BREAKING: Massive Freedom Rally Takes Steps of New Hampshire State House

Hundreds gathered in the name of freedom on the steps of the NH state house.

Hundreds gathered today, May 2nd, in the name of freedom on the steps of the NH state house.

Several hundred protestors descended once again today on the grounds of the state house in Concord, New Hampshire to protest the tyrannical behavior from the New Hampshire criminal gang known as “government” and their governor-king Chris Sununu. The same thing happened two weeks previous, where hundreds gathered despite near-freezing temperatures and rain. Today’s freedom rally was warm and sunny and again hundreds attended, perhaps even more than last time.

Police again ignored the event, preferring – as bullies would do – to target and threaten peaceful parents and children on area playgrounds instead.

As before there were speeches and signs, but this time the crowd started by Main Street and ended the event by amassing in front of and on the state house steps where a myriad of photos were taken, including the one I snapped that you can see on this post. Video is expected tonight from Vincent Moore of Shire Free Media. I’ll post that when I get it. Meanwhile, you can see his video from two weeks ago here.

Today’s rally was a huge success, though it wasn’t perfect. There were a lot of Trump supporters there, apparently still under the deluded belief that Trump somehow supports freedom. That said, the rally was an excellent example of mass civil disobedience and noncooperation and many minds were open to the idea of New Hampshire declaring independence, which is the flyer I passed out to most of the crowd.

My “ASSEMBLY IS A HUMAN RIGHT” / “FREE HUGS” sign netted me six hugs, five from ladies, one from a guy.

Will the protestors take the next rally to the home of “HIS EXCELLENCY”? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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  1. Wow this is wonderful! Wish I could have made it! Real respect for the real heroes in this war on the constitution and our freedom! The government has no right to meddle in our lives! I hope they remember it is not their jobs!

  2. Remember: Live Free or Die!

  3. cool

  4. The humerus thing is by there own admission making arrests would only make the situation worse. Thus I doubt they will do that. They still don’t seem to get that loosening up is the way to get greater compliance. But neither republican nor democrats understated that. It’s not the changes so much that people are protesting, but the tyranny upon which they are being enforced. End the tyranny and there is nothing to protest against. You will get no more or less compliance with the edicts, but you will have less intermingling which is supposedly what they want. The reality though is they don’t really care about the intermingling and it’s merely an excuse to dictate and potentially enforce the edicts of the king and state. The main difference between NH and other states is they know they don’t have the ability to crack down. They have seen for 10 years what happens when they try. It just makes them look silly and so they now won’t.

  5. There is nothing brave or just about what you’re doing. I can only hope that when you do get infected, it stays within your warped little community.

  6. Typical stupidity among activists.

    I don’t know what you think you are winning but you are really throwing caution to the win. I wonder how many people were infected that day?

    Ian, comparing this recent event to the confrontation at the park with the officers is such a ridiculous statement. Though I can see how you have compared the two especially when people act like children by gathering together instead of staying home,

    Remember, you don’t have to be sick to be a carrier of the covidvirus.

  7. “I wonder how many people were infected that day?””

    Let’s see. Given that 40-60% of Covid-fatalities have been in nursing homes, I’m going to say… who cares?

    Judging by that photo, Jacks, none the protesters were in any covid risk groups. So I’m guessing your question was intended to confer a moral judgment on the protesters.

    Big fail, by the way.

    You can’t claim the moral high ground if you’re unwilling to consider the secondary effects these lockdowns are creating. Right now hospitals are nearly empty, with staff being laid off. There’s also a spiking economic depression, with suicides and high unemployment leading the charge. Are you fine with all this, Jacks?

    “Remember, you don’t have to be sick to be a carrier of the covidvirus.”

    Traditional quarantine practices and how the covid shutdown is actually being executed doesn’t actually make sense from an immunology and microbiology perspective. Quarantining the healthy at this scale is actually counterproductive. Yet that’s what state governments are doing. People aren’t going to stand for it much longer, Jacks.

  8. Right wing morons, just wrong on everything!

  9. Fuck. Looks like Grandpa Medugno hasn’t been taking his pills again. Next he’ll be running around town in his bathrobe flashing unemployed 50-year-old bald guys in the street. Hopefully they’ll put that wrinkled old bag of sadness out of his misery.

    My grandfather didn’t go down like a bum. He was killed by a Chinaman when they revolted and refused to continue building the railroad track near West Appleton.


  10. Seeing a large crowd of people gather in defiance of an illegal executive order is nice. Although as pointed out in the article, too many of them are confused and still waving their masters flag of oppression. Trump would alter their “gun rights” if he thought it meant he’d get reelected. Yet many are still going to vote for him.

    Sununu is also aware of the political nature of lockdowns and politically speaking has taken a middle of the road approach, compared to some other Governor’s he’s been “tyrant lite”. (not saying that’s a good thing) He’s going to appeal to a broader range of Statists , ironically many of the people at that “freedom rally” will end up voting for him too. Too funny.

    Until more businesses open “without permission” and are supported and protected by free people from government intrusion the beatings will continue,. Without that support, cops will just wait until the crowds disperse and continue to pick off individuals.

    Some kind of redress of grievances at liquor stores might spotlight the hypocrisy, and allow interactions with more people. Isn’t there a liquor store in full view of Rte. 95 ?


  11. Silvia DeSitter – Again you have no clue as to what covid-19 is and the impact it is having on America’s citizens both now and the future. Educate yourself fool.

  12. Jumping Jacks, The Coronavirus is basically as threatening or less threatening, than a common cold. Fear is the real virus. Fear is a greater motivator than the opportunity to gain. My my, how much we humans must learn.

  13. Uh huh.

    Anyway Jacks, it turns out that I have educated myself. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t listen to experts. After all, they understand matters they spent time studying that the rest of us didn’t. Of course that should also mean economic experts, but you don’t like to listen to their opinions because… reasons.

    Regardless, we listened to the experts and stayed at home. Then we found out the experts were making things up as they went along. Here’s a short list of their bullshit.

    -Masks don’t help. At least not until they were required by law because they really do help.

    -Stay inside. Unless you’re hungry and want to go to Arby’s for a roast beef sandwich and a large order of their tasty curly fries. Then it’s ok.

    -Herd immunity is a myth. Except in Sweden where they tried it.

    -Millions and millions of people are going to die. Or they’re not. Oops. Sorry.

    -Mortality rates are anywhere from 6% down to 0.01%. The experts aren’t sure. But you know – SCIENCE!

    Not convinced, Jacks? Check out this asshole: His name’s Neil Ferguson. He’s British. And he’s an expert. And he’s a doctor, just like you want to be. He’s also the guy whose 13-year-old computer model the entire planet followed. Pay special attention to the part about how none of his models have ever been right before. That’s real important.

  14. Clarence – I suggest you educate yourself.

  15. Silvia DeSitter – Again you repeat yourself with the crap you have no idea about. Right now we are in a pandemic. Like it or not, a little discomfort by staying home is temporary. Covidvirus can leave you with a life time of serious pulmonary problems. The other alternative is death.

    Since you don’t have a medical degree nor actual experience working this this type of field, your opinion doesn’t matter. You do what you want. Isn’t what this site is all about? Doing what you want regardless what others say. I’m glad you are educating yourself. That is the most important thing when combating a pandemic. Just beware there will always be multiple stories out there saying this and that.

  16. Jumping Jacks, I have… I suggest you shit off your tv. While your at it, question why so much censorship on any information contrary to the WHO.

  17. “Like it or not, a little discomfort by staying home is temporary.”

    A little discomfort, Jacks? I think 30 million Americans desperately waiting for their unemployment checks might disagree with you.

    “The other alternative is death.”

    Uh huh. Because unemployed people are under absolutely no risk of death, are they Jacks?

    “Since you don’t have a medical degree nor actual experience working this this (sic) type of field, your opinion doesn’t matter.”

    Ouch. You got me there. Because no one anywhere has ever had the educational opportunities or experience you’ve been privileged with, right Jacks?

    Anyway, it’s safe to say that 30 million opinions will most certainly be mattering in the next few months. Not a game of chicken I’d be keen on playing if I were up for reelection.

    “Just beware (sic) there will always be multiple stories out there saying this and that.”

    Mmm hmm. Far be it from me to correct the grammar of a Ph.D. candidate, Jacks, but the phrase you’re looking for is “be aware.” You might want to be careful about things like that when you submit your prospectus.

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