Sheriff Dick Foote Bans Activists “Forever” From Court

Dick FooteAs if it weren’t ludicrous enough when Cheshire sheriffs threatened peaceful jury nullification activists for holding the door open for people, now the head sheriff Dick Foote comes out to threaten activists with trespass for singing carols in the court parking lot. He says it’s “harassment”, “stupid”, and more. He claims we’re banned from the court property “forever”, and his captain, Trevor Croteau claims we have to ask permission prior to coming on the property! So much for public property and holding bureaucrats accountable – if they don’t like the questions you ask and the place you ask them, they’ll just throw you in a cage.

For those unaware, these threats were levied when we showed up to sing some Shire Choir Chronic Carols in the Cheshire superior court parking lot Friday afternoon, after a week of caroling there off-and-on. Here are some earlier videos of what happened. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

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  1. Does this mean they'll stop arresting activists or do they plan to violate their own ban?

    Seems like good news to me. Next time you get arrested, just explain that you're an activist and that you're banned from the court so they'll have to let you go. LOL

  2. Look how much more free we are in New Hampshire since you came to town! All that 'activism' sure is making life better here in little ol' Keene.

  3. @name

    Don't blame the gov't folks that actually, physically restricting folks. Blame the individual highlighting said restrictions.

  4. Ghandi, MLK, even those nasty hitler like anti abortionists would never have left the property. They wouldve stayed and got arrested!! Another defeat for FK!

  5. Thank you Sheriff Foote! Maybe these children will go home now.

  6. Oh hey – what is this? Looks like a newbie has joined the ranks…..not bad…..kind of a butterface, seems proficient in interrupting skills, obviously feels her bosoms are her best feature judging by her jutting poses, but my spider sense is telling me there is just a bit of nutjob in there somewhere.

    Nice job as usual Kate in being clueless – I like how you stood at the edge of the parking lot towards the end and not the sidewalk when the cops weren't looking….HAHA…you're so bad ass! LOL. Pathetic.

    Such a shame that Ian wastes what good abilities he does have to converse with others and his obvious courage in doing activism, by doing these things. It just isn't amounting to anything positive at all.

  7. The Police are making it easy for free keene bloggers to show people that they need to exercise their right to revolution. the right of revolution is part of the NH constitution which the police swore to uphold.

  8. @thinkliberty – you're forgetting one thing – what this group is doing – and how they go across doing it, only appeals to about .01% of the NH population. There is nothing to revolutionize against – the system is working in this case as it should. Look how many people even comment on these blogs…? It's like the same 10 people evenly divided. FreeKeene can't even raise more than $400 in donations in 2011, yet the NYPD officer who was killed last month had 1.6 MILLION raised in two weeks for his daughters education. Revolution. LOL

  9. If we could only get a criminal Trespass order placed on the free keeners for all of Keene! They are the only ones affected by the new bans and laws. The rest of us have jobs and lives and go about our FREE living without interference from Government

  10. With this defiant action, all of Keene and NH government is on the ropes now. Soon they will come around to the ways of peaceful singing people.

    Don't agree? Sam Dodson says it's another win for Free Keene.

    I hope Ian takes a moment to sit in his yard couch and savor another victory.

  11. Anyone interested in starting "send FK to North Korea" Fund. I only ask because I think it would do them some good to experience an actual police state…

  12. I don't think this is really the best way to win hearts and minds. But I do think that harassment charge is probably ludicrous, if not illegal. I have to wonder if this ban extends to just those singing in the parking lot, or if this goes for all activist. I don't think you can file a blanket restraining order, can they?

    Also, I'd like to point out, no one likes Christmas music. I might have to agree with it being constituted as torture. Not harassment, though. This just seems pointless, but then again I am not the activist type.

  13. enslave keene on Sat, 31st Dec 2011 12:42 pm

    Anyone interested in starting “send FK to North Korea” Fund. I only ask because I think it would do them some good to experience an actual police state…

    And when it gets much closer (here in these lands) to how it is now in North Korea, you'll still cheer on the state. You'll still ignore all the wrongs government does to people. You'll still act as though you were free.

    The activists do what they do, so it *won't* become like South Korea and other totalitarian lands.

    You think you're so smart, yet you missed that very important one there, genius.

  14. I wouldn't have asked for anything on paper……they are just talking; and it is all just talk till it's on paper…

  15. I watched the whole video. The word "harassing" doesn't really describe the situation. Looks really messy.

  16. Yea thats what we pay taxes for :to save us from SINGERS……LMAO…I feel much safer now…to know the sheriff of cheshire county has his priorities straight

  17. The cops just do whatever their bosses tell them to do so they don't lose their cushy jobs and AMAZING pensions.

  18. And now they have a TANK to deal with such serious matters….

    Though,as I mentioned before, I personally would have made the carols sound more sincere

  19. Hmm….I think they just don';t want people singing there anymore……I doubt people are really banned ,having to make phone calls etc…

  20. I think it's a honer to be "banned from the Cheshire county courthouse" …lol

  21. Chaz Munro on Sat, 31st Dec 2011 2:24 pm

    The activists do what they do, so it *won’t* become like South Korea and other totalitarian lands.

    You think you’re so smart, yet you missed that very important one there, genius.

    South? I didn't miss that point, genius.

  22. Just asking, but how effective is jury nullification as a strategy for obtaining liberty (or however the free staters define "liberty")? Does JN have a history of working in the Monadnock region?

  23. Ok, North Korea.

    Doesn't change anything, despite your cheap deflections. You still cheer on the state, no matter what level of tyranny it foists on the people & you still will act as though it will always be much worse elsewhere.

  24. julia,

    How effective is your needling?

    Your queries are like "rabbit hole" queries..

  25. But yes jn works.

  26. "How effective is your needling?"


    "Your queries are like “rabbit hole” queries.."

    Rabbit hole?

    "But yes jn works."


  27. I'm sorry julia…my queries were…rhetorical…. and yes doing jury null is effective…

  28. Can you provide any examples of JN successfully doing what it seeks to do?

  29. Oh, you think you're so smart, chaz. Yes, it's a straight line from assholes being barred from harassing public employees, to dictatorship. Genius.

  30. same thing happened to me

  31. Jury nullification doesnt work because people on jurys are weak minded and only do what the judjes tell them to do whatever tha judje says

  32. well um… the point of jn or fija outreach…is to inform juries….. so its a success

  33. But do the informed juries nullify the laws?

  34. Julia,

    How would you propose to determine that?

    This is the rabbit hole I was talking about.

    I don't mean any disrespect when i say that but it is.

  35. I don't know, look at the cases maybe?

  36. oh,

    It's just informing them.

  37. fija outreach .. isn't really to achieve particular out comes in particular cases . It's just to let people know what the court doesn't : that they can rule on a case by their conscience.

    And that THAT is a option and that it's not against the law or whatever to chose that

    That they are not boxed in by the law.

  38. I wonder why Dick Foote has two names that are parts or the anatomy…It makes one wonder what his middle name is

  39. @Matt,

    NYC has a population of 8.1 million people, Keene NH only has 22 thousand I think they've about equal in donations by comparing the GDP of each city.

    If there is nothing to revolutionize why are you commenting on this blog? If this kind of activism only appeals to .1 (needs citation) of nh. What kind of activism are you doing that is effective? How many people are replying to your activism on your blog? The evidence shows that free keene is more effective at activism than you are, because we are both commenting on

  40. FK is making it clear they're immature morons.

  41. thinkliberty – I think Matt raises a good question: do FK and their actions appeal to the majority of Keene residents (or the residents of NH in general)? I live on the opposite side of NH, near Manch, so I don't know what the culture is like in Keene, but when I was there for a day over the summer I will admit that I saw nothing that would indicate Keene is the "northern capital of libertarianism", i.e. not a single Gadsden flag or libertarian bookstore or whatever. But does FK have a good amount of support from the locals?

  42. Why does it matter to you if it appeals to the "majority"?

  43. @thinkliberty – ahhhh – the old "you're reading this – so it must be effective" ploy. Yeah well, I've read the Koran too, doesn't mean it's any more effective. From freekeene's "about" page:

    "Free Keene allows you to tap into the epicenter of the Peaceful Evolution, from wherever you are, to see it all unfold."

    Population has nothing to do with it – this is the "epicenter". Do you really think all those donations in the NYC matter came from New Yorkers only? I know I donated and I don't live there. Come on. And what is with the citation bit? LOL – are you serious….you want my responses to be in MLA format tas well Herr Professor?

    "Nothing to revolutionize". That's right – very good sir/maam….there isn't anything to revolutionize – at least according to freekeene's "about" section: "This is not a revolution. We are not revolving, or going back to the beginning. This is evolution."

    My activism? My blog? Is reading this blog only for those who do activism and blog about it? What's your point? Why are you so threatened by a little discourse and disagreement? I read this blog because I care about Keene, and I care about it's community – and I have explained a THOUSAND times before on here by people who think they're being snippy snappety with the same questions you just asked – I'm not going to keep repeating my explanation. All you need to know is – is that I do read it. I think if Ian had a problem with it, he would let me know or simply block me. Deal with it.

  44. How the comments get side track from the post of five Constitutional Officers, becoming Constitutional Criminals to nullification? I’ll post some decisions by justices regarding nullification. Hope this sheds more light, understanding of nullification. Copy them for future reference.

    The only power the judge has over the jury is their ignorance.

    The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy. John Jay 1st. Chief Justice

    U.S. supreme Court. 1789

    The Jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts. Samuel Chase U.S. supreme Court Justice1796, Signer of the unanimous Declaration.

    The jury has the power to bring a verdict in the teeth of both law and fact. Oliver Wendell Holmes, U.S supreme

    Court Justice, 1902.

    The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided. Harlan F. Stone, 12th. Chief Justice

    U.S. supreme Court. 1941

    The pages of history shine on instances of the jury’s exercise of its prerogative to dis regard instructions of the judge. U.S. vs Dougherty, 473 F 2nd. 1113, 1139, 1972

  45. i would have tazed you or driven over you with my lenco bear cat. true story.

    ian wilson

    maple ave

    keene nh

  46. this video is like a really bad saturday night live skit.

    true story.

    ian wilson

    maple ave

    keene nh

  47. The question to ask is, "why Sam (Miller) Dodson's been hiding out for so long". Mind you, he's probably NON VIOLENTLY attacked others in his embarrassing way. 'Still trying the instigation technique,which makes, or tries to convince him he's not gay. Poor poppet. Again, this was done only to instigate………

  48. they'll let any drunk with a computer on this site.

    UPDATE: Sheriff Foote has banned snow and mosquitos.

  49. ian wilson ,maple ave,

    and you would have been shot for attempted murder with a deadly weapon ..

    and or sent to jail for the rest of your life. For you to think about your moronic mistake,

    ' true story

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