Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization Bill to Have Second Hearing

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HB 1349 is a bill that would decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms sponsored by Amherst Representative Tony Labranche. The bill had its first hearing in the Criminal Justice committee on January 11th, but while all the other bills heard that day got voted on, HB 1349 had a new hearing date scheduled. That means you have another chance to go and show your support for the bill on Thursday, January 20, 2022 in the Legislative Office Building in Concord at 9am. Alternatively, if you can’t make it you can email the committee and tell them to vote Ought To Pass.

The bill is very interesting because it is modeled word for word after the bill that decriminalized marijuana in New Hampshire. What argument does a member of this committee have against this bill? Psilocybin mushrooms are even safer for people and society than marijuana, according to Dr. David Nutt, former chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in the UK.

I spoke at the hearing on January 11th and so did 4 others. The only person who spoke against this bill was a police lieutenant. How typical. The only person who didn’t want to see Granite Staters gain more freedom was a person who personally profits from the war on drugs.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court already decided that psilocybin use was constitutionally protected if you’re using it for religious practice or to worship god. My spiritual beliefs include worshiping the god in myself by allowing myself the ability to ascend beyond what and who I am now. Psilocybin is a great tool to do that and more people experiencing this medicine would help heal our community which is in part damaged by the war on drugs.

The bill:

If would like to contact the committee hearing this bill use this email:

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  1. The State sells well over half a billion dollars worth of alcohol every year. Any prohibitionist paid with a State related paycheck should be cut off at the knees when they start crying about safety. Fucking prohibitionist hypocrites.
    Alcohol is a toxin, that’s why they call it “intoxicated” . LD -50 rating data should be shown to expose their hypocrisy.

    While mushrooms aren’t my thing, it’s none of my business what peaceful choices other people make. That’s the best reason for why the State should get out of the illegal substance business. None of us has any right to control another persons body, therefore we can’t delegate that nonexistent right to any “representative” or body politic if it doesn’t exist.

    Speaking of illegal, when the State of N.H. failed to publish their version of the State Controlled Substances list, as their silly law on publication said they must a few years back… they arrested people for things which they had no corresponding law for. Are mushrooms even illegal according to their controlled substances list ?

  2. I would be very surprised if this were to be passed. Psilocybin mushrooms, or the psilocybin is a schedule 1 which means it has absolutely no medicinal purpose. Since the FDA ruled it this way it would be difficult to get this approved. If the state were to lose any allocated money for drug programs, law enforcement, rescue, etc.. Yes it could happen. I seriously do not believe it would pass.

  3. I think JJ could be fixed by taking mushrooms

  4. So the FDA ruled it so, huh Jacks? Gee. That was so nice of them.

    So it’s pretty weird that, in spite of having absolutely no medicinal purpose, it’s still currently being evaluated for use against treatment-resistant depression, huh?

    Anyway, you really should pay attention more to what Bob has to say about all this, Jacks. He knows way more about this stuff than you do. You’ll never guess why.

  5. JJ you are aware that marijuana is ruled schedule 1 also right?

    Do get that brain thing of yours fixed.

  6. Jacks would be very surprised if this were to be passed “So it’s pretty weird that, in spite of having absolutely no medicinal purpose, it’s still currently being evaluated for use against treatment-resistant depression, huh”?

    Got news for you. There have been trial studies that are not being evaluated by the FDA. It is still a schedule 1 med. Obviously there isn’t enough positives for the FDA to change their decision about Psilocybin mushrooms. A number of these trials were done quite awhile ago and they still failed to have the FDA approve it for medicinal purposes.

    I’ve read Bob’s stories in the past. It’s just babbling BS and paranoid rants and raves. I suggest you grow up a lot. Do you have children? Would you let them take these mushrooms? How about marijuana? Would you let your children use marijuana? You are all hypocrites. You will band together and break into multiple meetings when it’s about a possible change in an illegal drugs status, but you people practically do nothing about real todays issues.

  7. So BobS is the one who babbles BS and paranoid rant and raves, eh Jacks?

    Ah I see…Yeah do get that brain thing of yours checked out will ya?

  8. Bob C*

  9. Uh huh. Obviously. Although not really, actually.

    Ya see Jacks, substances on Schedule 1 are difficult to obtain for scientific evaluation in the first place because the FDA has ruled them unfit for medical purposes by definition. So rigorous scientific research on Schedule 1s have been made nearly impossible by design. This issue plagued cannabinoid research. Weird how that kind of stuff works, huh Jacks?

    Oh, and Jacks? You’re not going to sway any of us with these libtard weirdo notions that only your side cares about children. Don’t forget, you guys are the ones who’re advocating pumping other people’s kids full of experimental vaccines and threatening to take them away from their parents if they tell you no. It’s one of the main reasons why our side thinks you guys suck so much.

    Anyway, go fuck yourself, Jacks. I mean that. 😉

  10. Us people practically do nothing about real today’s issues. – Again, you are just barely holding yourself above water. It is a schedule I med. That means there is no medicinal or actual properties. It has been for many many years.

    No, if a university is approached with a plan that does not put humans in danger, they can use schedule I meds for study. As I said before, the information gathered for the efficacy of Psilocybin mushrooms obviously hasn’t yield enough evidence to declassify this substance.

    By the way, I am not here to sway anyone. Substance abuse is a serious, destructive, entity that plagues the USA. Same goes for other countries. Illegal drugs have destroyed families, employment, and people. What you and the freekeeners are doing just boggles the mind. Despite everything out there, you people will come unglued just to get your fix of illegal drugs. freekeeners don’t put that much effort into anything else.

    Lastly, I don’t “pump” vaccines into children. I rarely work with children so I have nothing to do with inoculations of patients below the age of 18.

    You are just pissed because when it comes to substance abuse, you know nothing about these illegal drugs to change anything. You are no voice to those who submit the studies proving illegal drugs are dangerous. So piss off nobody.

  11. Whoa. You’re pretty testy today, aren’tcha Jacks?

    By the way, quick question – are Schedule 1s “meds” or “drugs?” You seem to be having trouble making up your mind about that.

    At any rate, my point is that Schedule 1s were ruled out as non-medicinal in nature by the DEA at the outset. Kind of a big hurdle to overcome once you want to set out to prove to the ones in charge that they’re wrong about all that stuff, huh Jacks?

    Oh, and Jacks? You really don’t have to be the one pumping vaccines into children, now do ya? I mean, not when you’re one of those weak-minded types who can easily be frightened into conceding power to bureaucrats so that they can do those sorts of things themselves without any fear of pushback, am I right?

    Anyway, go fuck yourself Jacks. I mean that. 😉

  12. @ Jumping Jacks , if your argument is that a “schedule I drug” cannot be made legal by a State, please explain Medical Marijuana in the State of NH ? Many other States too. How did that happen ? Those sneaky people acting like they own themselves!

    Also, I’ll say for the 10 billionth time, the State of NH never had a controlled drug schedule of it’s own, but they illegally enforced the one they thought they had! Not that controlling what free people decide to put into their own bodies is anyones business, but the free individual. But, for now, let’s return to the make believe legal world…

    …Prior to the clandestine buried in the then Governor Lynch’s budget bill enacted in 2011, NH hadn’t even published their own controlled drug schedule as their laws on publication (RSA 21:32) said they must. Whoops! I’m sure any Feds assigned to read this news outlet are scrambling to protect our rights now and will get right on looking into this. Uh huh. (eye roll)

    The State became aware of their immense legal fuckup with a little help from a concerned citizen (tee hee) before they concocted a coverup. They made a change in the law ,RSA 21:32 ,to patch up their fuckup. Never had a public hearing on that change that I’m aware of…buried it in Lynch’s budget bill. Sneaky, but not sneaky enough. Scum bags!

    It could be said, they broke a law, no public hearing, to coverup another series of laws they broke. First, they never noticed the public what was a controlled substance and then they never had a hearing when they changed the laws on publication of things which the State was legally supposed to publish, in a newspaper.

    I’ve delved into that in the past and won’t repeat all the details now. Just saying, I have ALL of the legal documents to prove it and I know what went on in the coverup too. So far no legal smarty pants has proven why I’m wrong and the sneaky actions of the State, Lynch budget bill et al, provide strong evidence I’m correct.
    By failing to publish ANY Controlled drug schedule. the State failed to enact their controlled drug laws in RSA 318:B Anyone charged with a violation of RSA 318:B prior to this change has legal footing to sue the State of NH for false arrest etc. That law 318:B IS (was?) void for vagueness, and also void because it was never fully enacted when the (nonexistent) NH Controlled Drug Schedule was never published.

    You see Jacks, the State is a lie, they never made their own State Controlled Drug schedule or published it either, but they enforced it anyway and took millions of dollars from people and jailed them too. Probably used some of the stolen money to build more liquor stores and jails?

    Gee, what a surprise, so many laws the bureaucrats didn’t even know when enforcing a never actually enacted law, they were breaking several others.

    So yeah, anyway, I don’t care if they change the law or not, if I want to put mushrooms on my pizza. I’m going to.

  13. Well said and enlightening post Bob C.

  14. Thank you, Intrigare.

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