Sheriff Dick Foote Bans Activists “Forever” From Court

Dick FooteAs if it weren’t ludicrous enough when Cheshire sheriffs threatened peaceful jury nullification activists for holding the door open for people, now the head sheriff Dick Foote comes out to threaten activists with trespass for singing carols in the court parking lot. He says it’s “harassment”, “stupid”, and more. He claims we’re banned from the court property “forever”, and his captain, Trevor Croteau claims we have to ask permission prior to coming on the property! So much for public property and holding bureaucrats accountable – if they don’t like the questions you ask and the place you ask them, they’ll just throw you in a cage.

For those unaware, these threats were levied when we showed up to sing some Shire Choir Chronic Carols in the Cheshire superior court parking lot Friday afternoon, after a week of caroling there off-and-on. Here are some earlier videos of what happened. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

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