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Before the behemoth that is Facebook, there were forums. On these forums, people in communities were able to communicate about various things, and with the right amount of moderation, it worked well. Then Facebook came along and sucked up all the people and gave them terrible forums called “groups” where the only moderation tool is to delete discussion threads.

With forums, moderators can move threads between the forum’s subforums, meaning off-topic posts could be moved to more appropriate places in the overall forum. This cannot be done on facebook. There, one group is not connected with another group. An off-topic post will either be allowed to clutter the group, or it will be destroyed. There is no move option. That’s only one reason why Facebook groups suck, but it’s a major one.

Early on, there were two main forums in the NH liberty movement, the NH Underground and the Free State Project forums. Eventually, we launched the Free Keene Forum which eventually became the Shire Society Forum a couple of years after the signing of the Shire Society Declaration in 2010.

All three forums still exist, but have nowhere near the popularity they once had. Many new people to the movement don’t even know they exist.

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In order to stay as relevant as possible and compete as much as possible with the evil Facebook, last year the Shire Society Forum was upgraded to a more “modern” forum software, “Vanilla Forum”. It was better than the old software, “SMF”, in some ways, but lacking in others. Now, the Shire Society Forum is modernizing further for 2017 with the switch to the “Discourse” forum software.

So far my experience with Discourse has been very good. It’s snappy – posts appear instantly without having to reload an entire webpage. It’s got a modern feel and allows logins via a bunch of major accounts, including Google, Yahoo, GitHub, Facebook, and Twitter, and sharing of posts via Facebook and Twitter.

The Shire Society Forum has, despite its decline in popularity, still attracted new users over the years. Each month, there are new potential movers to the Shire who arrive and post an introduction, which is a requirement in order to enter the forum. Would you be willing to come welcome them? The forum has subforums for all the regions and major cities in New Hampshire and we’d welcome your input.

Please give the new Shire Society Forum a try. I hope you like it. Death to Facebook!

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  1. Why don’t you write what is really going on.  freekeene’s popularity has gone way down do to it’s members multiple arrests, lies, and out of control members ie… JP, Rich Paul, David Crawford, Adam Mueller, Chris Cantwell, and yourself Ian etc……   Not to mention the ties to other hate groups freekeene has. You are the poster child for the type of grandiose ideas. You expect more than your worth.  The statements you have made about facebook are really your inability to control what is written in these FB groups.

  2. Hi Jumping Jacks. Would you be interested in joining us at our regularly scheduled Social Sunday or Taco Tuesday event for dinner? Social Sunday is at Local Burger on Main St every Sunday at 6pm. Taco Tuesday is at Mi Jalisco on West St every Tuesday at 7pm. We would really like to meet you.

  3. you mean like reddit.

  4. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks Why would I do that?  Why would I want to be at a function with a bunch of freekeeners jabbering about their miserable lives and ridiculous rants. Sorry guy but thanks for the invite.

  5. Jumping Jacks you seem to be very interested in Free Keene for whatever reason. The invitation to join us for dinner is always open.

  6. I don’t think Jacks is very interested in Free Keene. I think Jacks is interested in when they will finally fail, and fall apart. It seems the latest FBI raid has quelled their visions and ambitions.

  7. Milwaukee Besides, Jacks is made of finer substance than that of mere mundanes. I doubt that Local Burger could ever satisfy his more refined dining requirements.

  8. Milwaukee you’re welcome to join us too if you’re in the area.

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