“She-Male” Defeats Longtime Republican Candidate to Face Incumbent Democrat for Sheriff in General Election

Aria DiMezzo, Spotlight on the Candidates

Aria DiMezzo, on Cheshire TV’s Spotlight on the Candidates during her 2018 campaign.

Aria DiMezzo, the self-described “she-male” anarchist running for Cheshire County Sheriff as a republican has soundly defeated longtime candidate-for-sheriff Earl Nelson 10-to-1 and now moves on to face democrat incumbent Sheriff Eli Rivera in the general election on November 3rd!

Nelson has been the challenger against Rivera for the last several election cycles, but has never been able to defeat him. This year during the filing window for candidates, Nelson hadn’t filed as of two days prior to the deadline, so Aria decided to run for Cheshire County Sheriff– again.

She previously ran for Cheshire Sheriff as a Libertarian candidate in 2018, back when the Libertarians had major party ballot access status in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the transsexual anarchist founder of the Reformed Satanic Church only received just over 2.3% of the vote in the three-way race. However, at that point she had not yet legally changed her name, which she now has. Since the two major parties make it so hard for Libertarians and other parties to run for office, we might as well run in the two parties.

This time around DiMezzo’s campaign attracted some attention from some haters in Rindge who mounted a sizable write-in campaign on behalf of Nelson. It is not known whether they got Nelson’s approval for this and the official republican primary results from the state show their campaign had near-zero effect outside of Rindge. However the attacks against her had a reverse effect and actually brought her new supporters who excitedly put dozens of yard signs out around Cheshire County’s roads.

Aria 4 Sheriff Sign

Yard Signs Available via Aria4Sheriff.com

When I asked her to comment for this story, she said, “It is with great joy that I receive this nomination from the Republicans of Cheshire County, who, in an era of Donald Trump, showed their tolerance and dedication to the principles of small-government by nominating the trans anarchic High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church to be sheriff.”

With the ongoing nationwide protests demanding police accountability for attacking peaceful people of all colors, there’s no better time for DiMezzo’s candidacy. Given Rivera’s violent past, DiMezzo may actually have a chance to unseat him. As a trans person originally from the South, Aria can definitely relate to the problems plaguing government’s monopoly police. She addressed the issue in her introduction piece on her campaign website, saying she’s seen, “first-hand the dangers of bigotry, overt and subtle. These biases inform the actions of police in terrifying ways, since they are allowed to “exercise discretion” in which “crimes” to pursue and which to ignore. This leads to a disproportionate targeting of black people and LGBTQ+ people by police, who, like all predators, seek out the weakest prey they can find.”

A key campaign issue, according to her website, is making Cheshire County a sanctuary for all peaceful acts now prohibited by the state – a total end to enforcement of “victimless crimes”.

When not running for Sheriff, DiMezzo is a nationally syndicated talk show host on “Free Talk Live“, which is heard on over 190 radio stations across the United States. She also teaches people how to sell Bitcoin and has extensive experience in helping connect people with cryptocurrency.

It’s going to be a very interesting election. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on DiMezzo’s epic campaign.

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  1. Awesome news!

  2. Protection of rights rather than blindly enforcing laws is a good policy, since we know many laws violate rights.

    On the topic of “victimless crimes” , will Aria pledge not to accept money / salary which is extracted from people against their will and only accept money from those people who willingly pay for Sheriff services ?

    If so, that’s great and consistent with a “victimless crime” platform. If not, Aria will be just another rationalizing cop.

  3. awesome

  4. Such sad news. ?

  5. ?

  6. A drug addict who can’t even hold a job at Domino’s with no law enforcement experience running for sheriff. I don’t know one sheriff that doesn’t have a law enforcement background. Obviously the freekeeners view this as some kind of “victory”.

  7. ?

  8. Mark Wolf, I don’t know of any law enforcement personnel that don’t get paid thru an involuntary process.

    Why would a person whose pay is derived thru involuntary means be a good choice to “prevent crime” ?

    If Domino’s delivered you pizza you never ordered and decided how much you were going to pay for it, would you feel an obligation to pay them? Why?

  9. Bob C – You are confused. She came in last in the polls as if it weren’t expected. This is what stupid looks like. Is this for real? Arial was lucky on this one. She looks like a Halloween pic. She could be your next sheriff. I feel bad for New Hampshire. lol

  10. How do you figure Aria defeated longtime candidate-for-sheriff Earl Nelson 10-to-1? Aria has absolutely no experience in law enforcement. Is a known addict and a satanist. Yeah, that will really grab the votes. lol

    I seriously doubt they would give Aria the key to the drug holding evidence room.

    This is just another ploy to make freekeeners look stupid and they are succeeding. To bad these people represent living in NH.

  11. Look Mark, your pizza is getting cold, answer the damn door and give me my money!!

    I don’t care if you hate anchovies!!

  12. Bob C – You are unbalanced. Listen to how many times Aria says she doesn’t care about the laws of New Hampshire. Libertarians take and refuse to give back. It should be interesting to watch her make a fool of herself again. It looks like she needs attention. What a loser.

  13. umm wtf is with the anarchist symbol on the vote for me sheriff poster. AN ACHY hell ya, Vote for me to maintain law and order.

  14. I’m the only one that’s not confused; use are all confused.

  15. Susan Bruce is a homo

  16. No Mark, I am consistent, ie “balanced” .

    If it’s wrong for me to demand that you pay me for a service you never asked for, it’s wrong for others too, including a Sheriff. Right and wrong don’t shift around depending on who the players are do they ?

    You might be unbalanced, if you make an exception to that, as I suspect you do.

    Now I’m gonna eat your pizza (which you never ordered) but send you the bill anyway. Can I be a Sheriff now?

  17. Bob C – Obviously you are like Dave Ridley. You write favorable pieces about whichever one of Ian’s minions pays you the most. Since all freekeeners are on SSI it must not be much money. You are pathetic. You are a major loser and then some.

  18. the results don’t make sense.. the total says she got 4000 and something.. and rivera got 100 something . that doesn’t seem right

  19. Ian told me she has periods

  20. Lol…she did not beat out anybody running for the republican position. The republican running dropped out of the race 2 days before the vote. She wasnt running against anybody!. This is pure example if how deceitful the media truly is. She got the nomination because he/she was the only one there!!

  21. U MAD?

  22. Good luck NH

  23. Only in America

  24. No, no, no, nooooooo
    NO . . .
    Not gonna happen.
    NH isn’t that foolish to vote the he/she in.
    Never gonna happen.

  25. Not gonna happen? Too late. Already has happened, the State of NH is foolish and worshipped by fools.

    NH is foolish enough to have a state motto that says “live free or die” while outlawing a very useful plant and selling a toxic substance, alcohol, via a forcible monopoly.

    That monopoly of course was “essential” and remained open while private businesses selling alcohol were forced to be closed via an illegal edict from a man who calls himself “his Excellency”.

    I think those examples provide evidence we shouldn’t underestimate the level of foolishness in the state. To be clear I’m not saying a vote for Aria would be foolish versus voting for an aggressor. I’m intrigued by Aria’s candidacy and would like to hear more about ending enforcement of victimless crimes and how Aria views the Sheriff salary situation.

  26. Know about the person or issue you’re voting for before you cast your vote.

  27. Bob C – You have several good points. I do believe there are fools out there that are degrading the state of NH.

    Why would anyone really believe Aria would be a good candidate? Aria has no experience in law enforcement I believe that would be a major requirement. A sheriff cannot just make up laws and not follow state laws or federal laws. Aria’s addiction has become a part of Aria’s personality. No one knows who this person really is even close friends. Aria should be working on obvious goals in Aria’s life first.

    Only fools would vote for Aria. Pie in the sky dreams about changing the sheriff’s role in the county is just beyond ridiculous.

    Again, the freekeeners have made themselves look like the New Hampshire fools. freekeeners have been doing this every year and the approval numbers are always the same, practically zero.

    Aria being a satanist in a community that is somewhat conservative will not go over very well.

  28. Bob C – You are being fleeced by Ian Bernard. He only wants limelight and nothing else. He lied about Aria being a “libertarian”. She is a nihilist and one of Ian’s minions. Maybe you are taken in by his so called “activism” but his true colors will come through and then you will be very disappointed. You are being sucked in by freekeene propaganda. Making statements like you did is only another freekeene outburst that has no merit. You came to this website. It didn’t come to you.

  29. I imagine running for any office in Keene, NH as a Republican is a joke to begin with. Let’s see how he does in the main election.

  30. Jumping Jacks, experience blindly enforcing victimless crime laws, regulations or illegal rights destroying governor’s edicts isn’t congruent with a “live free or die” mindset. It’s directly in opposition to the concept. Knowing that, it’s impossible for any “normal” Sheriff’s candidate to be prioritizing the protection of your rights, when they actively violate them. Not to mention, continued enforcement of victimless crimes causes soaring property taxes, a lose – lose circumstance.

    Aria appears to be coming from a peace and liberty mindset, which automatically piques my interest. If we must have a Sheriff, that should be a requisite. To be clear I’m not saying we must have a Sheriff, but if there’s going to be one anyway, might as well be one with a consideration for individual rights.

  31. So someone playing pretend now wants to play a pretend sheriff.

  32. Congratulations, Aria!! This is great! I honestly laughed out loud when I heard the news. The haters here in the comment section really don’t understand the full scope of your victory. You illustrated exactly now uninformed the average voter is.

    Politicians, these self proclaimed “leaders” who love to lord it over everyone else, have been set in their seats of power by hordes of mindless zombies. Why should anyone with common sense obey these petty political tyrants who claim to “govern” us??

    I keep imagining the post-primary voters doing “spit takes” at the breakfast table as they read the news about who they voted for… and I chuckle. Congratulations again, and best of luck in the general election!

  33. Bob C – A state credo isn’t law. Aria wouldn’t be able to just go and revamp anything. So called “campaign promises” go away after the election.

    Arai has absolutely no law enforcement experience. Aria does not have a college degree. Even if Aria ran unopposed, Aria wouldn’t be elected sheriff. That goes the same for RNP.

    Looking at the tract records of freekeeners, they seem to be the most who are for Aria. They think if one of their own gets elected to something, there would be these massive changes that favor their type of lifestyle. It just doesn’t work that way.

    When a she male with a history of arrests, drug abuse, not to mention is in some phoney made up satanic cult runs for office, I assure you Aria doesn’t have what it takes to win or become sheriff. Aria is an embarrassment to Keene.

  34. She???? Born male

  35. Go Aria!

  36. Now Jacks,

    That is no way to speak about the Republican Nominee for Cheshire County Sheriff, is it?

    Go Aria!

  37. “Soundly defeated” makes it sound like she ran against someone. She ran unopposed, unless you count write-in candidates.

  38. Don’t mind me, I’m just here to laugh at the comments.

  39. I mind you; go away.

  40. I voted for aria and Darryl today…and i voted against trump

  41. congratulations to Aria on her great showing!

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