Massive Bitcoin Vending Machine Expansion Hits NH: Manchester, Nashua, Salem

NH's Newest BVM at Manchester's "Mall of NH"

NH’s Newest BVM at Manchester’s “Mall of NH”

In 2014, the Shire Free Church launched its first Bitcoin Vending Machine in Keene eventually upgrading that unit, and later helping launch a BVM in Manchester in 2016. Other liberty-loving activists followed suit and launched BVMs in Portsmouth and Concord. News coverage in mainstream media has been front page in print and on television. You can scroll back through the Bitcoin category here at Free Keene to see some of it.

In 2017, an out-of-state (but also freedom-loving) company called Blackfrog placed machines in Manchester and Keene, making them the first two NH markets with competing BVMs! 2017 also saw rollouts of other cryptocurrencies being sold at most machines around the state, like Litecoin and DASH. This turned the Bitcoin Vending Machines into Cryptocurrency Vending Machines!

Now, in just the first quarter of 2018, an explosion of competition has hit the Manchester area. Two national Bitcoin Vending Machine operators have entered the NH market and added several machines. One company called Coinsource dropped three BVMs into Manchester back in late January and within a month, a Nevada-based company Coincloud placed a BVM one block north of the original CVM at Murphy’s Taproom in Manch at a vape shop called Vaporamas.

Manchester's CVM Explosion, as of March 2018

Manchester’s CVM Explosion, as of March 2018

That same company has also placed units in brand new New Hampshire markets, also at vape shops in Nashua and Salem! Finally, New Hampshire’s newest BVM just went online about a week ago in Manchester’s Mall of New Hampshire in the food court. It’s a smart location – people sitting around eating have more time to get curious about the machine and maybe check it out. The operator of the mall unit is the brand new “Simple BTC LLC”.

That’s a total of 13 Cryptocurrency Vending Machines (though the units from Coincloud, Coinsource, and Simple BTC are BTC-only at this time) in and across Southern New Hampshire. Sadly, the Twin Mountain BVM in the North Country closed when the gas station housing it went out of business last year. Compare NH to Massachusetts, where according to the excellent website “Coin ATM Radar” there are 24 CVMs for 6.79 million people, which is one machine for every 283,101 people. In NH it’s 13 CVMs for 1.35 million people, which is one for every 103,846 people. New Hampshire is crushing Massachusetts with more affordable rates at its machines and nearly three times more CVMs-per-capita! NH even beats out NY, CA, and FL ranking at #5 nationwide for CVMs-per-capita, with almost ten machines per one million population (using 2015 numbers and data from Coin ATM Radar). You can see where your state ranks on this spreadsheet.

Governor Chris Sununu Commemorates Signing the Crypto Protection Bill with Liberty-Friendly State Reps in 2017.

Governor Chris Sununu Commemorates Signing the Crypto Protection Bill with Liberty-Friendly State Reps in 2017.

Combine NH’s high-concentration of CVMs with the cryptocurrency protection law created and signed in NH in 2017 and the ongoing increase of cryptocurrency accepting businesses in hotspots Portsmouth and Keene and there’s no doubt that New Hampshire is truly a Mecca for cryptocurrency!

In fact, Indonesian immigrant to Manchester in 2005, Lovie Timorry of Simple BTC said in an exclusive interview for Free Keene, “The reason i picked New Hampshire because NH is the most friendliest bitcoin state in the US. Theres no state regulation where you need a license to operate a BTM…I’m hoping this will get people to learn about Bitcoin and the whole Blockchain technology.”

If you love crypto and you want to see it happening in real life, come join the fun and move to New Hampshire! Here are 101 reasons why New Hampshire is the destination for liberty-loving cryptocurrency fans worldwide.

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  1. Ha! It is always amusing to read Ian Bernard’s take on bitcoin. Bitcoin is losing, over and over. It has been hacked, lost half of it’s value in a couple of months. Even today, “3/24/2018” from the time the market opened to this afternoon, it has dropped another 2.5% of it’s value. How about foreign markets dropping bitcoin all together. Even facebook will not accept bitcoin. The feds (IRS) are working on a bill to get people’s names who trade large on bitcoin. People have been going to jail for owing taxes because of bitcoin. You keep the BS coming Ian, your fantasies of a form of currency the government can’t touch is falling through.

  2. Exciting!

  3. Say Jacks, I wonder why you neglected to mention that bitcoins also more than tripled their value in the span of 34 days? A whole lot of millionaires were created during that time, you know. The fact that you weren’t one of them must really make your blood boil, eh sweet cheeks?

    Oh, and Jacks? Considering how much Facebook hates respecting the privacy of their users, it’s not hard to understand why they’d also be opposed to allowing cryptocurrency ads to be viewed by their users. Fortunately for the rest of us freedom-loving individuals, it looks like Facebook’s recent run of bad behavior might just bolster the very technology you and they despise so much. Scary, huh?

  4. Well that could very well be the best news I’ve heard from you in a while, Jacks! After all, buying low and selling high is the name of the game, isn’t it sweet cheeks?

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