Full Hearing on NH’s “UBER” Legislation: Lying Cabbie + UBER Drivers Testify

Christopher David of Free UBER

Christopher David of Free UBER, Courtesy Coin Telegraph

Monday’s Concord state house committee hearings included a late-afternoon hearing for the “UBER” bill, HB1697-FN and I was there to speak and record the hearing. The bill proposes state regulations for “Transporation Network Companies”, which is legal-speak for companies like UBER, that provide connections between people who want to share rides.

While the ideal “level playing field” is to have zero regulations for transportation across all of NH, we can’t expect these politicians to do that at this point. So, having one set of regulations for the entire state would be better than a patchwork of them across the different towns and cities, which would make compliance for companies like UBER very difficult. If that ends up happening, UBER may just decide jumping through various hoops for each town isn’t worth it, and pull out of NH entirely.

Whether UBER pulls out or not, the bill proposes a fee of $5,000 for any TNC be paid to the “Department of Safety”. This fee will definitely be a barrier to entry for new companies who want to compete with UBER. Not only that, but technology quickly outpaces government, as UBER has show, and Arcade City is going to continue to prove. As I point out in my testimony, the newly announced Arcade City is not going to be a corporate entity, so how is government going to get their precious fee from a computer program?

Of particular note in the video is the apparently dishonest testimony from David Weeks, the owner of Concord’s D&B Taxi. Weeks claims he took multiple experimental UBER rides in Manchester – one allegedly didn’t show up, the next driver couldn’t speak English, and the third driver had a bottle of beer between his legs.

David Weeks

David Weeks, Owner of D&B Taxis, Lies to Committee About UBER

On his fourth and final alleged UBER ride, he claims the driver, when asked, quoted a fare of $27 and asked for a tip or told him to get out! Even if Weeks were telling the truth about his first few rides, his fourth story drips of dishonesty. Now, I’m a newer UBER driver, but as far as I know, the driver isn’t presented with the amount the ride is worth in advance. We only decide to accept the ride based on their pickup location.

Second, though this alleged UBER driver in question could have been breaking the rules, the UBER training video makes it CLEAR that UBER does not require tipping. Yes, drivers can accept tips, but UBER riders are well-aware that tips are not required with UBER, so it would be stupid for an UBER driver to demand one.

Amusingly, in the beginning of his testimony, Weeks claims he doesn’t have an axe to grind! Anyone paying attention knows at the very least, that’s not the truth.

After Weeks’ testimony, Free UBER‘s Dennis Acton calls Weeks’ claims, “preposterous” and proceeds to discuss the barrier to entry that is the $5,000 fee. He also says the bill contains too much regulation and that riders should decide, not government.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on Free UBER and Arcade City.

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  1. Where is the Free Uber champion Christopher David in all of this? Starting another company Arcade City to COMPETE with Uber? Free Keene should seriously reconsidering letting Christopher David post on this website. It’s clear he doesnt have any allegiance to anything, and is only starting these movements to benefit himself.

    He ran for Congress. And failed:




    When his political career failed, he decided to start a Bitcoin company. Which also failed:




    Then he starts Free Uber, gets a ton of people excited for nothing. Extracts free labor from all these people to forward his own needs, and then abandons the cause for another venture, now Arcade City. This guy is a parasite that will keep sucking the life out of Liberty minded people until he gets famous. Please someone put him in jail now.

  2. Whenever an uninvited third party with a gun enters a business arrangement between two ostensibly free parties, my first thought is it is the STATE. My second thought is good people disobey bad laws.

    If I want to contract with somebody for a ride from point A to point B on a mutual and consenting basis, I see no reason to pay a third party money so they won’t hurt me.

  3. Ian states all these people are lying but he has absolutely no proof. Uber is obviously not organized and has some very serious issues. That does not look good for Uber.

  4. @Jumping Jacks Whether it’s Uber, Goober or any other service provider , it seems like the main claim of the Taxi Slaves rests on this…If master beats extortion from me, he must beat it from everyone else too. No playing favorites with that whip Massa! We want equal oppression!!

    Live Free or Die (smirk).

  5. Indeed, Jacks. The ride-hailing app that you’re referring to is called “Way2ride”. It debuted in October 2013 for use by about half of NYC’s yellow and green cabs. Another, called “Arro” (NYC only) came out in September 2015. These are much better solutions than crying to government regulators for protection against their competitors, don’t you think?

    Now as to whether they’ll be able to obtain a competitive edge against other ride-hailing options? Well, that’s another story, Jacks. “Arro” for example is only available for a limited number of costumers in NYC so far. And “Way2ride”? Pretty much the same. In fact, “Way2ride” has only managed to expand into one other market at the moment: Philadelphia. Supposedly their market will be expanding into Boston, Miami, DC, and Las Vegas in 2016. Will they be able to compete effectively? We’ll have to wait and see.

    But it does seem clear that competition really works, doesn’t it Jacks? Do you think NYC cab companies would have even have considered adopting smart phone options with their services if Uber and the like hadn’t come along?

  6. Boy that fat dinosaur with the marbles in his mouth, Weeks , is the unluckiest Uber customer in the world.

  7. Jumping Jacks, when you say it’s not an “open market” it sounds like you’re saying it is a controlled and “protected” market. Isn’t that the business model of the mafia, to tell people if they want to operate in a given area they have to pay them and if they don’t out comes the hammer?

  8. Bob Constantine – The taxi cab companies have proven to be reliable, operate within protocols, and are accountable. Uber doesn’t

  9. @Jumping Jacks

    No, the taxi companies are NOT operating within respectable protocols. The first respectable protocol for people is not to run others lives for them or use enforcers to do it for you. They violate that protocol.

    You have mistaken obedience to arbitrary authority as a good thing. An authority which claims legitimacy thru threats of force is ILLEGITIMATE. To disagree with that is to champion the idea that might alone makes right, which is absurd.

  10. Obviously the Newer Uber driver doesn’t know to much about what he is talking about. Or maybe that top of the line training video from Uber didn’t sink in. The so called app will quote an estimated price for your ride if you request it. At this time I would invite this NEWER Uber Driver to tag along on an experimental few rides with Uber.
    When I testified I had no axe to grind, I don’t. My business is Medical Transportation. We do taxi service if requested, and I might add here, we carry commercial liability insurance, as well as all the required licenses by the City of Concord. Uber thinks they can bully there way in, when ever they want, pay no fees that assure safety for everyone, and basically take over where ever they want. I will gladly pay $5000.00 a year to the Dept. Of Safety. That would send these so called TNC’S back where they came from, because like insurance, they wouldn’t buy into it.

  11. Oh.. that photo of the Uber car and driver Christopher David is really impressive considering no one has ever seen A vehicle advertising Uber, because they sneak into areas that require licensing. What a crock. Biggest joke around.

  12. You don’t have an axe to grind? You just made threats to Lyft drivers on Facebook.

  13. I guess you don’t get it. So this will be my final comment to you. Not only are you a dumbass, your stupid as well. You can’t figure out the entire problem with Uber and Lyft. It’s called PROPER LIABLITY INSURANCE. If you pick up clients for pay, you are required to have Commercial Liability Insurance. In New Hampshire, this is a very strict requirement. So, go ahead and drive for these assholes, but if you drive in New Hampshire, be careful. You have an accident, you will be totally responsible.

  14. Who said I don’t have proper insurance? Who said I even drive for a living? You,, old goat are assuming too much. You can take your lying wrinkled ass and chase nickles until you can’t find any more old ladies to bring to the grocery store. Now, I suggested you stop flapping your dentures before you make me upset.

  15. And again, “you don’t get it” just as you said before. I guess your the only one who gets it.. Pretending that your a pillar of the community when your only interested in keeping all the fares for yourself.. Typical bullshit artist lying fat cabbie. Go take a bath dirtbag, then try to diet or exercise, it might do you some good.

  16. You are to dumb and stupid to even carry on a conversation.

  17. whatever you think fat fuck.

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