Footloose on Trial for “Picketing”, “Disorderly Conduct” @ NH Governor’s House

Footloose Arrested at Sununu's House

Footloose Arrested at Sununu’s House

Activist Frank “Footloose” Staples, the founder of Absolute Defiance, has been persecuted by the state gang for his peaceful actions near NH “governor” Chris Sununu’s house at 71 Hemlock Ct in Newfields roughly a year ago. Footloose led a series of protests in the park across the street from the Sununu home over unconstitutional executive orders like the statewide mask mandate and other restrictions on business.

Whenever the state gang can identify the leader of a protest, they are inevitably targeted for attack and now Footloose has been arrested and ticketed multiple times. First, he was ticketed for attempting to hold a peaceful candlelight vigil near Sununu’s house, along with eight other people, aka “The Newfields Nine”. The police called this a violation of the town’s “picketing” ordinance, which was written specifically to protect Sununu from that dreaded free speech.

Just over a month later, he was arrested for “disorderly conduct” at a Shire Choir caroling event near Sununu’s house. All he was doing in the incident was speaking. According to police, he spoke too loudly.

In November, he was put on trial for the “picketing” and “disorderly” charges. I was there to record the full trials. The robed woman in Brentwood district court took the cases “under advisement” and ruled nearly two months later. She found Footloose not guilty of “picketing”, but conveniently didn’t rule on the constitutionality of the ordinance. She found him guilty of “disorderly conduct”, a Class B misdemeanor. He plans to appeal, but the next step is sentencing on April 7th at 9am. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

First up, the “disorderly conduct” trial:

Here’s the “picketing” trial: Note, we are still awaiting verdicts for the other “Newfields Nine” on their charges, so I’ll post those trials when the decisions are in.

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  1. The court has no authority outside of Washington DC. Territories. The Judge is federal employee the court house building is not owned by Congress. That is operating outside of Federal territory a crime.

  2. He shoulder have subpoenad Sununu

  3. it seems like odysee videos take up more band with

  4. i think Ian used “quotation” marks too much

  5. the coppers that were on the stand get big $:

    they get quintuple overtime for easy peasey nothing

    so that happened

  6. He isnt bashful, or cowed or intimidated by the court at all, it seems.

    He doesnt even need a microphone.

    Thats something people could adopt…I could, I know that.

  7. She was a good judge…some judges suck

  8. the guy doesnt lack for volume, that’s what I was tryin to say.

    but he obviously did homework too so…props to him

  9. Don’t you freekeeners have enough hobbies? You do this ridiculous picketing in front of the governor’s house and all you have ever accomplished is being arrested.

    You are wasting tax payers money for law enforcement to tell you to go home while protecting the governor’s house.

    Ian, what do you care about misdemeanor arrests? You are going to be on trial soon that is going to decide the fate of your life for man many years. Since it involves currency, I believe when you are convicted, you will go to a federal prison. The convicts are not going to be nice to you. You will be passed around the cellblock like a wet nurse.

  10. Maybe he can file a civil suit, now that he won.
    Get some of that coerced cash back.
    He could even give it back to the people, if he wanted, if he won.

  11. What I’m wondering is how does Sununu’s inflated head fit into what appears to be a normal sized door at his house?
    The idea that one person can dictate lockdowns, force masks and decide who is “not essential” while continuing to construct State liquor outlets (cha-ching!!!!) during a fake pandemic makes me think he might have gotten a power boner from all of this “crisis”.

    Anyhow, that “no picketing ordinance” that Sununu’s brother one of the overlords of Newfields helped put thru is not constitutional and clearly is a sign that the Sununu family believes they have special powers that mere mortals do not have.

    Also, that neighbor lady that complained about the noise may have been lying. It looks like her nose was growing during her testimony. We’re not talking Barbara Streisand, I mean that schnozz would look perfect…if you were a swordfish!

  12. This is just more irrelevance, pettiness, and harassment by Felonious Freeman. Years ago, Felonious harassed Keene Meter Maids. Now, learning nothing, he harasses our fine Republican Governor who was elected in 2020 with over 65% of the vote. What an unproductive and selfish way to spend your time.

    The next stop for Felonious is Federal Prison. His first stop will be in Brooklyn, New York. This is good news for those of us in New Hampshire. In federal prison, Felonious will finally be taught how to shut his pie hole.

    Incidentally, David, police just get paid their regular hourly wage to testify in court, unless somehow testifying as an “expert witness”.

  13. Live free or die,

    The harassment is from those people who don’t engage in actual peaceful free trade, instead they operate a forcible hierarchy. They close small business, lock people down without any due process and train barking seals like yourself to be their obedient mouth pieces., in between masticating their boot leather. Nom, nom, nom.

    Sununu became “the legislature” when he donned the “emergency dictator” mantle to do his part herding people into the new normal. People are alleged to have a right to address their grievances. That’s why just across from Sununu’s house was the logical place to go air those grievances. Now before you start braying about, “emergency” , “pandemic”, sky is falling horseshit, explain why State liquor store construction never ceased during the fake scary pandemic. Don’t even get me started on the killer vaccines either. Can you say dead soccer player? Congress is exempt from “vacciine” mandates? Fake vaccine manufacturers have legal immunity from harm their potions cause… C’mon man!

    As far as how cops are paid, it doesn’t take a high level of extrapolative logic to deduce they are paid thru extortion and most of what they do is enforcing their masters edicts. In an actual free society, victimless crimes, wouldn’t exist, since the enforcement and revenue theft of a defendant of a victimless crime by the State is the actual and most common crime.

    Sununu isn’t a Republican, he’s a regional elite, performing a role. Not that being a Republican is anything to brag about, since those who are, are no different than Democrats in how they worship illegitimate authority and magical rituals designed to make supplication a norm on the New Hampshire plantation.

    As far as Ian goes, I don’t lay awake at night worrying that he’s going to violate my rights, take my stuff or make me pay for things I haven’t consensually agreed to. In other words, he doesn’t victimize people. Therefore he’s not a criminal, that’s not an endorsement of his every preference, it’s evidence he deserves to be able to run his own life, Something we all deserve and would enjoy in an actual free society.

    We seem to agree that New York state is one of the most heinous plantations there is. Guess those government camps people warned others about and received derision and mocking “conspiracy theorist” insults for even mentioning are coming to fruition eh? The only question you should ask yourself is when your turn comes, will you get a top bunk or a lower bunk ?

  14. Just a correction: Ian didnt do any robin hooding….

    Im not defending Ian!

    Im just correcting the perpetration of falsehoods from LFOD.

    Ian could be accused of encouraging the robin hooding but he didnt participate in it.

    So I’m just pointing out that you might not want to not put *too much stock in what :LFOD says…

    Of course hes just a hider; just like everyone else. [“hider” = fake name fake words]

  15. I believe people need to understand that this is the world we live in now. There isn’t anyone who is going to change anything right now until this covid virus is managed and/or eradicated.

    Operating under the guise of peaceful protests in front of the governors mansion will do nothing but get you arrested, I can’t understand why you are beating a dead horse and in response, you get jail time.

    There are so many other problems out there. You people pick the one that is going to be non-negotiable.

  16. I KNOW!!!

  17. “Operating under the guise of peaceful protests in front of the governors mansion will do nothing but get you arrested”

    And sane people can see the problem with this

  18. There is an update to this story. Five others who were ticketed were found not guilty. There will be another trial for a reporter who was also ticketed. I imagine that will also be another not guilty. Thanks to all the libertarians fighting the good fight we have had success after success in fighting these clowns.

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