VIDEO: Concord Police VS Parents at Playground

Concord police have ignored groups of protestors at the state house but are more than happy to target a small group of parents at a local playground, when called to scene by a local cowardly snitch. Thankfully, this is New Hampshire and the parents, as yet unidentified in this video originally posted to social media, give the police hell in response! If only more people pushed back like this against government gangsters.

The parents rightfully call the police “NAZIs” and “robots” and get the costumed people to admit that someone had called and snitched on the families for being at the playground. As you might expect, the cops lie to the parents, claiming they have to investigate if called. However, that’s not true as police have discretion and can choose to do nothing. Claiming they are obligated to investigate is a common lie by police to justify harming peaceful people. At the end of the amazing video, the male cop tries to propagandize the parents about COVID-19 and one lady starts coughing – the cops then finally leave – it’s hilarious!

Kudos to these parents for calling out the police and recording video of their thuggish behavior. Thank goodness some people are standing up for freedom here in New Hampshire. Those of us who don’t want to live in fear – as the state and mainstream media are demanding – need to let our voices be heard. I don’t want to live in an insane medical authoritarian nightmare state, what about you?

If you are sick of this shit and want more freedom, come to the state house this Saturday from noon to 2pm in Concord and join the next freedom-to-assemble rally. See you there!

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  1. Consider this, PD. A mall cop is paid half what a nazi is for what amounts to the same job. Do you think that higher pay rate is for the premium services they provide – like handing out traffic tickets and inspecting child seats a few times a year – or to encourage loyalty to the governments who employ them?

    Ah shit. How ungrateful of me. Guess I shouldn’t count on any services from those nazis the taxman forces me to pay for, should I asshole?

  2. You are a bunch of pussies!! Notice you didn’t show your ugly crack ho face on the camera. And you didn’t show your coward husband’s face who wouldn’t have the balls to be a police officer…..when everyone else like you pussies are running away from danger they are running toward it. Your husband is a coward with no balls. I would love for him to run into the police without that camera and to start a fight with them. Matter of fact i would love to run into him with that camera going so i could show his true yellow color to the world. Let them do thier job.

  3. This is also why they should make birth control mandatory for shitbags on welfare. Don’t you clowns have some money left on your EBT card that you need to spend on ring dings and a strawberry douche for that nasty ass? Let them do their jobs and you go back to your section 8 and have some kool-aid!!!

  4. Thanks, Shaun. I know when I think of courage, the first thing that pops into my mind is those lionhearts in blue who spend their days parked in empty freeway construction sites handing out tickets to people driving to work. What would the taxpayers ever do without that kind of bravery?

    By the way spaz, what’s with all these cop-rage fantasies you commie sickos have been spouting on about lately? You screwballs don’t actually get your rocks off watching cops slap people around, do you?
    Hey, far from me to tell you queers what to do in the privacy of your own homes, but this isn’t “Penthouse Letters,” you fucking deviants.

  5. @This guy

    Is that you, Alvin? You wrinkled old fuck. You borrowed my pruning sheers last summer and never returned them. Anyway, to get back at you I had sex with your wife. God damn she’s ugly. I’m tightening the noose as I write this.

  6. meAnwhile, doctors and nurses are risking their lives everyday!
    While a fool is too lazy to stay home and homeschool their children and learn to play one and one.

  7. I’m with Gumbo… could not have said it better myself.

  8. Hello PD, Thank you for bringing up the topic of the officers and their pay.

    Many people get paid thru a voluntary and peaceful arrangement, wherein the buyer and seller of a particular good or service both agree to the terms. For instance when you go to a grocery store you have the option of going to one of several stores, and no store will attack you or steal your house if you decide not to use them. You have an option of buying the on sale oranges at the posted price or not. It’s a win-win type transaction, no threats involved.

    The Police pay however is not derived thru the same kind of means, that a grocery store is. In most municipalities Police, uh, “services” are force fed to people and you must pay them, whether you asked for their services or not.

    Now, if I sent you a bill for my astute educational services I just laid on you and threatened you with loss of your house for failure to pay me, would that be a bad thing or a good thing for me to do? You’d probably laugh and say I was crazy, of course it would bad for me to threaten you if you never asked for or wanted my “services”.

    Yet, you just complained that Police who derive their pay exactly how I described weren’t paid enough. Do you find something odd about that? I do.

  9. Just give up your pathetic charade. Even on your own website the majority of comments are against you, the state of new hampshire does not support, does not need you and does not want you.

    Give up while you still have your cowardly fake name to hide behind ian, the times are changing and even fewer people have time for your trash. Keep running scared, its entertaining for the rest of us.

  10. NAZIS? If they were real Nazis they would have shot you on the spot. But they would have shot your children first just so you could watch and feel the pain. I hope if you or your children ever need a cop you get one of these officers whatever badge number they may have. I’m sure they will treat you with way more respect than you showed them and put you on the “GUILT TRIP” you should already be on. ASSHOLES!!!! You should apologize !!!

  11. This is a great example of why children become bullies, troubled, multiple offenders etc. It all circles back to the environment the child is exposed to. Any type of prejudice or racist behavior is intolerable. Especially in the presence of impressionable youth.

  12. Uh huh. Thing is, Dave, real Nazis don’t start out shooting people on the spot. That shit comes later.

    It always begins with the Nazis barking orders at their victims, hoping they’ll just shrink away in terror and obey without question. When that fails, they rely on their brown-shirted allies (that’s you, Dave) to demand apologies from their victims, shrieking about how the Nazis are just doing their jobs.

    Eventually these brownshirts (you again, Dave), demand even harsher punishments for disobedience. Beatings, arresting whole families, or shooting people on the spot then become expected. Even applauded.

    Of course, you could help the greater good by not being part of this problem. But you won’t because you’ve grown up to be a codependent asshole, haven’t you Dave?

  13. I’m glad (most of) the comments are from logical New Hampshirites who agree that the actions of both the parents and the author are absurd. Since you free staters like to compare COViD-19 to the flu, so far this year it has killed more than double the amount of people than the flu has in the United States. COVID-19 needs to be taken seriously. Behavior like this (and your protests) are going to prolong the lockdown and cause innocent lives to be lost. Think with half a brain cell before you act.

  14. Uh huh. Thing is, NL, seasonal flu statistics are crude and are based on rates of laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations, not by voluntary testing like coronavirus is. So the reality is, no one really knows exactly how many people have died from the flu this year.

    However, we do know that coronavirus infections are often asymptomatic – and by as high as four-fifths of the cases in some studies. This is a key point when estimating things like death risk. A point being willfully ignored by politicians and shitdicks like yourself.

    Anyway, it’s this lack of death risk that’s driven a lot of us to protest the lockdowns in the first place. We question the scientific reasoning governors are basing their decision on in keeping businesses closed for another month, or indefinitely as some of the more callous governors in this country have been proposing. You should be asking these question too.

  15. I never seen such ignorant parents. This is the first time that I have been ashamed of being born and raised in New Hampshire. To think that one of these people was actually a school board member is shameful. Disgusting display of disrespect for those police officer. They were two of the most professional police officers I have ever seen.

  16. Where does the nonexistent right to issue a “lockdown” order come from? Hey! Let’s find out!!

    When a health issue and a liberty issue clash, finding solutions can be difficult. Some people immediately conclude that they have a right to restrict other peoples movement anywhere and that doing so is a proper solution. It is and it isn’t, both morally and legally speaking. (see below)

    It’s okay if you want to restrict me from coming to YOUR house, if you wish to quarantine. If I went there against your wishes, I would be the aggressor and in the wrong, because I would be violating YOUR rights to control your property, (trespassing)

    I don’t have a right to violate or “suspend” your rights or even go to your property if you don’t want me there. Therefore neither do ANY people I elect, since logically nobody can delegate a right they themselves don’t have.

    Is there any “government supporting person” willing to explain to me, how a representative government which can only accrue rights from individuals (“the people”) can somehow acquire a right to do something none of the individual people have or ever had, and therefore can’t delegate?

    As a helpful aid to any intrepid Government types (maybe the ones assigned to read this blog?) or their adoring sychophants willing to try to answer my question posed above, I’ve copied the first article from the NH Constitution directly below outlining WHERE the right of government originates from…according to “the government” .

    Article 1. [Equality of Men; Origin and Object of Government.]. All men are born equally free and independent; Therefore, all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent, and instituted for the general good.
    June 2, 1784*

    So, legally speaking “lockdown orders” are in violation of the first article of the NH Constitution. WE know this, because people can only delegate rights that they themselves as individuals possess. To delegate another persons right, without that individuals consent clearly violates / negates the “founded in consent” part mentioned in the Article 1 above.

    If you happen to have the balls to open your business despite any illegal lockdown directives from “his Excellency” the Governor, feel free to use this as the basis for a good legal argument when counter suing the State.

    If for no other reason, it’s always entertaining to see the hysterical self contradicting legal contortions of government branches when they collude to answer (read “sweep under the rug”) legal arguments which they know prove them wrong from a legal perspective.

    We now return you our regularly scheduled inane bickering.

  17. Word up, Dan. I’m ashamed of you “Live Free or Die” natives too. I mean really. Cops intimidate parents and children while they peacefully play in a playground they’re forced to pay for, and you side with the cops?

    Hey, maybe you should leave NH to the real men like us and go find yourself a place more suitable to your delicate constitution? Maybe WA? Or OR? Or even commie CA? You can knit a p*ssy hat, can’t you Dan?

  18. Behaving like assholes is the way to win people over! GO FREE STATERS!!

  19. Why on earth would any of us want to win a worthless libtard like you over, CGK? Feeding and housing you losers is already hard enough on our wallets. Better you shit-packers move away to commie-occupied territory where you can be somebody else’s problem.

  20. It is not your right to spread a deadly disease around. Rochelle Kelly obviously has not been personally affected by this virus. It is possible she does not believe in vaccines either, or believes that Trump and the Republican party will protect her from the corona virus.But viruses don’t respect the U.S. Constitution. Viruses don’t care who you are. Viruses don’t listen to Fox News. Would these people also have sex with someone and not reveal that they have an STD? I am glad the whole world knows who they are.

  21. Also, when I see the word “libtard” being used, it is a slur of the word “retarded” which is a disrespectful way to talk about people with mental disabilities. And people with Down Syndrome and other mental disabilities have more to fear in a virus pandemic as their lives can be deemed less worthy of getting hospital care or a ventilator, if it comes to that. The horrible people that I see posting here need to take a look in the mirror. If any of these women had children with severe disabilities or immune-deficiency, would they be so arrogantly proclaiming their right to spread germs around? I do hope the police press charges.

  22. Who is spreading anything here? Wanna get real?
    All you have to do is go to “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” and look on page 18. Or you can do a little homework and search out the COVID Event 201… and draw your own conclusions, if you have a slice of discernment left, you might be willing to let your ego take a rest and let some sunlight in.
    Wishing you peace and truth, and a break from your falsehoods.

  23. Know what, PenelopeM? You remind me of that satanic doll “Chucky.” You know, the one that killed all the stupid teenagers and John Ritter? I saw that movie on the USA Network one night when I was loaded and it made me tear apart everything in my house which looked like dolls, like my pillows and dining room table.

  24. Thanks Penelope. I can’t think of anything more fitting than having a libtard shebeast like yourself lecture the rest of us about the irrelevancy of the Constitution.

  25. Penelope’s a snitch, too.

    But you nailed it on the nose, obama69. It’s always the same story with these libtards, isn’t it? They never want anybody assessing the risk-to-reward ratio for themselves. It’s always about imposing their fears onto the rest of us and demanding obedience.

    Sheesh. You’d think once their cult leaders started closing businesses based on who they deemed “essential” or “nonessential,” the libtards would’ve been alerted. Nope. Instead they wrapped themselves in bubble wrap and binge-watched that Brian Stelter faggot on CNN.

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