquired regarding their policy. I was told that not even KSC students may hand out fliers on campus! I was informed that I could have a table in the student center, just like the students can have. I would be allowed to sit behind the table, quietly, and only interact with people who came up to speak to me.

This was unacceptable to me. It’s highly ineffective. Why sit at a table all day or even for a few hours, when my friends and I can deliver hundreds of fliers in fifteen minutes during class change? Besides, aren’t college campuses advertised as the holy grail of free speech? What a bunch of nonsense.

So, last week on Thursday, I returned to the campus with new mover Daryl Perry. (more…)

Secret Service Destroys Freedom With Keene Police’s Help

Police State KeeneIn November of 2015 the Secret Service gang came to Concord and took over the state house property, stripping all entrants (except law enforcement) of their weapons. They even took Vermin Supreme’s pony.

It seems that wherever the Secret Service goes, the supposed rights guaranteed by the constitutions, both NH and US, disappear. In December they visited Keene State College where Keene police officers were used to supplement the Secret Service agents. Ben Carson, one of the Republican presidential candidates, was scheduled to speak.

After subjecting my camera bag to a dog sniff as well as a metal detector just to get in the building, I decided to go outside and see if I could ambush interview Carson as he arrived. However, multiple KPD officers and secret service had set up a “secure zone” behind the building. Here’s the video of what happened:

Just three days prior to the Carson event, James Cleaveland had won in court after being illegally arrested by state police at the scene of a suicide in 2014. This fact did not stop Keene police officer Jason Short from threatening me with arrest for not moving back fast enough from the alleged “secure zone” outside the college’s student center.

I mentioned the state police’s loss in James’ case and Short told me that he, “won’t lose this one” as he told me to move back to the dumpsters. I began moving back, but not fast enough for his liking. He then tells me I have three seconds or else I get kidnapped. (more…)

Cop Blocking Better Cops

Josh Paulette, Cheshire County Sheriff's Deputy

Josh Paulette, Cheshire County Sheriff’s Deputy

Josh Paulette is a Cheshire county sheriff’s deputy. We first met when I was being transported to the jail for my first act of noncooperation close to a decade ago. He was as courteous as someone could be who is tasked with transporting people in shackles. Like many police in New Hampshire, Josh is easy-going, affable, and is generally pleasant to encounter, even when depriving you of your liberty. Like all of us humans, he’s not perfect. There was one time that James Cleaveland witnessed (and video recorded) Josh tackle a young college-age male after he drunkenly ran from an open container arrest, but aside from that adrenaline-fueled incident, I have nothing but praise for my experiences with Josh.

Earlier this month, Josh pulled me over for allegedly cutting through a parking lot to avoid a red light on West St, which is apparently illegal in NH, despite the common practice’s positive effect on traffic flow. One of the general principles of Cop Blocking is not talking to the police, but when you have a cordial relationship with them, as many activists in Keene do, a different approach is necessary.

When interacting with police you know, consider the following options along with the standard Cop Block suggesstions: (I don’t employ all of them in the video – this stuff takes practice, and I’m not perfect.)

  • Be polite, yet assertive of your rights. – Asserting your rights actually helps keep polite police as well-behaved as possible. Police would prefer to deal with people who don’t know their rights. Even though an officer’s demeanor may be cordial, he *is* conducting an investigation and has the ability to deprive you of your liberty with near-zero consequences to himself. Don’t let them fool you into a false sense of safety. Despite Josh’s friendly demeanor, this is an adversarial encounter and you can hear the adrenaline in my voice when I say “I don’t know.” I’ve had lots of experience with police, but it’s still common for me to be nervous when pulled over, especially at first. Practice helps, but you still never really know what will happen.
  • Anything you say can be used against you. (more…)

Live Tweets from Derrick J’s Gun Rights Hearing

Darryl W. Perry this morning was live tweeting from Derrick J’s appeal of the Keene Police denying him the “shall issue” permit to concealed carry a firearm. Here’s a reverse chronological recap of his tweets:

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 3h 3 hours ago
Judge is taking it under advisement
Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 4h 4 hours ago
State alleges that #DerrickJ wouldn’t tell the truth if asked why he laughed in court
Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 4h 4 hours ago
State says there is proof that #DerrickJ is violent because of a couple of resisting arrest charges, shouldn’t have a CCW but can open carry
Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 4h 4 hours ago
State says that #DerrickJ is not suitable to have a CCW because he laughed in court and has been arrested for activism (more…)