Video from May 2nd Major Freedom Rally at NH State House

Saturday’s huge freedom rally at the state house in Concord attracted several hundred attendees, was the second one of its size in as many weeks, and was thankfully ignored again by police. It also attracted independent newsman and talk show host Vincent Moore who had done a video of the first mass rally two weeks prior.

Here’s Moore’s video of this Saturday’s mass civil disobedience event:

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  1. Great event! Now people need to step it up a notch. Arm the people!

  2. Wow, fascinating video. Great editing!

  3. Can’t wait for the Republicans there to follow “freedom” to it’s logical conclusion.

    Some will, some will not.

  4. It looks like a Rem and Stimpy show.

  5. Wow. You’re really quick-witted once you get nine or ten sea breezes into you, aren’t you Jumping Jacks?

  6. Did Jesus scare you brave boys away from the May 16 rally?

  7. Congratulations, CGK. You have a stupid name and a hard-on. Now stop showing off your hereditary genetic code of failure and get back to throwing couch parties that involve drinking white wine and laying on top of each other or whatever the fuck it is you queers do. I’m gonna watch some more reruns of “Cops” after I eat these burrito supremes I got from Taco Bell.


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