Keene’s Original Cryptocurrency Vending Machine Gets Major Upgrade

Keene's Original Cryptocurrency Vending Machine Gets Major Upgrade

Keene’s Original Cryptocurrency Vending Machine Gets Major Upgrade

In 2014, Keene’s first Bitcoin Vending Machine launched at what was then a thrift store at 661 Marlboro Rd (Rt. 101 across from Cheshire Oil). The machine is part of the Shire Free Church’s project to spread cryptocurrency in the region. In 2015, the machine was upgraded to the Lamassu brand – an excellent quality unit and a major improvement over the original Skyhook brand – which is long since out-of-business. (Lamassu was originally developed in New Hampshire!)

Now we’re proud to announce another major upgrade. As of today, Route 101 Local Goods will now be home to a top-of-the-line General Bytes brand Cryptocurrency Vending Machine selling both BTC and DASH. (You can check it out on the CoinATMRadar site here.) The new CVM is massive and attractive, with a huge touch screen interface and beautiful color-cycling LED lighting. General Bytes is the top CVM manufacturer in the world today and they’ve really earned that distinction.

Keene has also earned its distinction as a cryptocurrency hotspot, having the longest-operating CVM in the Northeast United States and one of the highest concentrations of cryptocurrency-accepting-businesses-per-capita in the world! For a while, our CVM was the only one northeast of New York City, until the Shire Free Church launched our machine in Manchester in 2016.

Route 101 Local Goods sells cool NH-made products and accepts crypto!

Route 101 Local Goods sells cool NH-made products and accepts crypto!

In the last several years, people have traveled from across the Northeast United States to use our machine. Its low price in comparison to other BVMs is worth the trip, plus the customer service from its location, Route 101 Local Goods, is unmatched. Store owner Chris Rietmann is a huge cryptocurrency advocate and even gives his customers 5% off any item in the store – if they pay with cryptocurrency – and Rt. 101 accepts a BUNCH of them.

In late 2017, we added DASH (aka “Digital Cash”) to the machine, making it the region’s first Cryptocurrency Vending Machine! In fact, both DASH and BTC are accepted by multiple businesses in the Keene area. More announcements about that will be coming soon, so stay tuned here to the Free Keene blog for the latest on the cryptocurrency evolution happening here in New Hampshire.

By the way, you haven’t seen the last of the Lamassu. It’s still an excellent unit and in great shape after serving customers day-after-day. It’s staying in Keene, but I can’t announce the new location yet. Soon!

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  1. With the uncertainty of bitcoin’s worth, I’m surprised anyone would want to use a machine like that. Bitcoin has lost half of it’s value in two months. If you subscribe to the buy low and wait to rake the money in in the near future, you will have a very very long wait. Keep trying to brain wash the masses Ian. Your audience is getting smaller and smaller.

  2. Jacks: You are such a manipulative twat. While its technically true that Bitcoin “lost” half its value since the end of 2017 it’s not true that its lost half its value in the last two months. Two months ago it was around $9600 USD. It is currently around $8,000 USD. It was around $1000 USD in April of 2017 though. In April of 2018 its still eight times what it was this same time last year.

    The other thing is jacks you don’t understand the value in it. Crypto currencies are changing the world. They’re opening up trade and tearing down barriers. They’re also saving US businesses from $16 billion dollars in credit card fraud and more worldwide. Plus 3% in credit card fees. It also has increased business for those of us taking crypto currencies and for those spending crypto they’ve made out handsomely from both the gain in value AND the fact you can save as much as 33% off with Bitcoin seemingly on near any physical shippable goods thanks to liquidity in the market and which enables buyers and sellers to take advantage of it.

  3. Jacks isn’t one to come in here prepared, fff. Expect him to double down should he gather enough courage to reply back. He’s funny that way.

    Oh, and Jacks? Fff makes a good point. Don’t forget, a single bitcoin was worth 6¢ in 2010 Now one’s worth $8K. Eight years isn’t considered a long wait in investment terms by anyone’s standard of measure – especially once you consider the fact that most people’s retirement portfolios won’t even accrue a small fraction of those kinds of gains in a person’s lifetime. And as for Social Security? Expect any gains to have a minus sign in front of it.

    You really should take our advice, Jacks, and add some crypto to your portfolio. The next round of big gains is just around the corner. You know it’s true, pookums.

  4. Well lookie here, Jacks! An article that debunks some of your principal arguments against using bitcoins! Scary, huh?

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