Hypocritical “Free State Project” Quietly Dumps Cody Wilson from Upcoming Convention

The FSP's Announcement of Cody Wilson's Now-Canceled Speech at Liberty Forum 2019

The FSP’s Announcement of Cody Wilson’s Now-Canceled Speech at Liberty Forum 2019

UPDATED @ 20:31 Eastern 2018-09-22 – I contacted a source within the FSP about this last night, long before going to press. The takedown was confirmed by the source but they would not speak publicly about it.
UPDATED @ 18:10 Eastern 2018-09-22 – See bottom of story for FSP’s response.

Cody Wilson is a libertarian hero who has made countless international headlines in the last several years, first for releasing plans for the world’s first 3D-printable gun, the “Liberator”. After that, he created the “Ghost Gunner” hardware, which makes machining a gun from scratch almost as easy as pressing “start”. All the while, he has bravely thumbed his nose at the oppressive state and federal governments and recently won a major settlement from the federal government that illegally tried to stop him from engaging in the free speech of sharing his 3d-printable weapon files.

Wilson’s a free speech and gun rights champion, no doubt. No wonder the Free State Project had asked him to speak at their 2019 Liberty Forum convention they’ve held in the wintertime here in New Hampshire for over a decade. It wouldn’t be the first time Wilson’s spoken at the Liberty Forum. Here’s a Forbes article talking about Wilson’s speech from 2014’s Liberty Forum. Here’s a video interview of Wilson at the 2014 Liberty Forum by Free Keene blogger Garret Ean.

Sadly, this week an arrest warrant was issued from Austin, Texas police alleging Wilson had met a sixteen-year-old young lady on a website called SugarDaddyMeet.com, took her to a hotel room, had sex with her, gave her $500, then dropped her off at a Whataburger. In Texas the “age of consent”, is apparently 17, which means they are charging Wilson with felony “sexual assault” for the consensual act he committed with his “victim”.

Within a couple of days, the Free State Project (FSP) quietly removed Wilson’s photo and bio from its place on the front page of their NH Liberty Forum website. Wilson’s photo had occupied the top left speaker’s position on their list of expected speakers. That pretty much means he was their top billed keynote speaker.

Cody's still caught in Google's cache of the FSP's Liberty Forum site.

Wilson’s still caught in Google’s cache of the FSP’s Liberty Forum site.

Poof! Just like that, he was gone. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to memory hole something – there was also the time when they tried to suppress video of a well-produced awards ceremony from Liberty Forum 2016 featuring me as a recipient.

Oops! Turns out the FSP forgot to cleanse their Twitter of their announcement of Wilson’s speaking gig which I included as the top graphic here, in case they take the tweet down.

The Free State Project used to be the reason many of us libertarians, voluntaryists, and liberty-loving anarchists moved to New Hampshire. They were known for throwing two great yearly events, including the previously mentioned Liberty Forum and the Porcupine Freedom Festival in the summertime. However in recent years, the FSP has taken a strong turn away from the principles of liberty by jettisoning any people they can associate with any uncomfortable ideas of sexual liberation. Namely, the crazy idea that teenagers could possibly make decisions for themselves.

The first indicator of the public shift in the narrative direction of the FSP was the public uproar from some FSP participants regarding New Hampshire State Representative Kyle Tasker who was set up by police for allegedly trying to meet a fourteen-year-old for sex that turned out to be an undercover cop. While the FSP officially didn’t take any public stance, the same prudes within the FSP who later crusaded against me, first turned against Tasker. They targeted anyone who dared stand up and point out that Tasker’s “crime”, even if the allegations were true, didn’t actually involve a victim. In any other circumstance that didn’t involve teenage sex, these ostensible libertarians would have agreed that any accused person should be considered innocent until proven guilty and that the police couldn’t be trusted. Not in Tasker’s case! They threw him to the wolves before he was even arraigned. Tasker was cool with them when he sold them pot and mushrooms, but not after they found out his sexual preferences.

My then-teenage girlfriend Renee with Jazzy Girl

My then-teenage girlfriend Renee with our dog Jazzy Girl

Shortly after Tasker’s arrest, I was banned from the FSP’s two yearly events because I have been open for many years about my libertarian views on “age of consent”. I even had a teenage girlfriend at the time – horrors! Some astute observers thought it was interesting the FSP waited until reaching their goal of 20,000 people pledging to move to New Hampshire, before they kicked me to the curb. I politely resigned from the organization and continued my activism including recruiting liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire, without joining the Free State Project.

In a bizarre and likely unintended reversal, the FSP then invited John MacAfee to keynote their 2017 Porcfest summer camping festival. Porcfest used to be a blast of an event featuring fun traditions like Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Party until all that ended in 2016, the same year they booted me. To the glee of the haters who had complained to the FSP for years about things like women walking around the campground topless and open cannabis use, the festival was unofficially re-branded as a “family” event. It seemed like a hypocritical decision to make such a fuss over “age of consent” and then invite MacAfee to keynote the “family” event when it’s public knowledge MacAfee had a sixteen-year-old girlfriend when he was in his fifties.

MacAfee curiously canceled his appearance, citing scheduling conflicts.

John McAfee, Libertarian Badass and Ephebophile

John McAfee, Libertarian Badass and Ephebophile

What must it be like to be the people running the FSP? Surely they are aware of their blatant hypocrisy and pandering to what they think the masses want while all around them their respected libertarian heroes like Wilson turn out to share similar sexual interests. By that I mean the historic tradition of men of all ages being attracted to young women. You know, the way of the world since, oh, at least Jesus’ time. A quick google reveals Mary was no older than fourteen and perhaps as young as twelve when the Christian god decided she was ready to bear his child.

The schism in the FSP ultimately seems to divide the “libertarian” parents who believe their children are their property and those parents who believe their offspring are individuals whose decisions should be respected. The former group appears to be sexually repressed, or perhaps they had a bad sexual encounter with an older person while they were a teen, so they project their experiences and feelings onto every young person.

This group of prudes, for lack of a better term, has always been loudly complaining about the social activism that has happened primarily in Keene, such as the long-controversial topless open carry and Topless Tuesday events, that are now about a decade old but nonetheless live on in their whining about how we’ve “ruined the movement”.

Topless Tuesday, 2010

Topless Tuesday, 2010, complete with a teenage girl!

Now their crusade continues as they flush Cody Wilson, the formerly top keynote speaker at the 2019 Liberty Forum, down the memory hole.

All the while, the FSP continues to invite the mother of Ross Ulbricht, Lyn Ulbricht back year after year to speak at FSP events. Ross is the heroic and sadly jailed-for-double-life-plus-forty-years operator of the world’s first underground online drug marketplace, the Silk Road.

The message is clear. The Free State Project is totally cool with embracing two of the most controversial freedoms – the right to self-defense and the right to put whatever chemicals you want in your body. But the right to do what you want with your own body sexually? “WHOA NOW! That’s crazy talk – better disassociate! Issue a statement! No, don’t! Just delete him from the website!”

It’s sad. The FSP board surely know better, don’t they? Why are they and others in this movement so afraid to talk about what non-aggression means when applied to respecting the decisions of ALL individuals, even young people, to do what they want with themselves? How can one possibly claim to support the non-aggression principle and believe in the state’s completely arbitrary and dangerous “age of consent”, which has ruined countless peaceful people’s lives, as it now threatens their now-former hero, Cody Wilson?

No matter that Wilson’s only been charged, not convicted of anything. “Minor detail – kick him aside! No way we’re standing along side that PERVERT! My god, he was attracted to a young woman, that sicko! String him up from a tree – skip the trial! All young women should only have sex with teenage boys so they know how awful the experience is supposed to be!”

Create the world's first underground online drug market - no problem for the FSP!

The FSP still rightfully considers Ross Ulbricht a hero for creating the drug marketplace Silk Road.

The good news is, there are still plenty of real libertarians who have moved to New Hampshire, who are consistent about liberty on all issues, no matter the social costs. We’re not hiding and we’re not ashamed to stand up for the freedoms of all individuals, including the right to emancipation from one’s parents.

Cody Wilson’s still a libertarian hero. The police haven’t alleged he used force against the girl. She wanted a “sugar daddy” and she found one. I doubt he was her first. Wilson is the actual victim in this case. He doesn’t belong in jail for one minute, let alone the maximum twenty years he is facing.

Too bad Wilson didn’t join the NH Freedom Migration and move to New Hampshire. The arbitrary “age of consent” here is sixteen. In Texas the same sexual act that’s legal here could get him decades in prison and and got the US Marshals activated to track him down. All because some politicians in that arbitrary political geographic area decided a sixteen-year-old can’t consent. “Age of consent” laws are insulting to the intelligence of young people and this “sexual assault” where the “victim” is a willing participant is an insult to all victims of REAL sexual assault – where consent is NOT given and force IS used.

Let individuals decide for themselves. That’s the libertarian way. Support for “age of consent” statutes is support of violence against peaceful people. If one supports these laws, one is not a libertarian.

UPDATE 9/22 @ 18:10 Eastern: A few hours after this story ran, The Free State Project has posted a tweet saying: “Cody Wilson (@DefDist) is no longer listed as a speaker for @NHLibertyForum bc recent legal proceedings make it unclear he will be able to attend. Mr. Wilson was invited to speak about the intersection of the first & second amendment and is still welcome to do so. More to come.”

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  1. Hmmm, ephebophilia, hmmm?

  2. Ian: You can’t say that! What will the majority think! Ohh wait- that is right- who gives a flipping fuck about people who would oppress us and others anyway? I totally agree that we should not care what the majority think. Expressing real libertarian views consistently is more important to attracting actual libertarians. It’s those who believe like we do that matter. The reality is this is about attracting libertarians- not the majority. If you worry about what the majority think you will not end up with a libertarian utopia because the majority will move and enact the same laws or preserve those laws if they already exist as we already have everywhere else.

    I have never had a sexual encounter with anybody under the legal age or even beyond a few years in age as a young person purely out of concern for the severe consequences and age of consent laws- not that I’m particularly interested in younger guys anyway- but most people aren’t aware of just how dangerous screwing someone even slightly younger than them can be-or even connecting with someone online claiming to be 18. I was even concerned about my current partner when I met him and he was over 21! I was 28 at that time and there was a slight chance he could have been under 18 (which turns out would have technically been legal at the time where I was, although possibly not where we proceeded to live thereafter). I almost didn’t ask him out because of it and what a pity that would have been because it’s highly unlikely I’d be in a relationship today of any type. I might not be attracted to young guys- but I am very particular. I also had a relationship with a guy who was 40 years old shortly after turning 18. While it didn’t last long for reasons other than our age difference had I been 17 and that had been my one true love what a pity that would have been.

    Despite not having any particular interest in young people (and being tied to another already, also support polygamy even though I don’t engage in it myself) I do support the elimination of these arbitrary age of consent laws that have resulted in ruining the lives of people who have committed no violence.

    2/3 of the people on sex offender lists involve people who have committed no acts of violence and in many cases don’t involve people at all. Either because they twist pissing in a garbage can into somehow being “sex” abuse or because of some other stupid reason (underage sexual encounters, “child” porn, frequently between underage people post-puberty, or sexting between minors, etc).

  3. The problem is that Cody engaged in a criminal act in the first place…. paying for sex. THEN surprise the girl who advertised herself as being of age turned out to be under the age of legal consent in Texas. Whether you agree with those laws or not is not the issue. The issue is Cody played with fire. . . MeetSugarDaddy.com? Seriously. He of all people should know better. He of all people KNOWS he was being watched People shouldn’t be set up, but the facts of life are that IT HAPPENS especially to government thorns. #itsoktobecautious #abovereproach

  4. Think about it: the guy who says “strong crypto pushes out the govt.” Does anyone seriously believe an individual as woke and attuned to the cyber underworld of govt surveillance as Cody Wilson is going to openly troll sugar daddy meet dot com? It’s a setup. It’s so obvious “they” can’t stop this man that they are using these tactics to possibly bait and destroy him. If his following loses admiration, then a significant resource dries up, and the rest of the herd is bent into submission while another martyr is sacrificed upon the altar of obedience. All this before too many of those sheep realize the sublime truth behind the notion of control, free speech, information and the Right To Keep & Carry Arms, and how all these things are really one in the same.

  5. Sheilana: Cody didn’t pay for sex. They are merely making it out as if he did. If he had negotiated a rate prior to sex that would be prostitution. Giving a girl money who you have initiated some sort of relation with is standard operating procedure. What relationship hasn’t had money exchanged gifts or straight out cash? Ever pay for dinner? Ever let your significant other live with you rent free? etc etc. It’s not a crime. If what he did constitutes paying for sex and prostitution every male in this country is guilty of prostitution. They clearly think he didn’t engage in prostitution because if there was any chance they could get him on that and even if they thought they couldn’t in most cases they would have charged him with it as well. They like to charge people with multiple offenses guilty or otherwise in order to be able to get them to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Prosecutors HATE the risk associated with losing in court because prosecutors political careers are dependent on winning cases. You should see the look on the face of the prosecutor in the ‘double parking ticket win’ case- insignificant- but absolute hatred was on the prosecutors face when she lost.

  6. Hey Ian whatever happened with your computers and such the FBI took looking for kiddie porn?

  7. 1) Whether you love Cody or hate Cody this should serve as a teachable moment for all of us. I think the main takeaway is that if you are or hope to become a high level player in the liberty movement, be very careful of who you interact with. Sex crimes are the easiest ways to taint someone’s reputation and lock them up. Ian, Cantwell, and other top NH libertarians should be careful. I’d recommend recording all interactions that are sexual in nature.

    2) We all need to step up. Cody left some big shoes to fill, but the bigger problem is that we don’t have dozens of people lined up to fill them. There are some great stars in the liberty movement, but because our bench is weak taking them out causes a lot of damage. All of us lurkers need to step up and support Cody, his replacements, and the liberty movement in every way we can. Our freedom depends on it!

  8. Nothing, Bob. They still have the stuff they stole, over two and a half years later.

  9. I think what we have seen with Ian’s situation is that they will attempt to entrap first and failing that they will just conduct a raid to ruin your reputation using sex. Either involving children or “children” or maybe just put up a web site up with fake accusations that just happen to connect in part to real events but didn’t actually unfold the way the anonymous stories posted evidence.

    But I still don’t put it past them to outright plant evidence. I think we have already seen that happen in Keene in at least one case. Though I’m not sure if that case involved the FBI or the police. However the circumstances seemed too peculiar. Pulling someone over and searching a vehicle they JUST bought at auction and then finding drugs??? And nothing of consequence at that. Maybe if the person had actually had drugs on them I wouldn’t be skeptical. Problem is they hadn’t at that time and where the drugs were found make it seem improbable it was anything other than a plant. Either it was planted it seems or a highly unlikely set of circumstances occurred. ie pull over AND small amount of weed got found in the back from prior owner. It could happen, but what is the chance the cop would know to pull you over AND that you would have a tiny amount of half smoked dope in the back?

  10. A very pathetic article. Again Ian stands up for a pedophile. It seems like a lot of people in Ian’s club are picking up minors trying to entice them to have sex with them. There is no excuse for it. Ian you were dating a minor while you were 31 y/o. You people are just sick. He will be going to prison for a while. Inmates doesn’t like pedophiles so there is a good chance he may not survive in prison but he will be beaten within an inch of his life. You call the FSP hypocrites for banning a pedophile from their get together. Hey Ian why don’t you print how old your girlfriend was at the time you were dating. You are pathetic.

  11. This tool is a avowed white supremacist with close ties to violent neonazis and skinheads via his social media platform Hatreon. You dopes have the worse idols. Then again you are probably looking in a mirror.

  12. Hatreon isn’t a social media platform, DD my sweets. It’s a crowdfunding service. It’s name makes use of a play on words from another famous crowdfunder. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one. It shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Then you can go back to catching up on your BuzzFeed videos.

  13. @drac the dingleberry. The FSP is a Koch corporate controlled summer camp of useful idiots and GOP minions. Neonazis and teen touchers are bad for business. That’s why this loser is disinvited. It’s why you FK losers are banished to Ian Bernard’s smelly flop houses to cheer up your crying nazi pet Cantwell. Why don’t you losers slither back to the racist crazy violent southern shiholes you came from. It’s a better fit.

  14. My goodness, DD my sweets! That’s just terrible! Boy, those Koch brothers really sound like they’re a couple of menacing fellows, aren’t they?

    Say DD, I was talking with my insurance man the other day and he told me that the GOP is actually a front for a cabal of shapeshifting interdimensional child molesters! Scary, huh? You don’t know anything about this, now do you dear?

  15. You think Cody would go to sugardaddymeet.com when everything he types on a computer is being spied on by the government and phones tapped. Our government can destroy you when they what .

  16. “Again Ian stands up for a pedophile.”

    I’m going to call you out for what you are: A liar.

    “It seems like a lot of people in Ian’s club are picking up minors trying to entice them to have sex with them.”

    Are you really so dense that you can’t comprehend that of any group that has 10s of thousands of people will result in there being opinion along those lines? The vast majority of the world considers someone an adult around puberty/13. It’s only been in recent times things have changes and only as a result of a minority which speaks up on the issue. Most people don’t care one way or the other. Most people just go along with those speaking the loudest.

    “You call the FSP hypocrites for banning a pedophile from their get together.”

    As far as I’m aware the FSP has only banned one actual pedophile and it was not for his sexual attraction to children. It was because he was advocating violence and this person certainly wasn’t Ian considering Ian isn’t a pedophile nor has he advocated for sex with children let alone violently.

    “Hey Ian why don’t you print how old your girlfriend was at the time you were dating. You are pathetic.”

    He doesn’t have to. There is nothing shameful about it. She was 16 and of legal age.

  17. aka “how to not win friends and influence people against you” I don’t know why Ian chose to be such a martyr for sex with under age. It is stupid and repulsive

  18. and now it’s coupled with the chip on his shoulder against the fsp..it’s just really unattractive. and Disgusting.

  19. why not keep your sexual proclivities between yourself and those you engage with and keep the rest of everyone else out of it? And don’t expect to win popularity contests or be invited to whoevers get together if you blare it from a bull horn. Why have a big hissy fit (like this article) of you aren’t invited to someone’s reindeer games? lmao

  20. David Crawford : Haven’t you figured it out yet. Ian doesn’t care what others think. He is principled and supports freedom for all. Period. Others are just hypocrites and Ian’s staunch support for freedom is why the Free State Project has succeeded.

    Ian doens’t give two shits about being liked. He cares about freedom. He doesn’t care what the masses thinks. He cares about bringing like-minded individuals who are genuine in the quest for freedom together in one place. He’s done what nobody else has ever been able to do. He has done what not even the FSP could do. 2/3 of the people who have migrated for the FSP to NH have stated they have done so because of Ian or his efforts.

    When Ian is taken out he will be a martyr. The FBI has already made him a martyr in some respects because they don’t understand that it isn’t the masses that matter- it’s what other like-minded sorts think- and we don’t buy into this sort of crap because we see the government doing it every fucking day. What they thought would undermine the cause only made it stronger.

  21. Stronger??? hahaha

    Keene’s activism has splintered and collapsed.

    Some put themselves above the shared goals.

  22. kk yea i figured it out

  23. disillusioned: there are more people here today then there has ever been. if ian was 2/3 then whose responsible for the increasing number of participants? maybe it can be contributed to increased numbers at this point decreasing ians importance, but ultimately it is still ian that ultimately gets credit for each downstream participants that then moves as a result thereafter. i doubt anybody can ever have more of an impact moving forward than what ian has had. it’s just too late in the game to get started.

  24. KK she wasnt 16. In your zealousness you are reporting what you don’t know

  25. Having been involved for as long as the Free Staters have been in Keene. Activity has decline considerably.

  26. Aww … the FSP doesn’t want to be associated with pedophiles. What a bummer for all of you FreeKeene douchebags.

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