VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Manchester, NH Protest Attracts Well Over 1,000 People

Massive Crowd at Black Lives Matter Protest in Manchester, NH

Massive Crowd at Black Lives Matter Protest in Manchester, NH

In response to the latest national police murder in Minneapolis, well over a thousand people gathered on Saturday May 30th at Manchester, NH’s Veterans Park to protest the continuing injustice against not just blacks, but the entire human race by the authoritarian state.

Manchester’s event remained peaceful and no agents provocateur made themselves known. The Black Lives Matter Manchester event was at least double the size of the largest Reopen NH protests in Concord. Unlike the Reopen events in Concord, where police didn’t even drive by, Manchester police were all over the area in this case. However, rather than interfere with the rally, they closed off a few streets to traffic, and that’s about all I saw them doing besides watching. Of course, Manchester police are known for being some of the worst, violent cops in all of New Hampshire. In this case however, they were strongly outnumbered, which always changes how police behave.

I was able to spread a large stack of Foundation for New Hampshire Independence fliers to the attendees, and most responses to the idea of secession were positive! Whether at a righty or lefty rally, the idea of leaving the United States is favorably received here in the Shire. Maybe that time is coming with all the unrest spreading across the land. Here’s are video highlights of the event:

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  1. set up communities and secede from the bad guys

  2. Damn Somalis. Ungrateful

  3. Many of the fear mask wearing people protesting the wrongful killing of a man by a cop, seem oblivious to the bullshit covid lockdown chains they eagerly put on themselves and others. Obedient mentally captured people , practicing civil disobedience


  4. All lives matter. The police incident in Minneapolis was a terrible tragedy. Why did the guy resist being arrested? What about his ownership regarding his actions.

    It gets tiresome to listen to the “black lives matter” rhetoric. One race does not cancel out all other races. These people destroyed businesses, and looted in other major cities. What does that have to do with why people are protesting?

    “Black Lives Matter” is a hate group mostly made up of young people who think they can do what they want without consequences. There is nothing noble about that.

  5. Jumping Jacks, that video is a good commentary.
    And… experience with Black Lives Matter has been nothing but peaceful. The event I went to, yesterday, focused on political and social change. It officially ended at 4 and anything after that was not associated or lead by the group.
    What is missing in the video, is the reminder that people can protect their own life, liberty, and property; when the police won’t.

  6. If I see one more white person say ALL LIVES MATTER one more time im gonna lose my mind.

  7. kloontaklintay Then lose your mind. All Lives Matter PERIOD

  8. Jumping Jacks You are privileged whether you like it or nor racist. Society gives you privilege just for being white.

  9. @kloontaklintay, Are you saying that “all lives” don’t matter or just that hearing it causes you some anxiety?
    When you say “society” what do you mean by that? I hear people use the term almost interchangeably with Government, which is why I ask.

  10. Bob C If ALL LIVES MATTER why are black people killed for just being black MFing racist.

  11. @kloontaklintay. I’m afraid I didn’t catch your answer if you think all lives matter or not.

    I did catch your ad hominem though, I think good and bad people come in all colors. Sorry you’re so angry. I sure hope you’re not assigning the actions of one person to an entire race. I’m not happy with what the cop did, and think he bears responsibility. Individuals are responsible for their actions wouldn’t you say ?

  12. Bob C If your friend gets a cut on their arm are you gonna wait to give all your friends a bandaid first because all arms matter? NO youre gonna help your friend because THEY are in PAIN because THEY are in need because THEY ARE BLEEDING. If someones house was on fire & someone is stuck in the house, are you gonna make the fire department go to every other house on the block first because all houses matter??? NO! BECAUSE THEY DON’T F—— NEED IT, racist MFer.

  13. @kloontaklintay, I can sense you might be angry and possibly have been kicking your cat. If you broke one of your cats ribs, I definitely think you should take old Mittens to the vet and not bother with cats you haven’t kicked.

    Perhaps you missed the part in a previous post where I said I wasn’t happy with the killer cop ? Not sure why you are insisting I’m a racist MFer. I’d appreciate you being a bit more polite too. I mean anger is a poor substitute for dialogue wouldn’t you say?

  14. Bob C What’s with you racist MFers. The slogan of #blacklivesmatter does not mean other lives dont. It’s calling attention to the fact that society clearly thinks black lives don’t f—— matter!!!!!! And they f——- do!!!!! So f— off racist MFer.

  15. @kloontaklintay, I never expressed my opinion of the slogan “black lives matter”, I only asked you about yours. I’m not a racist MFer. I try hard to judge people as individuals. Give it try maybe? Your cat will thank you.

  16. Bob C I don’t have a cat, you racist MFer. Why are immigrants persecuted? Why are white people given opportunities that people of other races aren’t…White f——- privilege, that’s why.

  17. @kloontaklintay, I’m not surprised your cat ran away. Sometimes they’ll do that when you misdirect anger towards them. Cats rarely act like collectivists, something I like about them. I’ve sometimes taken in runaway cats. I’m sort of a runaway helping abolitionist in that regard.

    I’ve never persecuted “immigrants”. I’ll guess some people do because they are afraid, hypocritical or maybe those who do, feel they have some kind of justification? Maybe you should ask the people who do the persecuting what their reasons
    are ?

    I tend to have more in common with people who hold the same peaceful ideas I do regardless where they live. I don’t think I have an automatic alliance with somebody simply because of an imposed nationality or the same race. I’m not a Nationalist or racist. Those are divisive concepts, I’d rather not give power to divisive concepts designed to suppress and herd people.

    Undoubtedly some people are treated poorly due to their race. I tend to think the solution is to abandon group think and treat people as individuals. For instance, you seem angry and frankly a bit rude and assuming. I’ll suggest that your anger and eagerness to call people “racist MFer” (when they aren’t) might not be the best way to solve problems. Anger is easy, patience and advancing peaceful ideas is harder.

  18. kloontaklintay – You are out of line. If you refuse to put in the work and time to get where you want to in life, then you deserve to be where you are at.

    I am so sick of hearing about white privilege, and all this other BS. I had to work to get where I am today. No one handed me anything. I can pat self on the back for that. I have a lot of friends who are black who did the same thing. If you are going to play the victim, then live like a victim. Just how far do you think the “poor me” statement is going to get you in life. No one owes anyone anything and I didn’t get to where I am today because of racial “privilege.

  19. Bob C I can’t have a cat because of white privilege and my landlord. Why can white people can protest stay-at-home orders while carrying semi-automatic weapons, as some have at the State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, and why black people are labeled “thugs” for protesting “the murder of innocent people.” White privilege, racitst MFer. That’s why.

  20. Jumping Jacks Saying you have black friends makes you a racist MFer, you racist MFer. Stop making everything about you. You are not in need. You are not in danger. You voted for Donald Trump. You started this. Your speech is violence and our violence is speech. Know the difference. Boston Tea Party, MFers!!!!!!

  21. Geez, Jumping Jacks. Next you’ll be telling everybody how much you love fried chicken and watermelon. Are you trying to get us flagged by the SPLC or something? Tone your racist shit down, buddy.

  22. @kloontaklintay,

    Help me understand how a bunch of obedient mask wearing protesters, dragging their obedience masked butts around while spraying volumes of spittle in the air (the horrors!) can effectively protest government overreach (Police violence) while not seeing the act of wearing a fear mask is an act of reflexive obedience ?

    Many of the protesters seem confused, they want to get rid of their chains, while polishing the chains they like to wear ? But, but “social distancing” !! Waah!

    No wonder your cat ran away. The enemy isn’t necessarily a person of another race, it’s the person who believes in two things at once and won’t address that.

    As far as Michigan protesters, would you have been happy if Police had shot some chubby white guys holding guns on the steps of a government castle ? Would that balance the scales for you ?

  23. Bob C My enemies arent cats you racist MFers. What? Fried chicken and watermelon? Oh its on Wiggles. You to Jumping Jacks.
    Im gonna try to explain this to you racists as if your a child because it feels like thats the only way you MFers will understand. You can be poor, You can be struggling.. And still your skin color can be giving you more privilege than you even realize. Does white privilege affect Hispanic people? Native Americans? Asain people? Yes for f—— sure it does. 100000000000000%. But right now in this moment we have to address hundreds of years of oppression of black people.
    Black lives matter.
    Say it again.
    Black lives matter.
    Say it again.
    Black lives matter.
    Say it again.
    Black lives matter.

  24. kloontaklintay You are making everything about you. You are a whiny go nowhere loser who thinks he is a victim. You have a lot of growing up to do and then some. Go wave your flag somewhere else.

  25. kloontaklintay – Stop with the whiny crybaby poor me. All lives matter idiot. You are the one perpetuating hate. Go wave your flag in someone else’s face. I am so sick if this BS attitude. No one owes you anything. No one except yourself is responsible for your destiny. You you want to be a poor baby machine, go somewhere else to do it.

  26. Jumping Jacks What? Poor baby machine? I told you it was on MFer. At least Bob C is a polite racist who likes cats and sh-t. What the f— are you? All voting for Trump and being a racist MFer? You need to kneel and apollogize for your white privilege boy. Black lives matter MFer!!!!! Say it coward. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

  27. kloontaklintay – You are a pathetic troll and nothing else.

  28. Kneel coward. Say your sorry for hundreds of years of oppression, slavery, and murder.#justiceforgeorgefloyd

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