NH Activists Reach 6 Courthouses with Jury Nullification Outreach in 2 Days

Jury nullification outreach efforts reach new heights in NH

jury activistsOn August 3rd and 4th, New Hampshire activists (organized by Joel Valenzuela of Rights Brigade) reached an incredible six courthouses with jury nullification outreach information supplied by NHJury.com. Activists canvassed much of the state, reaching locations in Dover, Laconia, Brentwood, Concord, Manchester, and Nashua, sharing with jurors the knowledge of their age old right to nullify bad laws.

Where else in the world are people mobilizing on this scale, with this efficiency for the cause of liberty? Where else can defendants in an entire state reasonably suspect that the jurors sitting on their case will have been made aware of the idea that they can judge not just the facts in the case, but whether or not a certain law is just in the first place?

Is there a better place in the world to practice civil disobedience? A better place to pool activism to have a greater cumulative effect? While people in Denver are being arrested for jury nullification outreach for so called “tampering,” the activist movement in New Hampshire only continues to gain steam.

If you’d like to be a part of the jury nullification outreach effort, we’d love to have your help. Rights Brigade has created a handy calendar with all of the potential jury outreach opportunities for the rest of the year on it, and we’ve got some exciting plans in the works for nhjury.com.

Hope to see you in the streets!

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